Both Sides Now - Tokens

Both Sides Now
Released 25/08/08. The title kind of gives the game away here, it being somewhat a game of two halves! A semi concept follows the title of the exquisite baroque cover of the Joni Mitchell tune...The Tokens are pictured on the cover in off-duty mode, casually dressed and with a cigar on the go. Side one consists of more baroque re -workings of modern folk rock standards, covering label mates Melanie and The Lemon Pipers creditably, as well as doing a stripped down beauty of a cover of ‘Don't Worry Baby’, which surely influenced The Beach Boys later live revamps of their early repertoire. Side two revisits The Tokens past in the manner of their later ‘Oldies Are Now!’ project, with their first two hits ‘Tonight I Fell In Love’ and ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’, and their soft-pop masterpiece ‘I Hear Trumpets Blow’ among others, being reinvented in the style of side one.
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Both Sides Now / Brandywine / Green Tambourine / Beautiful People / She Lets Her Hair Down(Early In The Morning) / Don't Worry Baby / The Lion Sleeps Tonight / Tonight I Fell In Love / I Hear Trumpets Blow / He's In Town / If I Were A Carpenter / Some People Sleep / Bonus Track / Oh To Get Away / I Could See Me (Dancin' With You)
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