Rock You Sinners - Various Artists

Rock You Sinners
Somewhere between the explosion of Elvis and the young Andrew Loog Oldham's disappointment at the UK tour by Bill Haley and The Comets came a uniquely British reaction which had been to be honest evilly brewing for a while in the most unlikely Jazz circles. So a disparate crew of ex-jazzers, crazies, showbiz stalwarts and Soho skiffle kids thought that they too could Rock'n'Roll! And why not? Soon enough and hot on the heels a technicolour 3D Expresso Bongo world of 2 i's, Six-Five Specials and Oh Boys would spring from the brow of Jack Good abd his cohorts...meanwhile, go back with us to the Year(s) Zero of an artform which would take over the world. British Rock'n'Roll (and see if you too can spot that Lady Madonna in the Bad Penny Blues courtesy of a young Joe Meek!)
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The Goons - Bloodnok's Rock 'N' Roll Call / Ray Ellington - Giddy Up A Ding Dong / Henry Crun & Minnie Bannister - Dance With Me Henry / Max Bygraves - Bygraves' Boogie / Ted Heath Orchestra - Crazy Man Crazy / Jack Parnell Orchestra - Night Train / Ted Heath Orchestra (Featurning Jack Parnell) - Birmingham Bounce / Ivor & Basil Kirchin Band - Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie / Jill Day - I Hear You Knockin' / Ted Heath Orchestra (Featuring Lita Roza) -Oakie Boogie / The Deep River Boys - Smack Dab In The Middle / The Kirchin Band - Tweedle Dee / Denis Lotis – Sugaree / The Jones Boys - Tutti Frutti / The Deep River Boys - That's Right / Art Baxter & His Rockin' Sinners - Art's Theme / The Squadronaires - Rock 'N' Roll Boogie / Tony Crombie & The Rockets - Let's You And I Rock / Jack Parnell Orchestra - Shake, Rattle & Roll / The Deep River Boys - Rock Around The Clock / Tommy Steele & The Steelmen - Rock Around Town / Gale Warning & The Weathermen - Heartbreak Hotel / The Deep River Boys - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On / Tony Crombie & The Rockets - Teach You To Rock / Don Lang – Seventeen / Tommy Steele & The Steelmen - Doomsday Rock / Art Baxter & His Rockin' Sinners - I Gotta Have Lovin' / Ray Ellnington - Left Hand Boogie / Tommy Steele & The Steelmen - Rock With The Caveman / Don Lang - I Want You To Be My Baby / Tony Crombie & The Rockets - Stop It (I Like It) / Humphrey Lyttelton Band - Bad Penny Blues
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