As They Are - Tee And Cara

As They Are
Released on 28/09/09. For too long we have been treasuring this album and now we share it with you... In a more innocent time,when peace and love was still a viable option, on a street in New York City by a fire hydrant, sit two teenagers, all thrift-store chic and childishly knowing. Eating sandwiches, sipping Coke, looking shyly, quizically, yet hopefully at the camera... a perfect faded snapshot of the way things were... Effortlessly cool and breezy, sophisticated yet naive, this is the perfect missing link between acid-folk and New York Tin Pan Alley pop with a wistful bossa flavour redolent of A&M Records albums of the period. As the Manchester poet Robert Cochrane says in his appreciation of this album, "people are still trying to achieve the balance of calculated innocence that these two managed in their teens. Belle and Sebastian have made an entire career from such obsessions, creating much beauty in their wake. What followed for Tee and Cara is presently unknown, but in the summer of 1968 a boy and a girl in New York got something right." Tee And Cara are alive and well and still producing beautiful things.
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