The Dreams of Michaelangelo - 23rd Turn Off

The Dreams of Michaelangelo
With beginnings going back to the 1950’s, this Liverpool group evolved through the Merseybeat era into being known as The Kirkbys. Mainstay was vocalist/guitarist Jimmy Campbell who also wrote most of the material. One song "She’ll Get No Lovin’ That Way” was covered by notable scenesters at the time, ‘The Escorts’, on their fourth single, whilst The Kirkbys only had one single released "It’s a Crime”, included here. Following a spell backing the Merseys, Jimmy Campbell and group moved into the psych 60’s period with a name change to the 23rd Turn Off (Liverpool being the 23rd turn off from the M6). In turn, one release resulted, the astounding "Michelangelo”, a beautifully crafted ballad, scored with some Penny Lane-esque trumpet and tinged with Campbell’s innate sense of melancholia. Following the 23rd Turn Off Campbell and Billy Kinsley went on to record the highly rated ‘Rockin Horse’ album, recently reissued by Rev-Ola. On this RPM collection you have the entire recordings of the Kirkbys and 23rd Turnoff, the released, the unreleased, the demos, in chronological order, packaged in rare and perfect period photos with notes from extensive interviews with group members.

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 'Cos My Babys Gone / Don't You Want Me (Demo Version) / Don't You Want Me No More / She'll Get No Lovin' That Way (Demo Version) / Bless You (Demo Version) / Bless You / It's A Crime / I've Never Been So Much In Love / Dreaming / Flowers Are Flowering / Penny In My Pocket / I'll Be Round / Michaelangelo (Demo Version) / Another Van Gough / Mothers Boy / I'll Be With You / You Sing Your Own Song / Michaelangelo (with strings demo version) / Penny In My Pocket (with Orchestra Vfoersion) / Michaelangelo / Leave Me Here
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Having started out as a skiffle act from Ealing and called The Playboys they then became an R&B combo, The Tomcats. John (Speedy) Keen, (Thunderclap Newman) was in them for a while. In 1966, The Tomcats went to Spain with a new line-up (one which become the future July one). As Los Tomcats, they got in the charts with four EPs, one of which was all in Spanish! They then returned to the UK in 1968, still basing themselves in Ealing and changed their name to July. As July, they recorded what later became one of the most sought-after British psychedelic sixties albums of all time. One that was originally released in the UK on Major Minor in 1968 and also issued in USA/Canada on Epic and even released in Brazil. The albums main appeal is its haunting brand of Psychedelia and Rev-Ola are delighted to announce that this special CD issue has four bonus tracks. The gorgeous package is also enhanced by a quantity of previously unpublished photographs and some highly informative CD booklet notes by 60s pop-sike expert David Wells. Our Price: £9.95

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One of those "Wow! I didn't know that existed, but what a find!", type albums. A lost in action masterpiece from 1969, full of Beatles connections and inflections, plus the groups own popsike visions.

Signed by EMI from the demo of their song World of You, the Beatles inspired American band, the Aerovons proceeded to absorb everything around them in late 60's London and particularly Abbey Road studios. They met George Harrison and Paul McCartney, watched the Fab Four record Yer Blues and Sexy Sadie, heard playbacks of Oh Darling! Then they laid down their own material, with the able assistance of engineers Alan Parsons and Geoff Emerick, both with their own Beatles connections.

With songs varying from acoustic ballads to full orchestral productions the album was drenched in typically florid late 60's Abbey Road production sounds. Band leader and album producer, Tom Hartman admits to succumbing to his flair for the dramatic using bytes from the EMI sound effects library rather liberally.

Unintentionally many of the songs bare their influences brightly: Like Her (strong whiff of 'And I Love Her' about It), Resurrection (a retake on 'Across The Universe'), Everythings Alright (which lyrically, vocally, melodically visits 'Getting Better' and stays). Though other songs do show how strong the group were as writers in their own direction with the hook and strings laden World Of You, and the psychedelically vaudevillian Bessy Goodheart. Only two singles were released by Parlophone in 1969, the band returned to St Louis and the album was criminally shelved. With hind sight had the album been released at the proper time the Aerovons would have beaten Badfinger by a year, and could well have stolen their thunder. This is a lost sixties gem, essential listen for popsike fans, full of the Beatles and the Abbey Road sound.

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Unreleased & Live
Formed in 1967, Tomorrow evolved when former mod-influenced group the In Crowd embraced the emergent psychedelic/ "flower-power" scene. Their recordings "mixed Syd Barrett- styled whimsy with faerie inspired rock". This collection gathers together all of the band’s recordings outside of the studio album. Also included is the set for the legendary Christmas On Earth show from December 1967 and an essay by journalist John Storey who was there, to compliment the photos from the period.

The main part of the disc is a large part of Tomorrow's set from the December 1967 "Christmas On Earth" show in London, mixed by Steve Howe and Keith West. The band only did a relatively short set, some 45 minutes or less. Of this there were sound problems with a couple of numbers which precluded their use. The rest of the CD rounds up a Top Gear session, at least one unissued studio track, and the material they recorded for the film "Blow-Up"

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Further reflections, the complete recordsings 1967-69
Now widely considered to have been one of the finest groups to emerge from the British psychedelic pop scene, Kaleidoscope signed to the Fontana label in the epochal year of 1967. Over the next couple of years, they issued two magnificent albums, Tangerine Dream and Faintly Blowing, as well as a quintet of vibrant, inventive, highly commercial singles.

Somehow, though, they failed to achieve the glittering prizes that everyone predicted would be theirs. Frustrated by their lack of success, and with a heavier musical climate taking hold, they ended the decade with a change of name to Fairfield Parlour and a new deal with progressive rock label Vertigo.

But, as singer and lyricist Peter Daltrey observed at the end of Kaleidoscope’s debut album, the children stayed children, and they lived in their dreams. Undoubtedly the definitive Kaleidoscope package, Further Reflections assembles the group’s entire recorded legacy for the Fontana label under one roof for the first time. Relax your eyes, for after all, we can but share these minutes...


"a double-disc set of psychedelia that bristles with period charm, and generally manages to remain on the right side of indulgent". Music Week, 29/06/2012

"Bringing together Kaleidoscope's two Fontana albums, Tangerine Dream and Faintly Blowing, plus all five of the group's singles, this is the first time their entire output has come under one roof". Mick Houghton (Uncut - July 2012)
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