Gale Garnett and the Gentle Reign - Gale Garnett and the Gentle Reign

Gale Garnett and the Gentle Reign
Released 28/07/08. Like a lot of folk - pop performers who began their careers in the early - to - mid - '60s, by the end of the decade Gale Garnett seemed to have drifted into the rock and psychedelic scene, hooking up with the band The Gentle Reign to cut these two bizarre albums for CBS.
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Freddy Mahoney / Peace Comes Slowly To The Thrashing Fish / Pretty Is Gone / This Year's Child / Berkeley Barb / Want Ad / Deer In The City / Water Your Mind / My Mind's Own Morning / Trip Note Song / Man In The Middle / Freely Speaking / Breaking Through / Fall In Love Again / Mini Song #1: Ophelia Song / Ballad For f. Scott Fitzgerald / Big Sur / Mini Song #2: Tropicana High / That's Not The Way / Word Of Advice / Believe Me / Mini Song #3: Lament For The Self Sufficient / You Could Have Been Anyone / Bad News / Dolphins / Mini Song #4: Tropicana Low
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Skipping Through The Night
Released on 17/05/10. TUNE IN is a new Cherry Red label devoted to the U.S. Psychedelic scene of the late Sixties. NGC 4594 was an obscure quintet who issued just one single, Skipping Through The Night on Smash Records in 1968. The band were formed in 1966, named after the catalogue number of the Sombrero Galaxy, thought to be the location of the nearest black hole to Earth! Alongside their sole 45, this CD for the very first time offers a dozen recordings from a lost album the band made during 1967/68 . NGC 4594 formed in Storrs, Connecticut, but swiftly relocated to NYC before eventually disbanding in late 1968. Our Price: £9.95

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Gonks Go Beat / I’ve Got A Horse
Released 23rd February 2009. The times may a been a
changin’ as Dylan went electric, but not in British cinemas in 1965
when these B Picture movies were released by Anglo Amalgamated. With no
forward looking aspect to them they remain delightful time capsules from
a world when entertainment alone was the goal. Entirely ignoring
popular culture’s seismic movements at the time these films aimed at the
mass audience who were deemed to delight in frippery.At the same
time I Gotta Horse and Gonks Go Beat each generated exceptionally rare
soundtrack albums that are impossible to find today, and have never
before been reissued, which showcase some interesting artists and
combinations. For example exclusive tracks by Lulu, Graham Bond and a
terrific drum battle between Bobby Graham (also aka The Titan Studio
Orchestra.) /Alan White/Ronnie Verral/Ginger Baker on Gonks Go Beat,
with the specially penned Billy Fury material here placed in their
proper context.
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A Single Girl : The Very Best of the MGM Years
Sandy Posey, brought up in the music rich area of
Memphis, was a backing singer for the Nashville Studios. Singers she
backed on record included Elvis Presley, Tommy Roe, Bobby Bare, Joe Tex,
Percy Sledge and Skeeter Davis, and later in spite of her own success
she continued to contribute her voice as part of the famous Nashville
Sound background. Nashville publisher Gary Walker and writer producer
Chips Moman wondered how she would sound solo so brought her into the
studio in 1966 to record as the main artist. She scored five Top 40
single hits and released four albums all on the MGM label between 1966 -
1968. We present the very best of these recordings, nearly all produced
by Chips Moman.Great melodic and rhythmic 60's pop, reminiscent
of the girl-talk records of the early 60's, innocent and submissive,
with splashes of Posey's country music background which at the time
brought her widespread radio and jukebox play. Although many of the
songs were written by others Posey's strength was her song styling. Packaging
includes an essay written by Record Collector editor Peter Doggett,
based around his recent interview with Sandy Posey. This package will
find many takers among 60's pop fans as there have been very few
collections of Posey's recordings down the years. Added to which is the
cross over appeal to country fans.
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Love Heals : The Complete Recordings

COLOURS launched onto the scene in 1968 with a stunningly glorious psychedelic masterpiece of L.A studio wizardry. A "super group” before the name was coined, Colours was the brainchild of GARY MONTGOMERY & JACK DALTON, two hard-working, former MOTOWN songwriters who also penned songs for THE TURTLES, NINO & APRIL and THE MOON. This magical mystery tour-de-force of psychedelic Beatlesque pop also features the talents of DEREK & THE DOMINOS’ bassist CARL RADLE.

This first-ever CD issue of their long-out-of-print albums (Colours and Atmosphere) is supplemented by long-lost ’67 Dalton & Montgomery recordings cut just months before they formed Colours. 1969’s Atmosphere features former BEACH BOY DAVID MARKS around the same time he was a member of THE MOON—another band with many connections to Colours.

The 16-page colour booklet also includes rare, unpublished photos and comprehensive liner notes that feature the participation of original band members.

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