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Sunshine Company
The Sunshine Company.....Their very name conjures up the spirit of the Soft Pop genre so beloved of collectors as does the buoyant optimism of their sound, with it's complex multi-part harmonies, and full-on L.A. radio-friendly studio production, making them almost the very archetype of the genre.

Scratch the surface, however, and one finds the rather eccentric strain of melancholy (perhaps a product of the gap between their ambition and their record label's more traditional expectations) which sets them apart from almost every other group in the genre.

Their story, like their music, is far more complex than it appears, perhaps the only Soft Pop group whose brief career links them with the Carpenters, Fairport Convention, the Fifth Dimension, Yes, Jackson Browne, Jefferson Airplane, Matthews Southern Comfort, Duane and Gregg Allman and Sandy Denny.....and took them in a short time from a position as cherished collaborators and influences to indifference with most of them as the musical climate of the late 1960's made it's incredibly fast quantum leaps.
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