Alive and Well In Argentina - Zalman Yanovsky

Alive and Well In Argentina
Released on 25/01/10. When Zalman Yanovsky was controversially ousted from The Lovin Spoonfull in 1967, the fans took it both the only folkie to be a master of the electric guitar log before folk rock, and an arch humourist and mugger, Zally had been the most popular member of the band. Bizarrely, he and his replacement in the Spoonful, ex.MFQ-er Jerry Yester formed a production company, successfully working with artists such as Tim Buckley Then there was this sadly his only solo album, Alive and Well In Argentina was crafted by Zally and jerry as almost a deconstruction of pop, with odd covers of boyhood favourites and Zappaesque malarkey jostling with folkpop gems....a surreal composite of psychedelic pop and wry piss-taking, it remains a vital artifact of it's time and place....and in the evenings they were producing Happy/Sad...genius guys....we've added on the epochal non album single, Bonner/Gordon's As Long As You're Here...which has the album's whole intent squeezed into one radio friendly should-have-been-hit...wonderful!
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