The Sweet Beat Of….Complete Uk Decca Recordings - Louise Cordet

The Sweet Beat Of….Complete Uk Decca Recordings
She loves you, yé, yé, yé! Louise Cordet s pop career may have been short and sweet but she did leave enough beat behind her to win her place in the hearts of both brit and yé yé girl devotees.

From French parentage and good Royal stock (Prince Philip was her godfather), she quickly rose to 1962/1963 s pop royalty with former Shadow Tony Meehan as her recording manager producing her one and only hit, Jerry Lordan s cute as they come I m Just A Baby. She further boasted an address book that contained Paul McCartney, who she regularly hully gullied with, and Gerry Marsden, who wrote the Pacemakers subsequent hit, Don t Let The Sun Catch You Crying, especially for her.

A bit of a Merseybeat pin up, Louise would tour with both The Beatles and Gerry and the Pacemakers later that year. The Sweet Beat of Louise Cordet collects together all of Louise s recordings for the Uk Decca label including her last single featuring two very different sides to Louise – Dionne Warwick's dramatic Don t Make Me Over paired with possibly her best recording, a beat style workout of Mary Wells lyrically adventurousMotown track Two Lovers featuring Jimmy Page on guitar. We are also able to include the French Decca EP recordings. All tracks, aside the main hit, are reissued for the first time, and all are mastered from the original Decca tapes.


"Her ’62 hit ‘I’m Just A Baby’ is clearly patterned on Brenda Lee, the best teen singer in the world at that time, but Cordet’s barely perceptible growl is far too polite to match Lee classics…”  

-Ken Barnes (Ugly Things – Fall/Winter 2011)
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I'm Just A Baby (A, 1962) / In A Matter Of Moments (B, 1962) / Faire Le Grand Voyage (french ep, 1963) / Que M'a-T-Il Fait? (French EP, 1963) / Sweet Enough (a, 1962) / Someone Else's Fool (b, 1962) / From Me To You (French EP, 1963) / L'amour Tourne En Rond (french Ep, 1963) / She's Got You (Ep, 1963) / We Know Why (EP, 1963) / Everytime (EP, 1963) / Crazy Kind Of Love (Ep, 1963) / Around And Around (A, 1963) / Which Way The Wind Blows (b/LP, 1963) / Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (a, 1964) / Loving Baby (b, 1964) / Pour Toi (french ep, 1964) / J'aime Trop Johnny (French Ep, 1964) / It's So Hard To Be Good (lp, 1964) / Laisse Le Soleil Secher Tes Larmes (French Ep, 1964) / Dix Mille Fois (French ep, 1964) / Don't Make Me Over (a, 1964) / Two Lovers (b, 1964) / Je N'suisqu'un Baby (French a, 1962)
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