Dancing By Myself - Lost In Northern Soul - Various Artists

Dancing By Myself - Lost In Northern Soul
•    Classic northern soul from the vaults including a host of small time gems from the plethora of early ‘60s indie labels in the States and beyond

•    Including the Latin boogaloo of Johnny Zamot, the marvellously named Johnny Appalachian’s breathtaking ‘Up In Smoke’ and The Van Dellos’ infectious ‘I Need You

•    With the invariably oddball Esquirita masquerading as Eskew Reeder for his take on ‘Green Door’ and The Five Royales’ aching opener ‘Catch That Teardrop

•    Remastered from original sound sources with sleevenotes by MOJO magazine’s Dave Henderson


1.    CATCH THAT TEARdrop – The Five Royales
2.    KEEP ON LOVING ME – Joe Stubbs
3.    WHAT I REALLY MEANT TO SAY – Don and Juan
5.    HONKY TONK WOMAN – The Fabulous Playboys
6.    BABY I'M COMING HOME – Mack Rice
7.    FEVER – The Knockouts    
8.    NO MORE HEART – Sylvia Hill    
9.    UP IN SMOKE – Johnny Appalchian
10.    HEY MAMA    - Johnny Zamot
11.    WATCH YOUR STEP – Bobby Parker
12.    GREEN DOOR- Eskew Reeder
13.    SUMMERTIME - Tommy Navarro And The Sundialers     
14.    DON'T DO THIS TO ME – Cicero Blake
15.    I'M HURTING – Billy Gales    
16.    THE TROUBLE WITH GIRLS (OF TODAY) – James Conwell    
18.    MISS ORANGATANG – Lincoln Chase
19.    THE WATUSI – The Vibrations    
20.    MY HEART IS ON FIRE – Billy Bland    
21.    WHAT HAVE I DONE     - Jimmy Rogers
22.    DANCE BY YOURSELF – Justin Jones    
23.    IF I NEVER GET TO LOVE YOU – Lou Johnson
24.    STOP KNOCKIN' – Juanita Nixon    
25.    I NEED YOU - The Van Dellos     
26.    PUT A RING ON MY FINGER – Sue Perrin    
27.    A FAT BOY CAN CRY – Billy Stewart

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The film has no conventional score. All of the music is from the period between November 1951 and October 1952 when the film is set and linked to each scene. It is played on home radios, car radios, truck radios, 45 rpm players, jukeboxes, and at a community Christmas dance. The Hank Williams song, heard on the radio in Sonny's old truck in the opening scene, ‘Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Used to Do)?’ sets the tone for the music as well as the movie. All of the songs featured in the film are collected together in this edition.          

Low-key, perceptive, bleak, and melancholy, The Last Picture Show shares with Welles' Magnificent Ambersons, a heartache for a time and place forever gone. The film boasts some superlative performances from the ensemble cast which the Academy recognised in awarding Oscars to Cloris Leachman and the monumental Ben Johnson. It is more than a great film, it is a supremely moving work of art…


"If your mood is right, this is a delight, with artists such as Frankie Laine, Eddy Arnold and Kay Starr showing us how it should be done, with charisma and effortless vocal performance that have rarely been bettered". 4/5* (Record Collector August 2012)          

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