The Hearts And Flowers Collection - Hearts And Flowers

The Hearts And Flowers Collection
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An underrated part of the California 1960's folk-rock explosion, Hearts and Flowers were in fact instrumental in the coming country-rock style which became the "Sound Of California" in the 1970's. Larry Murray moved from Gram Parson's hometown of Waycross, Georgia, to California, and played in Bluegrass groups with future Byrd Chris Hillman and future Burrito Brother and Eagle, Bernie Leadon. Meeting Dave Dawson and Rick Cunha, he formed Hearts and Flowers, who released their Nik Venet-produced debut on Capitol in the summer of 1967. A mixture of masterful and obscure covers and originals, the album gained critical acclaim. Reuniting with Bernie Leadon, the group recorded a second album, which met much the same fate despite it's outstanding quality, and it's should-have-been-a-hit version of the Rising Sons' "She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune". Only in retrospect does the importance of Hearts and Flowers become apparentas, their members scattered to the Flying Burrito Brothers, the Eagles, and the backing groups of Linda Rondstadt and Emmylou Harrisand varying degrees of fame......but their recorded legacy lives on!
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