Life In A Scotch Living Room - Ivor Cutler

Life In A Scotch Living Room
The first release on the Rev-Ola Label through Cherry Red. Ivor Cutler..from his early jazz outings to his work with the Beatles, Soft Machine and a host of other luminaries, to his amazing continued output of Poetry and Stories, to his recordings on Creation, the enigmatic Mr. Cutler has for decades been the secret star of whatever literary vanguard Britain possesses. Star of "Magical Mystery Tour"..."Scotland's greatest living poet" (The Times In Scotland)...."very funny in a sinister sort of way"...(George Melly)..teacher and inspiration....all these things and more. "Life In a Scotch Sitting Room" catches Mr. Cutler in his usual spectacular live performance, at Glasgow's 3rd Eye Centre in the 1970's....songs, Poems and stories...and invaluable "Jungle Tips"....this edition features special additional artwork by Mr. Cutler. A must-have for all lovers of the inimitable "Glasgow Dreamer"....Mr. Ivor Cutler!
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Episode 2 / Episode 3 / Episode 9 / Jungle Tip - Owl / Episode 1 / Episode 11 / Jungle Tip - Lion / Episode 5 / Episode 14 / Episode 7 / Episode 12 / Jungle Tip - Leopard / Episode 8 / Episode 6 / Episode 4 / Jungle Tip - Boa / Episode 13 / Episode 0
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Discovery! & Nirvana

Released on 27/09/10. Memphis, Tennessee. Was the place where Charles Lloyd, one of the great jazz saxophonists, was born. And where music got right into his soul.

Lloyd’s credentials are impressive on all counts. Shortly after graduating from the University of Southern California in 1960, he joined the Chicago Hamilton Quintet. In late 1961, Chico broke up the group and reorganised it with Charles as musical director in charge of repertoire and personnel. As an instrumentalist, Charles Lloyd is forceful and imaginative improviser with a warmly rich tone and a technical command enabling him to cut loose with an emotional abandon that nevertheless remains in control. As a composer, he combines the gift for melodic development and structural form with that invaluable quality of identifiability. Once you have heard a few Lloyd compositions, you will recognize his personal stamp, just as one can spot a new composition by, say, Thelonious Monk.

'Nirvana', is perhaps the finest album from the Charles Lloyd Quartet following on from 'Discovery! His band at the time was a spread of true giants. On piano there was Keith Jarrett, on bass there was Ron McClure and drums one Jack De Johnette. It was an impressive conglomeration and counterbalance of ability. But it was most decidedly led by Lloyd.

While the Charles Lloyd Quartet had more significant commercial success with other albums, there is a strong case to be made that they were never better than here. This is inventive, accessible, yet also has a depth and range that proved it could appeal to the traditionalists while at the same time attracting a younger audience, one that didn't want to hear old school jazz, but wanted something that allowed them to get 'high' on the music. This was it.

Our Price: £9.95

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Live And Loud / Fly The Flags
Released 13/10/08. This 2CD release is essentially a "Best Of Stiff Little Fingers Live" as it includes versions of UK chart hits 'Tin Soldiers', 'At The Edge', Nobodys Hero' and 'Gotta Getaway' alongside legendary classics such as 'Suspect Device', 'Alternative Ulster' and 'Wasted Life'. Disc One is from the band's comeback tour of 1987 and features their most successful line-up and Disc Two is from a sell-out show in London in 1991 by which time Jam bassist Bruce Foxton had become a fulltime member. Totally re-mastered by Tim Turan and with a booklet containing detailed liner-notes by Alex Ogg, author of the punk bible - No More Heroes. Still a major force to this very day and regular headliners across the UK including at the recent Rebellion Punk Festival in Blackpool and the Academy In The UK festivals. Our Price: £9.95

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Us an Dem
Released 18/05/09. Benjamin Zephaniah is known to most as a poet, a very respected and popular poet. He was listed by the Times newspaper as one of the Top 50 British post war writers and has turned down an OBE. In 1990 he released an album called “Us and Dem” on Mango/ Island, the album contains a mix of his poetry and danceable reggae beats. The songs are political but spiked with humour and a human touch that stop if from sounding preachy. The Cherry Red issue of the album features a 45 minute interview with Iain McNay from Cherry Red TV and a video of the track Us and Dem alongside three tracks that never appeared on the original vinyl issue Our Price: £9.95

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Capital Letters - Best Of Ruefrex
Ruefrex were one of Northern Ireland’s most popular, uncompromising and successful punk bands. Over a turbulent decade-long career the band were attacked by both Protestant and Catholic communities for their refusal to accept sectarian divisions. They also recorded some of the most powerful, lyrically potent music of the era, from their debut on Terri Hooley’s legendary Good Vibrations label to indie chart hits with the classic ‘Capital Letters’ and ‘Paid In Kind’ They then became cover stars of the Melody Maker when they recorded the hugely controversial but unapologetic ‘The Wild Colonial Boy’ The Melody Maker headline was “Is the most important band in Britain?” This new release features all these classic tracks on CD for the first time, plus previously unreleased material, a full set of lyrics and memorabilia and in-depth sleevenotes written in collaboration with the band. Our Price: £9.95

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Sons Find Devils
Signed to Rough Trade after the success of their self financed first single "Twenty Tens" Virgin Prunes became Ireland's answer to Glam Rock with a twist! This live album includes New Form Of Beauty and Pagan Love Song both of which were Indie chart hits for the band in 1982. This is the first UK release of Sons Find Devils - A live retrospective 1981-1983. Our Price: £9.95

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