Sinner’s Prayers - Ray Charles

Sinner’s Prayers
Yup, it's Ray Charles - the GENIUS - here he is. From his first, already confident and superb steps in the new direction as he gave his cool Nat Cole inspired jazz/Pop stylings a massive injection of Gospel and SOUL, all the way to lording it on the R&B charts, and his bigtime crossover breakthroug! Enough of a career for most entertainers, but for Ray everything from Pop success, to becoming an elder statesman of the Black community in America (and the world!) was still in the future! For further details, I can only direct you to the recent acclaimed film biography of the man, but to hear the source? Well, I direct you to this very CD, ‘Sinner’s Prayers 1951-54’ (CRREV117).
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Hey Now / Misery In My Heart / Kissa Me Baby / Guitar Blues / The Snow Is Falling / The Sun's Gonna Shine Again / The Midnight Hour / Jumpin' In The Morning / Roll With My Baby / It Should've Been Me / Losing Hand / Someday Baby / Low Society / Mess Around / Sinner's Prayer / Heartbreaker / Don't You Know / Funny But I Still Love You / Mr Charles' Blues / Feelin' Sad / I Wonder Who / Nobody Cares / I've Got A Woman / Blackjack / Come Back Baby / Greenbacks / Ray's Blues
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What’s Bootsy Doin?
Bootsy Collins. As a bassist, singer and songwriter, he has long since passed into legend. A man who made his name by performing with the indomitable JamesBrown in the early 1970s, before becoming part of the immortal Parliament and Funkadelic later the same decade. He’s a rock star in every sense. His sense of humour and driving way of playing was matched by a flamboyant sense of dress.His 1988 What sBootsy Doin ? album saw him back in the groove with old P-Funk buddies George Clinton, Bernie Worrall, Fred Wesley and Gary 'Mudbone' Cooper. After a recording absence of six years, Collins slips right into gear, working with a huge ensemble that of course featured some of his own alter egos. It appeared that little had changed for the man, In that everything that had happened in the funk world while he'd been in semiretirement was ignored, as Collins set out to prove his weird approach to mixing funk, rock and pop was still as potent as ever.The bizarre clash of styles that had made Collins such a style icon in the previous decade is still obvious, and at its best 'What’s Bootsy Doin'?' is just glorious, Check out 'Party On Plastic' and 'Love Song' this is where the man scores highly and often, never standing still long enough for you to second guess him. Our Price: £9.95

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T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M. , or The Awesome Power Of A Fully Operational Mothership to give the album its full title, was released in 1996, at a time when the acid house-inspired dance music craze had swept across the UK and attention was turning to the guitar driven Britpop bands and then Prime Minister Tony Blair ‘s hokey creation Cool Britannia was grabbing the headlines. And yet with its ferociously awesome funk grooves, it evoked memories of a time at least twenty years previous, when Clinton’s musical gangsFunkadelic and Parliament held sway over popular music. T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M. has largely been viewed as a reunion album of the Funkadelic/Parliament era, featuring as it does, input from former members including Collins, Maceo Parker, Bernie Worrell, Junie Morrison and Fred Wesley. As you would no doubt agree, it’s a joy to hear. Our Price: £9.95

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Turning Point
Over the all too brief 40 years of his life, John Coltrane had a profound and far-reaching effect on the world of jazz and beyond. Yet acclaimed as he already was after spells as a sideman with giants such as Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk, it was only in 1957 that his musical vision began to truly find focus. The "spiritual awakening" of which he spoke prompted him to make wholesale changes in his lifestyle. Out, went the bad habits that had made many fear for his life, to be replaced by an all-consuming quest to make music that transcended national and cultural boundaries, bringing both player and listener to a state of connectedness with God.

This edition illustrates that landmark year with selections from four important sessions; collaborations and first dates as leader with Tadd Dameron, Kenny Burrell, Tommy Flanagan and Red Garland. The listener will find abundant evidence of one of jazz’s undisputed greats demonstrating total mastery of the music that succoured him through his early years - blues, swing, bebop - and already beginning to hunger for fresh challenges. Coltrane’s eclectic attitudes, encouraged by his friendship with Ravi Shankar, would soon inspire The Byrds (‘Eight Miles High’), Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, The Doors, Tom Verlaine, The Stooges.

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Computer Games 30th Anniversary Edition
Rock and roll hall of fame inductee, George Clinton, is best known for his extensive body of work produced along-side band mates of Parliament and Funkadelic who single handedly turned funk and R&B on its head during the 70’s and early 80’s.
In 1982 George Clinton released Computer Games on Capitol Records. While technically his first solo album, Computer Games still featured the majority of his band-mates from the now disbanded Parliament and Funkadelic, musicians and singers such as Junie Morrison, Bernie Worrell, Malia Franklin, Muruga Booker, Eddie Hazel, Gwendolyn Dozier and of course the immensely talented Bootsy Collins and Maceo Parker.
According to Glenn Kenny of Trouser Press magazine the release of Computer Games was seen as a "nod to the burgeoning wave of techno-funk that was beginning to overtake almost every other form of dance music; rather than reject the new technology, he adapted it here in his own unique way” helping return George Clinton to popularity within the charts with LOOPZILLA soaring into the top 20 of the US R&B charts and even more success with the release of ATOMIC DOG which would climb all the way to #1 on the US R&B chart while narrowly missing out on a top 100 spot on the US Pop chart.
Slant Magazine awarded Computer Games a #97 spot on its list of best of the 80s while Computer Games continues to inspire to this day with many tracks from the album being sampled by multiple artist including Public Enemy, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Prince and Ice Cube to name but a few.
BBR is very proud to present this newly remastered, fully expanded edition of George Clinton’s Computer Games.
Complete with liner notes and added bonus content, this P-Funk classic is a must have for all Funk, Soul, R&B and Disco fans out there!

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