A Gift From Euphoria - Euphoria

A Gift From Euphoria
In 1969, Capitol Records in their wisdom pumped rather large sums into a number of groups, to be released on their new-style green label...Gandalf, Food, The Common People, and perhaps the oddest and best, Euphoria Universally known as Capitols follies, these groups all made a particular type of music, caught between Pet Sounds and Prog, that no one seemed to get...until now. Euphoria had formed in Texas as part of the scene which gave us The 13th Floor Elevators...but by the time they descended on Hollywood, London, and Nashville and produced this album with the enigmatic Nik Venet (a man responsible for acts from the Beach Boys to Fred Neil) they were far, far away from the garage...yes indeed...a collage of lush, sweeping orchestration, sound effects and abrupt, disturbing transitions of style, it may take you by surprise as much today as it did audiences in the day...with much of the lyrical content appearing to deal with heavy drug use and acts of suicide...these boys were not messing!! Until today, the group themselves have remained elusive, giving rise to the most bizarre and spurious tales of death, unacceptable behaviour, and sex change surgery...Now, here for the first time is the full, untold story, and the unique, unrepeatable sound of Euphoria. This album has been completely remastered from original tapes in a style befitting it's epic sweep! With a lavish fold-out booklet with the full, never before told true story of Euphoria and never before published pictures of the fabled sessions and In depth notes by Tim Forster featuring interviews with band members this is a classic re-presented in true Rev-Ola style!
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