Klatu Berrada Niktu - Dependables

Klatu Berrada Niktu
It's the morning after the big night out which was West Coast psychedelia, and everybody and his brother, old uncle Gram Parsons and all, are rediscovering their roots...especially the blend theorised by Gram, Brandon De Wilde and Barry Tashian, and played in scuzzy clubs by Delaney and Bramlett and the original Flying Burrito Brothers, later to be dubbed "Cosmic American Music"..… the crash collision between Bakersfield country, southern soul, and the club R&B everybody started their career with.....no exception to this roots movement are the psychedelic band par excellence, The Blues Magoos! Playing through their last shows and sessions, Ralph Scala, Ronnie Gilbert and new member, Joey Stec, formerly of the Millennium, let the groups latent love of soul take centre stage....acting like a cross between the Blues Brothers on a mission from God, and Dexy's Midnight Runners (also on a mission from God!).....as the group breathed it's last, the trio opted to carry on as..The Dependables!....with the aid of friends from John Nuese of the International Submarine Band, Randy Naylor of the Poor, and Jon Brumley of The Stone Canyon Band to top players like Chuck Blackwell, future Derek and The Dominoes bassist Carl Radle, and former Ikette and inspiration behind The Stones "Brown Sugar" Claudia Linnear, they cut as full-on and greasy a slice of updated soul as you'd want to hear Where others took a road that led to Country Rock, these Dependables fellows were going stright on to Memphis!.....with a bunch of powerful originals, and a couple of well chosen covers (Ike Turner and Hayes and Porter......how can you go wrong?).....had this album been a hit....the future of music in California may have gone entirely differently....but anyhow, the milk has long been spilt, and let's just give thanks that we can now discover one of the greatest unknown post-psych albums.....Klatu Berrada Niktu.....The Dependables! This release contains the full original remastered album for the first time on CD anywhere with artwork by Curt Boettcher/west coast archivist Matt Moring and extensive notes by Joe Foster with Ralph Scala and Joey Stec. A must for all fans of the Blues Magoos and The Millennium, as well as fans and followers of post-psychedelic west coast music, "Cosmic American Music" if you will! Gram Parsons, Nashville West, Delaney And Bonnie, Flying Burrito Brothers etc....one of the true unknown classics in a growing field for collectors!
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Loving you more / Who could you get to love you? / Give me love / Standing here alone / Don't blame me / I don't know / Get it, Get it / Baby don't cry / To do me right / I've got no time / I take what I want
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