Middle Eastern rock - John Berberian

Middle Eastern rock
Yep, it's John Berberian, Master of the Oud! Long before there was any such thing as "World Music", John was experimenting in his native New York City, both within the traditional Armenian music community, and with folk, rock and jazz musicians who admired his Oud artistry.

And so this unknown gem, Middle Eastern Rock! Unsympathetically packaged as almost some kind of old-school belly-dance meets raga rock record, it is in fact a masterpiece of the highest order. Full of multi-percussive grooves on drums and dumbeg, searing solos from fuzz guitars and of course, John on the Oud. We cannot urge you more to experience this record!
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The Oud & The Fuzz / Tranquility / Chem-Oo-Chem / Iron Maiden / Flying Hye / 3/8 + 5/8 = 8
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The Rise And Fall Of Honesty
Released on 29/03/10. A masterpiece of psychedelic Americana: Maffitt & Davies came with the same batch of oddities on Capitol as Euphoria, Food and Common People. A strange batch to be sure, of orchestral psychpop and folk-rock which is only now being rediscovered and loved... There are many gems on this exceptional album... Bob Dylan’s Just Like A Woman is transformed into heartbreaking orchestrated folkrock... Forest Lawn, the album’s undeservedly failed single, has a distinct Face to Face Kink¹s sound replete with dobro and freaky church organ. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues the other Dylan cover on this record takes a Byrds/Everly Brothers vocal harmony approach reminiscent of nothing less than late 60s Dillards on their folk-rock outings. A visionary slice of American music that predates the alt. country/folk boom by a mile -dark lyrics, strings, phasing and tablas abound. In addition to the album, we have a batch of outtakes and single tracks which will take your breath away; all in all a wonderful new discovery.... Our Price: £9.95

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The Cool Scene At Cafe Bizarre
Released on 15/02/10. A compilation of the strange, over the top world of beatnik exploitation, from spoken word to soulful jazz riffing. From Greenwich Villages Cafe Bizarre with jive poetry set to improvised guitar and hepcat strangeness. Punctuated by some bongo-led jazz along with some obscure noodling that throws authentic be bop next to groovy finger-clicking out takes. A offbeat mix of sounds and styles that gathers lewd humour and cool blowing for an hour-long journey into the past. Our Price: £2.49
Retail Price: £9.95

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