Box Of Surprises - Dana Gillespie

Box Of Surprises
In 1964 Dana Gillespie recorded her first single for Pye, with Donovan on guitar and became a regular on the folk circuit along with friends Donovan and David Bowie. She recalls: "I was doing folk because I couldn't afford a band and I hadn't found my musical niche".

In those early years Dana got to know many of the top bands and people in the music business, appearing on Ready Steady Go and other cool TV shows of the era along with the legends of the British pop explosion. Following up our classic reissue of Dana's US-only album, Foolish Seasons, here is the UK only counterpart, 1968's Box Of Surprises! Again featuring the same cast of 1960s Brit Pop legends and morphing seamlessly from her baroque pop and freak-beat styles to sophisticated blues, this album is a perfect companion piece to Box Of Surprises, and is a Long overdue reissue!
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Box Of Surprises / Like I'm A Clown / Taffy / When Darkness Fell / For David, The Next Day / If You're Dreaming / Foolish Seasons / Grecian Ode By Chasing Dreams / I Was A Book / Describing You / I Would Cry / Bonus Tracks - Original Pye Singles / Donna Donna / It's No Use Saying It / Thank You Boy / You're A Heartbreak Man / Pay You Back With Interes / Adam Can You Beat That
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All The Good That's Happening
After scoring a national US hit in mid-1966 with their garage band classic Hey Joe, seminal LA folk-rockers The Leaves moved from local label Mira to Capitol Records. Recorded in the autumn of 1966, All The Good That’s Happening was their major label debut album. However, it proved to be their last recording, with the group splitting up early the following year when founder member Jim Pons quit to join the Turtles.

Unavailable in CD format for nearly two decades, and previously unreleased outside of America, All The Good That’s Happening is now finally given wider exposure. Boasting such lysergic weird-outs as Lemmon Princess and the Byrdsish On The Plane alongside superb, spooked covers of Codine and Donovan s To Try For The Sun, the album can now be seen as a fascinating signpost towards the emerging West Coast sound as, aided by the use of certain chemical substances, the LA folk-rock scene of the mid-1960s slid uneasily into psychedelic territory.

With a lavish 16-page booklet that includes rare photos and a new essay on the band, this Grapefruit label issue is the definitive release of a largely overlooked but pivotal folk-into-psych album.
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Keef Hartley came to prominence as a member of the British R&B group The Artwoods before joining John Mayall'sBluesbreakers in 1967. He contributed to the album Crusade before leaving in 1968 to form the first line-up of his own band. With Gary Thain (bass), Peter Dines (keyboards), Spit James (guitar) and horn section that was a whos who of British jazz (Henry Lowther, Chris Mercer, Lyn Dobson and Harry Beckett), Hartley recorded his first album for Decca'sDeram label in March 1969. Now regarded as a classic of the genre, Halfbreed is a fine example of the fusion of rock, jazz and blues. Our Price: £10.95

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The Battle Of North West Six
Keef Hartley came to prominence as a member of the british R&B group the artwoods before joining John Mayall'sBluesbreakers in 1967. He contributed to the album crusade before leaving in 1968 to form the first line-up of his own band. He recorded his first album, Halfbreed (also re- released this month) for Decca'sDeram label in March 1969. Regarded as a classic of the fusion of rock, jazz and blues, Hartley went one better later in the year by changing the lineup of his band to include gifted guitarist, vocalist and writer Miller Anderson. This new band recorded the wonderful battle of north west six for decca later that year, around the same time they performed at the legendary Woodstock Festival. Unavailable for many years, Esoteric Recordings are pleased to reissue the album with liner notes by Keef Hartley. Our Price: £10.95

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Andy Warhol
Dana Gillespie is nowadays known as a blues/R&B/jazz singer, but in her younger years she had two brief (but impressive) alternative careers. In 1967/68 she made two albums of folk pop, Foolish Seasons and Box Of Surprises. A long time friend and lover of David Bowie, she sang backing vocals on Ziggy Stardust and was signed to Bowie’s management company Mainman. For that company, she made two LPs, the superb Weren’t Born A Man (1973) and Ain’t Gonna Play No Second Fiddle (1974). Despite production from David Bowie, Mick Ronson and Robin Cable, and the support of the best studio musicians of the day, neither album was a hit and Gillespie concentrated on her sex-bomb film career before reinventing herself as a bawdy blues mama in the 1980s. Our Price: £9.95

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September 17 1969
Is there any need for an introduction to Astrud Gilberto? The Girl From Ipanema, who brought the nonchalant 'Vaga' vocal style of the Brasilian New Wave to international attention and launched a thousand indie-girl records and fantasies in a time and place she never imagined....?? Rev-Ola proudly presents the second in our series of Astrud Gilberto's wonderful albums - described as her best album by none other than popmeister Duglas T. Stewart of The BMX Bandits. A move into softpop rendered in her trademark sexy style but with the surprising addition of some pretty funky playing. As her tenure at famed jazz label Verve was running down, her versions of songs by The Beatles, Bee Gees, Margo Guryan and The Doors gave a new slant to her amazing talents. Simply lovely! Our Price: £9.95

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