RPM_Shout Label Discography

Please find below a list of all releases on the RPM_Shout label:

Joe Tex Singles A’s & B’s Vol.4 1973 – 1976 SHOUT76
Various Artists Looking Back 80 Mod, Freakbeat & Swinging London Nuggets RPMBX519
Archie Whitewater Archie Whitewater RETRO902
Caravelles (The) You Don’t Have To Be A Baby To Cry : The Complete Caravelles 1963-1968 RETRO900
23rd Turn Off The Dreams of Michaelangelo RPMBC287
7th Wonder Words Don't Say Enough / Thunder SHOUT65
Aerovons Resurrection RPM261
Alan Haven Haven For Sale / St. Elmo’s Fire RETRO864
Alan Hawkshaw Mo’ Hawk - Mood Mosaic Vol. 7 RPM256
Alan Klein Well At Least its British RETRO824
Alastair Riddell Space Waltz RPM306
Allan Clarke Sideshow (Solo Recordings 1973-1976) RETROD942
Amen Corner Round Amen Corner: Complete Deram Recordings RETRO910
Antoine Élucubrations (Antoine On 45 1965–1966) RETRO940
Armada Beyond The Morning : Unreleased Recordings 1972-1974 RETRO901
Arrival Arrival ~ Complete Collection RETROD904
Artwoods (The) Steady Gettin' It: The Complete Recordings 1964-1967 3CD Edition RPMBX524
Bachelors (The) Presenting RETRO830
Benny Spellman Fortune Teller - A Singles Collection 1960-67 new orleans hits and northern soul gems SHOUT78
Beryl Marsden Changes ~ The Story Of Beryl Marsden RETRO903
Biff Rose Fill Your Heart With… RPM305
Big Three (The) Cavern Stomp : The Complete Recordings RETRO862
Billie Davis Whatcha Gonna Do RPM326
Billy Stewart Unbelievable / Cross My Heart: The Chess Masterpieces SHOUT75
BLO Chapters And Phases : The Complete Albums 1973 – 1975 RETRO861
Bo Street Runners Never Say Goodbye: The Complete Recordings 1964-1966 RETRO958
Bob Lind Since There Were Circles RPM321
Brenda And The Tabulations I Keep Coming Back For More SHOUT66
Buddy Britten Long Gone Baby: Complete Singles 1962-1967 RETRO931
Bronx Cheer Was Here RETRO810
Brotherhood of Man United We Stand RETRO826
Brunning Sunflower Blues Band The Best Of RETRO813
Charles Blackwell Orchestra Those Plucking Strings RPM310
Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds Dig The Buzz RPM220
Chris Kenner I Like It Like That, The Definitive Chris Kenner Collection 1956-68 SHOUT80
Chrispian St. Peters The Pied Piper - The Complete Recordings 1965-1974 RETROD941
Clodagh Rodgers Come Back And Shake Me: The Kenny Young Years 1969-1971 RETRO905
Conway Twitty Looking Back: The Very Best Of the MGM Years RPMD246
Cookies (The) Chains: The Dimension Links 1962-1964 RETRO844
Dave Berry This Strange Effect : The Decca Sessions Volume One RETROD860
Dave Berry Picture Me Gone : The Decca Sessions 1966-1974 RETROD885
Dave Edmunds … Again RPM522
Dave Edmunds Subtle As A Flying Mallet RPM520
Dave Emunds On Guitar...Dave Edmunds: Rags & Classics RPM527
David And Jonathan David And Jonathan RPM313
David McWilliams The Days Of David McWilliams RPM225
Demis Roussos On The Greek Side Of My Mind RETRO915
Design One Sunny Day, Singles And Rarities 1968-78 RETRO919
Design Design / Tomorrow Is So Far Away RETRO897
Design Day Of The Fox / In Flight RETRO898
Dino Valente Dino Valente RPM289
Dixie Hummingbirds (The) A Christian Testimonial SHOUT68
Doris Did You Give The World Some Love Today Baby 2CD RETROD925
Doris Duke Woman SHOUT42
Dream (The) Get Dreamy RETRO964
Duffy Power Leapers And Sleepers RPMD240
Dynamites (The) Young Sound R&B RETRO888
Ebonys (The) Forever SHOUT63
Eddie Hardin Home Is Where You Find It RPM277
Eddie Hinton Very Extremely Dangerous SHOUT59
Emily Emily RETRO922
Equipe 84 ID RETRO936
Erma Franklin Piece Of Her Heart – The Epic And Shout Years SHOUT50
Exception (The) The Eagle Flies On Friday: Complete Recordings 1967-1969 RETRO956
Family Dogg (The) A Way Of Life: Anthology 1967-1976 RETROD947
Firebeats, Inc Firebeats, Inc: Expanded Edition RETRO946
First Class Summer Sound Sensations: Definitive Collection RPM301
Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi Something To Shout About… SHOUT34
Five Day Week Straw People Five Day Week Straw People RETRO812
Flirtations (The) Sounds Like The Flirtations RETRO839
Floor (The) 1st Floor RETRO918
Flowerpot Men Listen To The Flowers Grow RETRO809
Flying Lizards Flying Lizards / Fourth Wall RETROD883
Four Tops (The) Something To Remember SHOUT58
Fourmyula (The) Inside The Hutt: New Zealand’s Pop-Psych Kingpins 1968-1969 RETRO932
Fox For Fox Sake RPMBC254
France Gall Made in France: France Gall's Baby Pop RETRO909
Gants I Wonder RPMBC202
Gene Pitney The Many Sides Of Gene Pitney Only / Love Can Break A Heart RETRO881
Gene Pitney Blue Gene / Meets The Fair Young Ladies Of Folkland RETRO926
Gene Pitney I’m Gonna Be Strong / Looking Thru The Eyes Of Love RETRO927
Gene Pitney Sings Just For You/Sings World Wide Winners RETRO887
Gene Vincent I'm Back And I'm Proud RETRO889
George & Gwen McCrae Together SHOUT55
Glenda Collins This Little Girls' Gone Rockin' RPM182
Golden Earrings Just Ear-rings RETRO852
Golden Earrings Winter Harvest RETRO853
Golden Earrings Miracle Mirror RETRO854
Chantal Goya Féminin: The Complete 60s Recordings RETRO933
Grant Tracey & The Sunsets Everybody Shake - The Complete Recordings RPM255
Hardin and York Tomorrow Today RPM518
Hep Stars It's Been a Long Long Time RETRO935
Hep Stars (The) Like We Used To: The Anthology 1965-1967 RETRO963
Tommy Hunt A Sign of the Times: The Spark Recordings 1975-6 SHOUT81
Ian & The Zodiacs Wade In The Water (The Best of Ian & The Zodiacs) RETRO892
Ian Green Revelation RETRO829
Jabula Thunder And Happiness, The Complete Albums 1975-76 RETRO914
Jack Downing A Force That Cannot Be Named, The Jack Downing Anthology 2CD RETROD917
Jackie DeShannon Breakin’ It Up On The Beatles Tour RPM302
Jackie DeShannon Are You Ready For This RPM303
Jackie DeShannon Laurel Canyon RPM304
Jackie DeShannon Put A Little Love In Your Heart RPM314
Jackie DeShannon Songs RPM315
Jackie DeShannon For You RPM316
Jackie Lomax Lost Soul Singles & Demos 1966-1967 + Bonus LP 1974 RETROD869
Jacques Dutronc Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi - Jacques Dutronc 1966-1969 RETRO849
Jay & The Techniques Baby Make Your Own Sweet Music - The Very Best Of… RETRO847
Jerry Lordan All My Own Work RETRO916
Jesse Hector Running Wild / A Message To The World: Deluxe CD/DVD Edition RPMCDVD525
Jet Harris And Tony Meehan Diamonds And Other Gems - The Complete Decca Singles RETRO825
Jim Stafford Jim Stafford RETRO823
Jimmy Radcliffe & Friends Jimmy Radcliffe & Friends SHOUT57
Jive Five (The) I'm A Happy Man (The UA album plus bonus singles) SHOUT73
Joe Meek I Hear A New World (Special Edition) RPM502
Joe Tex Singles A’s & B’s Vol.1 1964-1966 SHOUT64
Joe Tex Singles As & Bs Vol. 2 (1967-1968) SHOUT67
Joe Tex The Singles A’s & B’s Vol.3 : 1969-1972 SHOUT72
John Carter Measure For Measure - The John Carter Anthology RPMD268
John Howard Kid In A Big World RPM271
John Howard Technicolour Biography RPM282
John Howard Can You Hear Me Ok? RPM293
John Howard As I Was Saying CDBRED293
Johnny Adams The Tan Canary ~ New Orleans Soul 1973-1981 SHOUTD36
Johnny Hallyday The Sound, The Fury RETRO949
Johnny Hallyday Le Roi De France - Johnny Hallyday 1966-1969 RETRO871
Johnny Nash Tears On My Pillow RETRO819
Johnny Nash My Merry-Go-Round RETRO821
Gloria Jones Vixen: Expanded Edition RETRO934
Julie Felix Clotho’s Web RETRO850
JULIE FELIX First, Second & Third (Complete Decca LPs 1964-1966) RETROD841
Katch 22 Major Catastrophe (The Katch 22 Story 1966-1969) RETRO893
Keith The Adventures of Keith RETRO833
Keith Aint Gonna Lie RPM273
Keith Mansfield All You Need Is RETRO835
Keith West Groups & Sessions 65-74 RPM141
Kenny Lynch Nothing But The Real Thing RPM286
Kiki Dee I’m Kiki Dee : The Fontana Years 1963-1968 retro886
King Curtis Music For Dancing The Twist! Featuring Don Covay SHOUT69
Kippington Lodge Shy Boy : The Complete Recordings 1967-1969 RETRO899
Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu, Rabbit Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu, Rabbit ORK7
Kristine Sparkle Devil Woman RETRO836
Larry's Rebels I Feel Good: The Essential Purple Flashes Of Larry's Rebels 1965-1969 RETRO966
Leon Haywood Keep It In The Family/Back To Stay SHOUTD71
Life Life 2CD RETROD929
Linda Hayes Atomic Baby: Hollywood R&B From The Platters First Dish SHOUT49
Lloyd Price Mr Personality - Million Sellers and more from ABC SHOUT43
Lon & Derrek Van Eaton Brother RETRO912
Lou Christie Original Sinner RPM284
Louise Cordet The Sweet Beat Of….Complete Uk Decca Recordings RETRO890
Lulu Shout! – Complete Decca Recordings RETROD856
Lynsey De Paul Sugar And Beyond Anthology 19772-74 2CD RETROD923
Lynsey De Paul Into My Music Anthology 1975-79 2CD RETROD924
Madeline Bell Madeline Bell RETRO878
Madeline Bell Bells A Poppin’ RPM281
Madeline Bell Doin' Things RPM285
Mak Wirtz Philwit & Pegasus RPM252
Mark Wirtz Kitschinsync RPM190
Mark Wirtz Dreamer Of Glass Beach RPM191
Martin Briley & Brian Engel Between The Sea And The Sky RETRO818
Marva Wright Do Right Woman SHOUT31
Mascots Your Mascots: Expanded Edition RETRO951
Mascots Ellpee: Expanded Edition (2CD) RETROD952
Mascots Mascots - Your Mascots / Ellpee - BUNDLE DEAL RETROBUNDLE01
Matchmakers (The) Bubblegum A Go-Go: Expanded Edition RETRO953
McKinley "Soul" Mitchell The Town I Live In - the One-Derful Years SHOUT22
Megaton Megaton RETRO832
Melvin Van Peebles Brer Soul RETRO875
Mike Cotton Sound (The) The Mike Cotton Sound RETRO961
Mike D'abo The Mike D’Arbo Collection Volume 1 1964-1970 RPM232
Mike Sarne Come Outside With.. The Definitive Collection RPM239
Milk 'N' Cookies Milk ‘N’ Cookies RPM291
Milton Nascimento Milton Nascimento - Milton Nascimento / Clube Da Esquina - BUNDLE DEAL RETROBUNDLE02
Milton Nascimento Milton Nascimento RETRO938
Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges Clube Da Esquina RETRO937
Mindbenders (The) A Groovy Kind Of Love : The complete LPs and Singles 1966-1968 RETROD865
Minimal Compact Raging And Dancing The Anthology RETRO895
Ministry Of Sound Midsummer Nights Dreaming/Men From The Ministry RPMD297
Mirage (The) Tomorrow Never Knows - The Pop Sike World Of The Mirage - Singles And Lost Sessions 1966-1968 RPMBC319
Modulo 1000 Não Fale Com Paredes RETRO884
Mojo's (The) Everything's Alright RETRO855
Moonrider Moonrider RETRO894
Mops (The) Psychedelic Sounds In Japan RETRO880
New Vaudeville Band Winchester Cathedral RETRO807
O'Jays (The) We'll Never Forget You - The imperial years 1963-66 SHOUT77
Oscar Toney Jr Loving You Too Long SHOUT40
Outsiders (The) CQ RETRO891
Paper Bubble Scenery RETRO831
Paul Jones My Way RPM168
Paul Jones Love Me, Love My Friends RPM169
Paul Jones Come Into My Music Box RPM183
Paul Jones Crucifix in a Horseshoe; Paul Jones Collection vol. 4 RETRO 877
Paul Korda Passing Stranger RETRO907
Peggy Scott She's Got It All SHOUT29
Pelican Iceland's Prog-Pop Pioneers: An Anthology RETROD954
People's Choice People s Choice THE CASABLANCA SESSIONS SHOUT74
PETER JAY & THE JAYWALKERS Jaywalkin’ Singles 1962-1965 RETRO906
Peter Wyngarde When Sex Leers Its Inquisitive Head RPM187
Petula Clark The Polygon Years Vol 1 RPM130
Pilot From The Album Of The Same Name RETRO857
Pilot Morin Heights RETRO859
Pussy Cat Boof! The Complete Pussy Cat 1966-1969 RETRO948
Q Tips Q Tips RETRO930
Rachel Sweet B-A-B-Y (The Complete Stiff Recordings 1978-1980) RETROD939
Randy Brown Midnight Desire/Welcome To My Room SHOUT54
Raspberries Side 3 RPM514
Rats (The) First Long Play Record RPM322
Real Thing 4 From 8 RETRO863
Richard Barnes Take To The Mountains RETRO815
Rivingtons (The) Papa Oom Mow Mow SHOUT35
Rockin Vickers (The) The Complete: It's Alright! RPM 196
Rockin Vickers The Complete: It's Alright! RPM196
Roger Cook Running With The Rat Pack - ALBUMS, SINGLES, UNRELEASED 1972-1973 2CD RETROD921
Roger James Cooke Study RETRO913
Rosetta Hightower Hightower RETRO828
Royalettes (The) It’s Gonna Take A Miracle- The Complete MGM Sessions RETRO 879
Ruby & The Romantics Our Day Will Come: The Very Best Of RPMD247
Samantha Jones Sam Leads The Way - The Penny Farthing Recordings RPM204
Sandra Feva Savoir Faire.Plus SHOUT51
Sandy Posey A Single Girl : The Very Best of the MGM Years RPM245
Scorpions Hello Josephine - 30 Rhythm & Beat Classics 1964-1966 RETRO945
Shadows Shades of Rock RETRO866
Shanes (The) Let Them Show You: The Anthology 1964-1967 RETRO950
Shangri-las 'Myrmidons Of Melodrama' Special Edition RPM506
Sharon Sheeley Sharron Sheeley: Songwriter RPM206
Shuggie Otis In Session Information RPM509
Solomon Burke This is it - Apollos SHOUT46
Soul Children There Always: Finders Keepers / Where Is Your Woman Tonight SHOUT61
Sounds Of Tomorrow (The) The Sounds of Tomorrow (Mood Mosaic Vol. 9) RPM300
Spencer Davis Group Mojo Rhythms & Midnight Blues - Volume 1: Sessions 1965-1968 RPM207
Springfields (The) On An Island of Dreams RETRO820
SRC Black Sheep RPMBC201
Stavely Makepeace The Scrap Iron Rhythm Revue RPM280
Stella Stella: Expanded Edition RETRO959
Stormsville Shakers (The) One And One Is Two: Complete Recordings 1965-1967 RETRO967
Sylvie Vartan Irrésistiblement: Sylvie Vartan 1965 1968 RETRO848
T Bone Walker Good Feelin' SHOUT37
Tages The Studio Album Plus RETRO874
Terry Dactyl And The Dinosaurs Sea Side Shuffle RETRO811
Tim Andrews Something About Suburbia, The Sixties Sound Of Tim Andrews RETRO928
Tim Rose Love A Kind Of Hate Story / Tim Rose RPM192
Timebox Beggin - The Sound Of Londons Mod/Club Scene RETRO834
Timi Yuro I'm A Star Now: Rarities 1956-1982 RETRO955
Timi Yuro The Lost Voice Of Soul RPM117
Timi Yuro The Voice That Got Away RPM167
Timi Yuro What’s A Matter Baby RPM276
Tina Charles I Love To Love (Plus) RPM324
Tommy Bruce That's Rock 'N' Roll RPM241
Tommy Edwards It's All In The Game - The MGM recordings 1958-1960 2CD SHOUTD79
Tomorrow Unreleased & Live RPM184
Trapeze Medusa ORK9
Truth (The) Who's Wrong? Mod Bedlam 1965-1969 RETRO962
Turid Stars and Angels: Songs 1971-75 RETRO870
Twinkle Golden Lights: Special Edition RPM505
Tymes (The) Grace & Savour-The Complete Trustmaker & People Albums SHOUT56
Vanity Fare I Live For The Sun: Complete Recordings 1968-1974 RETROD960
Various Swinging London: A Trunk Full Of 60’s Pop Exotica: The Accidental Genius Of Saga Records RETRO808
Various A Glass Menagerie retro822
Various - Birds 'n' Brass Soundsational Sort Of Soul RETRO816
Various - Bronco Bullfrog Original Sound Track RPM511
Various - Flash Fearless Flash Fearless Vs The Zorg Women Part 5 & 6 RPM147
Various - Gonks Gonks Go Beat / I’ve Got A Horse RETRO846
Various - Gospel The Gospel Sound SHOUT62
Various Artists The Eve Folk Recordings RETROD957
Various Artists The Clarion Call: R&B, Mod & Pop Psych from Down Under RPMBC253
Various Artists Bam Caruso Waxworks Number One RPMBC203
Various Artists Hot Hits On 45 RPM504
Various Artists Dream Babes Vol 8 - Stockington Pop RPM329
Various Artists Gypsy Creams & Ginger Nuts - The Redifunk Of Rediffusion RPM328
Various Artists An Apple A Day: More Pop Psych Sounds of the Apple Era RPM312
Various Artists Keep Lookin' - 80 More Mod, Soul & Freakbeat Nuggets RPMBX523
Various Artists Boobs: The Junk Shop Glam Discotheque RPM298
Various Artists Girls Go Zonk RPM274
Various Artists 94 Baker Street Revisited RETRO920
Various Artists Dream Babes Vol 5 - Folkrock 'n' Faithfull RPM272
Various Artists Glitterbest - 20 Pre-Punk 'n' Glam Terrace Stompers RPM265
Various Artists Crawdaddy Simone: Joe Meek's Groups RPM227
Various Artists Dream Babes Vol 2: Reflections RPM224
Various Artists Best Of Planet Records RPM215
Various Artists Looking Good, 75 Femme Mod Soul Nuggets RPMBX521
Various Artists Lets Go! Joe Meek's Girls RPM166
Various Artists A Teenage Opera Soundtrack RPM165
Various Artists Dream Babes Vol 1: Am I Dreaming? RPM137
Various Artists A Real Cool Time Revisited - Swedish Punk, Pop and Garage Rock 1982-1989 RETROD873
Various Artists Vive Le Rock 'N' Roll: The Unruly World Of French Rock 'N' Roll 1956-1962 RETRO965
Various Artists A Real Cool Time Revisited: Swedish Punk, Pop & Garage Rock 1982 - 1989 RETROD873
Various Artists Love, From Finland: The Love Records Anthology 1968 - 1976 RETRO872
Various Artists Popsaga: Iceland's Pop Scene 1972-1977 RETRO943
Various Artists Lovers From The Sky - Pop Psych Sounds From The Apple Era 1967 - 1969 RETRO867
Various Artists Velvet Tinmine - 20 Junkshop Glam Ravers RETRO851
Various Artists Treacle Toffee World - The Pop Psych Sounds of the Apple Era RETRO843
Various Artists Sunday Sunshine - The World of SNB RETRO842
Various Artists Allergic To Flowers - Challenge Pt 2 1965-1968 RETRO838
Various Artists Shiverin' & Shakin' - Challenge Pt 1 1958- 1965 RETRO837
Various Artists Dream Babes Vol.7 Beat Chic RPM327
Vernon Girls (The) We Love The Vernon Girls 1962 - 1964 RETRO868
Wayne County And The Electric Chairs Rock 'n' Roll Cleopatra RPM119
Willie Hutch Soul Portrait SHOUT52
Willie Jones Fire In My Soul SHOUT82
Wilson Meadows Go On and Cry SHOUT32
Wimple Winch Tales From The Sinking Ship RETRO845
Win Freaky Trigger RETRO876
Young Flowers Take Warning - The complete studio recordings RETROD911

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