You’ve Come That Way Before - Nancy Priddy

You’ve Come That Way Before
DJs and hipsters worldwide bigging up an album by Christina Applegate's mom? You're putting me on, right? Well, er... NO!! Radiant New York based actress/songstress Nancy Priddy only made this one album, but what an album it is! A fine, low-key psych folk pop masterpiece, funky and folky and psychy-rocky and Lord knows what else all at once, with the Big Apple's finest. Nancy had been a mover and shaker on the Greenwich Village folk scene of the early 1960's, as a member of The Bitter End Singers and is the subject of the Stephen Stills-penned Buffalo Springfield classic, "Pretty Girl Why" (think "Priddy Girl Why"). The album was produced by industry legend Phil Ramone, then working with enigmatic audio innovator Enoch Light on his Project 3 roster including The Free Design, and obviously at the top of his considerable form. There are elements of folk, pop, soul, gospel, even children¹s music here, a unique sound and atmosphere which has made this one of those mysterious albums which commands top dollar without being obviously by any kind of "rock legend". Over startling arrangements centred around spare basslines, folk changes, experimental touches and DJ-enticing drum breaks, she sings lyrics far beyond the usual pop-romantic platitudes. Today, the album is rabidly sought after by DJs and the hordes of Wyrd Folk fans in that growing field - and big bucks indeed change hands - but here it is sounding better than ever on Rev-Ola!!!!
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