Voice Of Xtabay - Yma Sumac

Voice Of Xtabay
A legendary performer with an amazing four-octave range, Yma Sumac was said to be an Incan princess, and one of the Golden Sun Virgins. Her offbeat stylings made her a phenomenon in early '50s pop music, and the perfect and inevitable punchline to Terry-Thomas' famous DJ sketch! A major star of Broadway and Hollywood, her music veered from Les Baxters interpretations of the native music of Peru, through neo-classical to Mambo.... While her album covers took full advantage of her strange, wild and exotic costumes and voluptuous figure, rumours abounded that she was, in actuality, a New York housewife named Amy Camus (in itself rather an unlikely name for a New York housewife!). It really mattered little, since there has been no one like her before or since in the annals of popular music. When you play this album, prepare for a hot, exotic musical experience – a voyage of discovery into a new land of sound. For you have never in your life heard anyone sing like Yma Sumac. This album is a Revola classic and was one of the first releases on the original label! Yma Sumac is probably *the* major singer in the Exotica genre and this release was produced by Exotica-meister Les Baxter and leading modern South American composer Moises Vivanco. *A must for all fans of Exotica, World Music, and the unusual uses of the human voice!
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