The Big Hit Dances - Phil Upchurch

The Big Hit Dances
•    24 tracks from the turn of the ‘60s melting pot of rock ‘n’ roll, R&B and soul music, when every week brought a brand new dance trend.

•    Featuring five tracks from Phil Upchurch’s super rare "The Big Hit Dances” album plus four from his previous 45s alongside a host of like-minded movers and shakers.

•    From Ray Bryant’s infectious ‘Madison Time’ through the Mashed Potato, the inevitable Twist, Stroll and Pony, featuring over an hour’s worth of foot-stomping, hip swivelling sounds from the land of 1000 dances.

•    Remastered from the original sound sources with sleevenotes by MOJO magazine’s Dave Henderson.

•    This CD is released 14th April and will not be shipped prior to this date.

Track Listing:

1.    Phil Upchurch Combo - YOU CAN'T SIT DOWN - PART ONE
2.    Phil Upchurch - YOU CAN'T SIT DOWN - PART TWO
3.    Chris Kenner – LAND OF 1000 DANCES    
4.    Ray Bryant Combo - THE MADISON TIME, PT 1    
5.    The Rollers  - THE CONTINENTAL WALK
6.    Jimmy McCracklin – THE WALK    
7.    Hank Ballard And The Midnighters - THE TWIST
8.    Phil Upchurch - THE HOG        
9.    Phil Upchurch - CHA CHA CHA BLUES    
10.    Jimmy McCracklin – GEORGIA SLOP
11.    The Diamonds - THE STROLL        
12.    Ernie K-Doe - POPEYE JOE        
13.    The Olympics – THE SCOTCH    
14.    Nat Kendricks & The Swans  - (DO THE) MASHED POTATO PT1
15.    Phil Upchurch  - HERE IT TIS - THE ROACH
16.    Phil Upchurch  - THE SWIVEL PART ONE - SWIVEL AND TWIST    
17.    Bill Black's Combo - TWIST-HER    
18.    King Curtis & The Noble Knights - SOUL TWIST    
19.    Russell Byrd - HITCH HIKE, PT. 1    
20.    Jimmy McCracklin – THE WOBBLE        
21.    Phil Upchurch - FILL UP - THE FLY    
22.    Phil Upchurch - FLAP JACK - THE MAJESTIC
23.    Phil Upchurch - SONIA - THE SWIM
24.    The Olympics - SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME

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