Diggin' The Boogie 1950-1956 - Piano Red

Diggin' The Boogie 1950-1956
Willie Perryman went by two nicknames during his lengthy career, both of them thoroughly apt. He was known as Piano Red because of his albino skin pigmentation for most of his performing life. But they called him Doctor Feelgood during the '60s, and that’s precisely what his raucous, barrelhouse -styled vocals and piano was guaranteed to do: cure anyone's ills and make them feel good! Like his older brother, Rufus Perryman, who performed and recorded as Speckled Red, Willie Perryman showed an aptitude for the 88s early in life. In the 1950s, Red's big break arrived, when he started making solo records and making hits. He was a huge influence on everyone from Little Richard to Jerry Lee Lewis to The Beatles. As a songwriter, he displayed a molten energy which made him much covered…from the perennial 'Right String Baby But The Wrong Yo-Yo' to John Lennon's favourite 'Mr. Moonlight' he goes through Rock' n 'Roll like veins through marble. A first time CD collection of 1950s hits and rarities by one of the masters of R&B!
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(Right String Baby But) The Wrong Yo-Yo / Red's Boogie / Rockin' With Red / I'm Gonna Rock Some More / She's Dynamite / Everybody's Boogie / Jumpin' The Boogie / Well, Well, Baby / Just Right Bounce / Diggin' The Boogie / Layin' The Boogie / It Makes No Difference Now / Hey, Good Lookin' / She Walks Right In / Right And Ready/ Taxi, Taxi 6963 / Sober / She Knocks Me Out / I Ain't Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes / Jump, Man, Jump / Red's Blues / Gordy's Rock / Since I Fell For You / Woo-Ee Bonus Live Cuts From 1956 / I'm Nobody's Fool / The Wrong Yo-Yo / Umph-Umph-Umph / Got You On My Mind / I Ain't Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes / Rockin' With Red
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