Night Time Music-The BT Puppy Story - Various artists

Night Time Music-The BT Puppy Story
This is the first installment of Rev-Ola's new "Phantom Jukebox" compendiums. This series is devoted to songwriters, producers and genres as well as rare single releases by some of the most legendary record labels on the planet. First up is the New York-based BT Puppy label. Owned and operated by the Tokens ("The Lion Sleeps Tonight"), BT Puppy had it's fair share of brilliant oddities from its original golden era (1963-1971) and Rev-Ola leaves no stone unturned! Most of the 20 tracks on this collection make their debut here on CD! Includes many never-before-released Tokens produced sides and features rare photos and exclusive interviews with the Tokens themselves! **never before on CD **Remastered from original tapes in the classic Rev-Ola style **Lavish booklet features unseen photos and new interviews! **a must for all fans of Softpop, New York classic pop, and vocal Harmony..… a collection of absolute classics which many thought would never see the light of day.....all the hits included! **and all this at UK mid-price!
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The Sundae Train - Love Affair of Two Happy People BT PUPPY 45-550-B The Sundae Train - Sing Sweet Barbara BT PUPPY 45-550-A The Scene - Scenes (From Another World) BT PUPPY 45-533-A We Ugly Dogs - First Spring Rain BT PUPPY 537 The Sundae Train - Wake Up (Sleepy Girl) 20th CENTURY 45-6693-B The Sundae Train - I Wanna Be 20th CENTURY 45-6693-A Canterbury Music Festival - Poor Man BT PUPPY 541 The Steeple People - Green Plant BT PUPPY 45-534 Margo, Margo, Medress and Siegel ­ Mister Snail WARNER BROS. 7183 The Steeple People - Oh, Kathy BT PUPPY 45-528 Amanda Ambrose - Amanda¹s Man BT PUPPY 539 Rock Garden - Sweet Pajamas BT PUPPY 45-536 Randy and the Rainbows - Oh, To Get Away BT PUPPY 535 Bob Miranda of the Happenings - Girl on a Swing BT PUPPY 45-544 The Majic Ship - Night Time Music BT PUPPY 548 The Tokens - I Could Be WARNER BROS. 7323 Beverly Warren - So Glad You¹re My Baby BT PUPPY 45-521 Randy and the Rainbows - I¹ll Be Seeing You BT PUPPY 535 Rock Garden - Perhaps the Joy Of Giving BT PUPPY 45-536-B The Lollipop Tree - Peace BT PUPPY 45-546
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