The Jazz Butcher's Free Lunch - Jazz Butcher Conspiracy

The Jazz Butcher's Free Lunch
The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy....a name to conjure with.....all over Europe and the USA, people asked "Why?"....but in the end, they surrendered US radio gave in without a fight....and Johnny European Punter made the nine kow-tows....and put their money on the counter....... Some call them the Last Gentlemen Adventurers Of Rock'n'Roll (along with me and Pete Astor)....some call them a bunch of travelling freelance restaurant critics.....others "The Greatest Rock Band In The World"....or something....The world conquering colossi of Indie (yuck!).....The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy! A poignant selection of all the hits and then some from their fabled Creation Records period......with some rarities for those so inclined.....makes for a wonderful listening experience at YOUR leisure event.....Girls....Say Yes!! This is a completely new collection of the best of the Creation Records period, selected by our own Joe Foster and Mr. P. Fish himself after some argy-bargy.....including many rarities among the hits! Plus it has been exquisitely remastered in the usual Rev-Ola style.... With a lavishly illustrated booklet with lengthy commentary, yea, a novelette by Mr. Patrick Fish Esq......the full sordid story is here!.....emigrate know who you are..... A must for lovers of the JBC obviously....but for all fans of cool music everywhere too......and for those who loved Creation Records in all it's ragged glory.....look out for other releases from this semi-lost world of The Label Of Love.....the never-ending story indeed....we're still at it..…
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