Marching Song Volume 1 & 2 - Mike Westbrook Concert Band (The)

Marching Song Volume 1 & 2
Released 13/07/2009. Amazing jazz masterpiece from 1969, originally released in two parts on Deram and presented here as a double- CD at a single price. Double album featuring Westbrook with Alan Skidmore, David Holdsworth, John Surman and a wild collection of brass-wielding legends. An anti-Vietnam piece that takes a remarkable journey from civilisation to war and its inevitable results. A powerful and evocative piece that features some excellent performances and magnificent solo-ing as the tension mounts. Re-mastered with sleeve-notes by Dave Henderson from MOJO.
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Disc one -Hooray! / Landscape / Waltz (For Joanna) / Landscape (Il) / Other World / Marching Song Disc Two - Transition / Home / Rosie / Prelude / Tension / Introduction / Ballad / Conflict / Requiem / Tarnished / Memorial
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Vibing Up The Senile Man
UNFORTUNATELY THIS TITLE IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. Cherry Red Records apologises for the unavailability of this album, however if you would like to be notified when it is on sale again then please email Thanks.

Alternative TV enjoy a prestigious reputation on the Punk scene. Fronted by Mark Perry, the editor of the Punk fanzine, 'Sniffin' Glue' (that also included contributions from Danny Baker), ATV captured the imagination of both, bands and fans alike. This album combines together ATV's third LP from 1978, "Vibing Up The Senile Man", with their cuts from the split LP with Here & Now, "What You See...". All tracks were originally released on the Legendary Deptford City Records label and will be appearing on CD for the first time. Being no strangers to Anagram Records ATV have already featured on Anagram's, Punk Collectors' series with "The Image Has Cracked" (CDPUNK 24). The band has recently reformed and will be playing all the major British and European Punk Festivals through the year. Also later this year Mark Perry will have his book published by Virgin Publishing, documenting his time as editor of 'Sniffin' Glue'.
Our Price: £9.95

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Floating Music
Stomu Yamashta's first island album, 'Floating Music' was recorded with the band come to the edge and gains it's first European CD release with this reissue. ‘Poker Dice' and ‘One Way' were for used by Nicholas Roeg in the soundtrack of the David Bowie film the Man Who Fell to Earth. Our Price: £10.95

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Various Artists
Soho After Dark is a vivid snapshot of a time, now long gone, when London’s vibrant Soho square mile almost rivalled New York’s 52nd Street and L.A.’s Central Avenue in presenting the finest modern jazz to be enjoyed anywhere outside of the USA.

Venues such as The Fabulous Flamingo, the (original) Marquee Club, Ronnie Scott’s, The 100 Club, Studio 51,Club Eleven, Club Dankworth, The Florida, The Downbeat, Club Basie, The Establishment all presented the very best local talent of the stature of Ronnie Scott, Tubby Hayes, Johnny Dankworth, Joe Harriott, Victor Feldman, Tony Kinsey, Ronnie Ross, Dizzy Reece, Jimmy Deuchar, Stan Tracey, Don Rendell, Tommy Whittle and dozens of others.

Visiting American jazz stars frequently commented on the high standard of the local musicianship they encountered. This was by no means a patronizing gesture to ingratiate themselves with the locals, but genuine endorsements.Thiswent as far asDuke Ellington (Tubby Hayes), Lionel Hampton (Jimmy Deuchar) and Stan Kenton (Harry Klein, Tommy Whittle, Don Rendell) hiring local stars to dep for sick or wayward sidemen. In 1959, Woody Herman set a precedent when he assembled a highly impressive Anglo-American Herd that included many local heroes. In the same year, The Modern Jazz Quartet toured the UK with Joe Harriott and Ronnie Ross as special guests.

Stylistically, the music performed on Soho After Dark reveals influences that encompass East Coast Hard Bop, Cu-Bop and West Coast Cool but, importantly, all are delivered in a local accent.

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The Sprocket Sessions
Released on 21/06/10. This is an Official Bootleg by Emerson, Lake & Powell, and the mid-1980s ELP-splinter group, formed when Carl Palmer was still contractually obligated to record with Asia. Live In Concert, features a rare live recording from the group's only tour in 1986, from recently discovered recordings in Greg Lake's personal archives. With Palmer's blessing Emerson and Lake recruited fellow Brit Cozy Powell to handle the drums on new material the two had written and were planning to record. Powell, whose drumming style was very powerful and considerably different than Palmer's, helped create a new sound for the progressive music written by Emerson & Lake. Live In Concert, taken from a 1986 show recorded in Lakeland, Florida and has been digitally re-mastered. Our Price: £9.95

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Live From Manticore Hall
•    KEITH EMERSON and GREG LAKE are two founding members of EMERSON LAKE AND PALMER.

•    LIVE FROM MANTICORE HALL captures their unique two man versions of a selection of well known material from across ELP’s celebrated catalogue, including the hit LUCKY MAN.

•    These recordings were captured from a live show in 2010 and presented here for the first time!

NB: This title is released July 14 and will not be dispatched before this date.

Track Listing:

7.    TARKUS
8.    C’EST LE VIE
Our Price: £10.95

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