Hungry For Kicks – Singles and Choice Cuts 1965 – 69 - Paul Revere & The Raiders

Hungry For Kicks – Singles and Choice Cuts 1965 – 69
Released 29/06/09. Legendary American rock / beat combo that hardly need any introduction here! Suffice to say that after being the first rock band to sign to Columbia Records (CBS) they generated an incredibly impressive run of 25 hit singles in the American charts! John Peel was a big fan too and Rev-Ola are now delighted to present what is probably the definitive introduction to this revered (pun intended!) band! Check out such classics as ‘Him Or Me – What’s It Gonna Be’, ‘Steppin’ Out’, ‘Kicks’ and of course the original version of ‘I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone’ which is rated as by far the best by many rock fans.
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Kicks / Him or Me – What's it Gonna Be? / Hungry / Let Me! (single version) / Just Like Me / Too Much Talk (single version) / Ups And Downs / I'm Not Your Stepping Stone / Good Thing / I Had A Dream / Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon (single mix) / Steppin' Out / Peace Of Mind (single version) / We Gotta All Get Together / The Great Airplane Strike (single version) / Louie, Go Home / Gone – Movin' On / Cinderella Sunshine (single version) / Action / Don't Take It So Hard / Do Unto Others (single version) / why? Why? Why? (is it so hard?) / Ballad Of A Useless Man / Tighter / Freeborn Man / Observation From Flight 285 (in 3/4 time) / Louise / Theme From It’s Happening
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The Deep Six
The Deep Six, (five men and one woman!) are really kind of the missing link between the "slightly hipper Seekers" style of such California folk-pop groups as The Goldebriars, The We Five and The Back Porch Majority, and the next wave of softpop and rock influenced artists like Curt Boettcher's The Ballroom, The Mamas and The Papas, The Peanut Butter Conspiracy and even the early Jefferson Airplane This, their only album is quite bizarre, applying the new musics to what was obviously their earlier variety show influenced performance tunes, pop covers and self penned folk-rock tunes all given a superb and subtle fuzz-tinged softpop treatment that showed that the times they really were a' changing....and pretty darn fast. A top collectable for many years, this first-ever CD issue also includes all their scarily rare non-LP singles, a treasure trove of never before seen photographs of the group at the height of the Sunset Strip scene, as folk became rock, and detailed liner notes with contributions from the artists.....a timely release for a key group in the evolution of folk rock and Softpop.... This is the first time ever on CD for these tracks and included is the rare World Pacific album, and all their even rarer singles plus a lavishly illustrated booklet with detailed sleevenotes. Our Price: £9.95

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Hoje É O Primeriro Dia Do Resto Da Sua Vida
The fabulous Rita Lee rocketed to fame as a member of the wildest alumni (and now the best known) of Tropicalia, Os Mutantes! Their amazing albums and controversial antics set out a stall for Tropicalia in no uncertain terms and the widespread rediscovery of their work in the '90s and their current reformation (after 30 years of not talking) continue to fan the flames of the myth. After Os Mutantes' early groundbreaking albums, Rita Lee decided to create her own space by launching a concurrent career as a solo singer. Unfortunately, her slightly wayward Rogerio Duprat-arranged debut failed to launch a straight pop career as well as neglecting almost everything people loved about Os Mutantes. After going back to the drawing board in 1972, Rita recruited her Os Mutantes colleagues Arnaldo and Sergio Baptista as well as other members of the music/art commune in which they all lived, to produce the follow-up. As different as day is from night, written by the original Os Mutantes trio of Rita, Arnaldo and Sergio and 'produced and directed' by Arnaldo, this second album is a masterpiece of Tropicalia/psychedelia with the spooky, comedown atmosphere of "Smiley Smile" to boot. To all intents and purposes, a virtual 'lost' fifth Os Mutantes album with Rita the dominant force. An amazing return to the perfect organised chaos of their first two albums and a total must have!
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