Paisley Dreams: The Pop Psych Sounds Of…. - Tommy Roe

Paisley Dreams: The Pop Psych Sounds Of….
Released 24/11/08. On that vital cusp of 1966/67, it seemed everybody wanted to make their very own Pet Sounds-style masterwork... and Bubblegum-meister Tommy Roe was no exception. Coming off a formidable run of hits, Roe was able to enter the studio with Millenium wunderkind Curt Boettcher and his team (later to become both The Ballroom and Goldenrod) to record it's now winter's day. Bizarrely sounding more like a group effort than a solo album, replete with theremins, fuzz guitar, strings and general psych bendiness, not to mention being entirely composed by Roe, it was a major triumph. The follow-up Phantasy upped the ante even further. Here we have both albums, together for the first time, a key piece in the story of the legendary Curt Boettcher and his associates, and a Californian sunshine psych-pop extravaganza in it's own right. Beautiful songs, great singing and innovative production... who could ask for anything more?
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