Rocking And Crying The Blues 1951- 57 - Five Keys

Rocking And Crying The Blues 1951- 57
The 5 Keys were a ‘Groups' Group’. Formed as early as 1945, as The Sentimental four, they were inevitably influenced by The Mills Brothers and The Ink Spots. In early 1949, they decided to change their sound, adding second tenor Edwin Hall as a fifth member. They developed their breathtaking ‘floating tenor' sound, which influenced every vocal group to come. The Five Keys enjoyed scores of R&B hits in the 1950s, and they are all here, along with a treasure trove of unreleased genius sides. This first time collection of this legendary group is a veritable jewel in Rev Ola's know you want it!
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Rocking And Crying The Blues / Love My Loving / Old Macdonald / How Do You Expect Me To Get It? / Too Late Baby / Going Downtown / How Could You Do This To Me? / Why Oh Why / I'm So High / Come Go My Bail, Louise / Serve Another Round / Can't Keep From Crying / Hucklebuck With Jimmy / How Long / Lonesome Old Story / Teeth And Tongue Will Get You Hung / I'll Follow You / Lawdy Miss Mary / When Will My Troubles End? / That's Right! / Now Don't That Prove I Love You? / Wisdom Of A Fool / It's A Groove! / Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind / My Pigeon's Gone / I Dreamt I Dwelt In Heaven / She's The Most! / I Wish I'd Never Learned To Read / The Verdict / From The Bottom Of My Heart
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