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23rd Turn Off : The Dreams of Michaelangelo (RPMBC287)
Aerovons : Resurrection (RPM261)
Alan Hawkshaw : Mo’ Hawk - Mood Mosaic Vol. 7 (RPM256)
Alan Klein : Well At Least its British (RETRO824)
Alastair Riddell : Space Waltz (RPM306)
Bachdenkel : Lemmings (ORK6)
Barry McGuire & The New Christy Minstrels : Star Folk (RETRO806)
Biff Rose : Fill Your Heart With… (RPM305)
Big Jim Sullivan : Sitar Beat (RPM242)
Billie Davis : Whatcha Gonna Do (RPM326)
Billy Swan : Rock on With The Rhythm (RETRO814)
BLO : Chapters And PhasesThe Complete Albums 1973 - 1975 (RETRO861)
Bob Lind : Since There Were Circles (RPM321)
Brett Smiley : Breathless (RPM267)
Brian Bennett : Aim High (RPM290)
Bronx Cheer : Was Here (RETRO810)
Brotherhood of Man : United We Stand (RETRO826)
Brunning Sunflower Blues Band : The Best Of (RETRO813)
Canterbury Glass : Sacred Scenes and Characters (ORK5)
Charles Blackwell Orchestra : Those Plucking Strings (RPM310)
Chris Farlowe & the Thunderbirds : The Complete Recordings 1962-65 (RPM220)
Clare Torry : Heaven In The Sky (RPM309)
Conway Twitty : Looking Back: The Very Best Of the MGM Years (RPMD246)
Crushed Butler : Uncrushed (RPM517)
David & Jonathan : David & Jonathan “Best Of” (RPM313)
David Kubinec's Mainhorse Airline : The Geneva Tapes (ORK3)
David McWilliams : The Days Of David McWilliams (RPM225)
Dino Valente : Dino Valente (RPM289)
Droids : Star Peace (REPEAT5)
Duffy Power : Vampers And Champers (RPMD320)
Duffy Power : Leapers And Sleepers (RPMD240)
Duffy Power : Duffy (RPM323)
Eddie Hardin : Home Is Where You Find It (RPM277)
First Class : Summer Sound Sensations: Definitive Collection (RPM301)
Five Day Week Straw People : Five Day Week Straw People (RETRO812)
Flowerpot Men : Listen To The Flowers Grow (RETRO809)
Fox : For Fox Sake (RPMBC254)
Gants : I Wonder (RPMBC202)
Gene Vincent : I’m Back And I’m Proud (RETRO889)
Grant Tracey & The Sunsets : Everybody Shake - The Complete Recordings (RPM255)
Grapefruit : Around The BBC (RETRO817)
Hanson : Now Hear This (ORK4)
Hardin & York : Tomorrow Today (RPM518)
Hot Gossip : Geisha Boys and Temple Girls (REPEAT4)
Ian & The Zodiacs : Wade In The Water (The Best of Ian & The Zodiacs) (RETRO892)
Ian North : My Girlfriend's Dead (REPEAT2)
Jackie De Shannon : For You (RPM316)
Jackie De Shannon : Songs (RPM315)
Jackie De Shannon : Put A Little Love In Your Heart (RPM314)
Jackie De Shannon : Laurel Canyon (RPM304)
Jackie De Shannon : Are You Ready For This (RPM303)
Jackie De Shannon : Breakin’ It Up On The Beatles Tour (RPM302)
Jackie Lomax : Lost Soul Singles & Demos 1966-1967 + bonus LP 1974 (RETROD869)
Jacques Dutronc : Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi - Jacques Dutronc 1966-1969 (RETRO849)
Jay & The Techniques : Baby Make Your Own Sweet Music The Very Best Of… - (RETRO847)
Jesse Hector : Gorilla Garage (RPM516)
Jet Harris And Tony Meehan : Diamonds And Other Gems ~ The Complete Decca Singles (RETRO825)
Jim Stafford : Jim Stafford (RETRO823)
Joe Meek : Diamond Joe A Treasure Chest Of Rarities And Collectables From The Sound Of Meeks-Ville (RPM325)
John Carter : Measure For Measure - The John Carter Anthology (RPMD268)
John Howard : Can You Hear Me OK? (RPM293)
John Howard : Technicolour Biography (RPM282)
John Howard : Kid In A Big World (RPM271)
Johnny Nash : My Merry-Go-Round (RETRO821)
Johnny Nash : Tears On My Pillow (RETRO819)
Jook : Different Class (RPM295)
Julie Felix : First, Second & Third (Complete Decca LPs 1964-1966) (RETROD841)
Julie Felix : Clotho’s Web (RETRO850)
Katch 22 : Major Catastrophe (The Katch 22 Story 1966-1969) (RETRO893)
Keith : Ain’t Gonna Lie (RPM273)
Keith : The Adventures Of Keith (RETRO833)
Keith Mansfield : All You Need Is (RETRO835)
Kenny Lynch : Nothing But The Real Thing (RPM286)
Kiki Dee : I’m Kiki Dee : The Fontana Years 1963-1968 (RETRO886)
Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu, Rabbit : Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu, Rabbit (ORK7)
Kris Ife : Hush (RPM318)
Kristine Sparkle : Devil Woman (RETRO836)
Lou Christie : Original Sinner (RPM284)
Louise Cordet : The Sweet Beat Of….Complete Uk Decca Recordings (RETRO890)
Mac MacLeod : The Incredible Journey Of The Original Hurdy Gurdy Man (RPMBC258)
Madeline Bell : Doin’ Things (RPM285)
Madeline Bell : Bells A Poppin’ (RPM281)
Manfred Mann : Up The Junction (RPM189)
Mark Wirtz : Philwit & Pegasus (RPM252)
Martin Briley & Brian Engel : Between The Sea And The Sky (RETRO818)
Megaton : Megaton (RETRO832)
Melvin Van Peebles : Brer Soul (RETRO875)
Mike Sarne : Come Outside With.. The Definitive Collection (RPM239)
Milk ‘N’ Cookies : Milk ‘N’ Cookies (RPM291)
Ministry Of Sound : Midsummer Nights Dreaming/Men From The Ministry (RPMD297)
Modulo 1000 : Não Fale Com Paredes (RETRO884)
Moonrider : Moonrider (RETRO894)
New Vaudeville Band : Winchester Cathedral (RETRO807)
Paper Bubble : Scenery (RETRO831)
Pat Travers : 8+8 - Best Of ’77-’80 (ORK8)
Petula Clark : The Polygon Years Vol 1 (RPM130)
Pilot : Morin Heights (RETRO859)
Rabbit : Dark Saloon / Broken Arrows (ORK10)
Raspberries : Starting Over (RPM515)
Raspberries : Fresh (RPM513)
Raspberries : Raspberries (RPM512)
Real Thing : 4 From 8 (RETRO863)
Richard Barnes : Take To The Mountains (RETRO815)
Rosetta Hightower : Rosetta Hightower (RPM311)
Ruby & The Romantics : Our Day Will Come: The Very Best Of (RPMD247)
Sandy Posey : A Single Girl : The Very Best of the MGM Years (RPM245)
Shuggie Otis : In Session Information (RPM509)
Stavely Makepiece : The Scrap Iron Rhythm Revue (RPM280)
Terry Dactyl And The Dinosaurs : Sea Side Shuffle (RETRO811)
The Attack : About Time (RPMBC317)
The Babys : The Official Unofficial Album (ORK1)
The Big Three : Cavern Stomp The Complete Recordings (RETRO862)
The Cookies : Chains: The Dimension Links 1962-1964 (RETRO844)
The Dynamites : Young Sound R&B (RETRO888)
The Flirtations : Sounds Like The Flirtations (RETRO839)
The Flying Lizards : Flying Lizards / Fourth Wall (RETROD883)
The Majority One : Rainbow Rockin’ Chair (RPM307)
The Mirage : Tomorrow Never Knows - The Pop Sike World Of The Mirage - Singles And Lost Sessions 1966-1968 (RPMBC319)
The Mojos : Everything’s Alright - The Complete Recordings (RETRO855)
The Outsiders : CQ (RETRO891)
The Peppers : Pepper Box (REPEAT3)
The Quiet Five : Complete Recordings (RPM308)
The RAH Band : The Crunch & Beyond (REPEAT1)
The Rats : First Long Play Record (RPM322)
The Springfields : On An Island of Dreams (RETRO820)
The Walker Brothers : Images (RETRO827)
Timebox : Beggin - The Sound Of London s Mod/ Club Scene (RETRO834)
Timi Yuro : What’s A Matter Baby (RPM276)
Tina Charles : I Love To Love (Plus) (RPM324)
Trapeze : Medusa (ORK9)
Turid : Stars and Angels: Songs 1971-75 (RETRO870)
Untamed : Gimme Gimme (RPM223)
Various - Apple : An Apple A Day (94 Baker St Vol 2) (RPM312)
Various - Birds 'n' Brass : Soundsational Sort Of Soul (RETRO816)
Various - Bronco Bullfrog : Original Sound Track (RPM511)
Various - Bubble Pop : “Bubble Pop” - Lipsmackin’ Vol 5 (RPM288)
Various - Challenge Records : Allergic To Flowers Garage Beat & Popsike - Challenge Records Part Two: 1965 -1968 (RETRO838)
Various - Clarion : Clarion Call (RPMBC253)
Various - Dreambabes : Dream Babes Vol. 8 - Stockingtop Pop (RPM329)
Various - Dreambabes : Girls Go Zonk - US Dream Babes (RPM274)
Various - Dreambabes : Dream Babes Vol. 5 - Folkrock & Faithfull (RPM272)
Various - Dreambabes : Dream Babes Vol. 3 - Backcomb'n'Beat (RPM233)
Various - Finland : Love, From Finland - The Love Records Anthology 1968-1976 (RETRO872)
Various - Glitterbest : Glitterbest - 20 Pre-Punk ‘n’ Glam Terrace Stompers (RPM265)
Various - Gypsy Creams & Ginger Nuts : Gypsy Creams & Ginger Nuts - Sounds That Swept The Supermarkets (RPM328)
Various - Lovers From The Sky : Lovers From The Sky - Pop Psych Sounds From The Apple Era 1967-1969 (RETRO867)
Various - Menagerie : A Glass Menagerie (RETRO822)
Various - SNB Records : Sunday Sunshine - The World Of SNB Records (RETRO842)
Various - Sounds : The Sounds Of Tomorrow - The Sounds of Tomorrow (Mood Mosaic Vol. 9) (RPM300)
Various - Swinging London : Swinging London: A Trunk Full Of 60’s Pop Exotica: The Accidental Genius Of Saga Records (RETRO808)
Various - Treacle Toffee : Treacle Toffee World - Further Adventures Into The Pop Psych Sounds From The Apple Era 1967-1969 (RETRO843)
Wimple Winch : Tales From The Sinking Ship (RETRO845)
Writing On The Wall : Power Of The Picts (ORK2)


Allen Toussaint : The Toussaint Touch (RPMSH211)
Anna King : Back To Soul (SHOUT24)
Barbara Blue & The Phantom Blues Band : By Popular Demand (SHOUT33)
Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces : Go Ahead & Burn (RPMSH275)
Brenda And The Tabulations : I Keep Coming Back For More (SHOUT66)
Denise La Salle : A Little Bit Naughty (SHOUTD48)
Don Covay : Hot Blood (RPMSH296)
Don Covay : Super Dude 1 (RPMSH292)
Eddie Hinton : Very Extremely Dangerous (SHOUT59)
Erma Franklin : Piece Of Her Heart - The Epic And Shout Years (SHOUT50)
Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi : Something To Shout About… (SHOUT34)
Joe Hinton : Funny (How Time Slips Away) (SHOUT23)
Joe Tex : The Singles A’s & B’s Vol.3 : 1969-1972 (SHOUT72)
Joe Tex : First On The Dial (SHOUT47)
Johnny Adams : The Tan Canary ~ New Orleans Soul 1973-1981 (SHOUTD36)
Knight Brothers : Temptation (RPMSH279)
Leon Haywood : Keep It In The Family / Back To Stay (SHOUTD71)
Linda Hopkins : Rock And Roll Blues - The Early Years Of The Kid (SHOUT45)
Little Milton : If Walls Could Talk (SHOUT41)
Lloyd Price : Mr Personality - Million Sellers and more from ABC (SHOUT43)
Marva Wright : Do Right Woman (SHOUT31)
McKinley “Soul” Mitchell : The Town I Live In - the One-Derful Years (SHOUT22)
Oscar Toney Jr : Loving You Too Long (SHOUT40)
Oscar Toney Jr : Guilty (SHOUT30)
Peggy Scott : She's Got It All (SHOUT29)
Peggy Scott & JoJo Benson : The Complete Recordings of Peggy Scott & JoJo Benson (RPMSH209)
People’s Choice : Peoples Choice - The Casablanca Sessions (SHOUT74)
Roy Hamilton : Tore Up: The RCA And AGP Singles (SHOUT44)
Roy Hamilton : Don’t Let Go (SHOUT27)
Solomon Burke : This is it - Apollos (SHOUT46)
T Bone Walker : Good Feelin' (SHOUT37)
Ted Taylor : 1962-1966 (SHOUT26)
The Dells : Always Together - Great Chess Ballads (SHOUT38)
The Ebonys : Forever (SHOUT63)
The Jive Five : I’m A Happy Man (The UA album plus bonus singles) (SHOUT73)
The Rivingtons : Papa Oom Mow Mow (SHOUT35)
Various Roots of Soul : Remembering Roots Of Soul 3 : Soul Brothers James Brown & Eddie Floyd (RPMSH250)
Various Roots of Soul : Remembering Roots Of Soul 1 : Heralding The Hits (RPMSH248)
Vibrations : Out Of Sight (RPMDSH278)
Willie Hutch : Soul Portrait (SHOUT52)
Wilson Meadows : Go On and Cry (SHOUT32)

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