Don’t You Want A Man like Me - Billy Wright

Don’t You Want A Man like Me
Yes, the Prince Of The Blues, the most genius bona fide 1950s R&B superstar you NEVER heard; ladies and gents we present Billy Wright! Behind the Magnolia curtain, lay a… well, frankly lavender curtain; a world derived in part from the weirdness of the Medecine shows, in which a total one off like Harmonica Frank Floyd could seem quite normal and a culture of sleazy burlesque, strippers, drag acts and open flamboyant homosexuality could flourish in the midst of the segregated South. In this world strode Billy Wright like a colossus; a man whose R&B stylings were legend, who was an immensely influential and big selling artist, and who dressed like Jimi Hendrix, Prince and Kid Creole all in one. In full make up too… and all this in the late 1940s! A huge influence on Little Richard, Elvis, James Brown, and the host of Southern Soulmen who came after, Billy Wright is one of THE blues stylists. Perhaps ignored slightly by the stuffy blues scholar establishment because of his flamboyance and sexuality (bluesmen are supposed to be morose and wear style-free rumpled suits after all!), his close relationship with Little Richard maybe a bit too open to fit comfortably into “Story Of The Blues” type books, but this is Rev-Ola, darn it, and those things only make Billy even more interesting in our eyes! And here for the first time on CD, is his complete run of late 1940s/early 1950s hits; all beautifully remastered in classic RevOla style and wonderfully packaged with full on notes and memorabilia!
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Man's Brand Boogie (Atlanta 1950) / You Satisfy (Savoy 1949) / Billy's Boogie Blues (Savoy 1949)/ After Dark Blues (Savoy 1949) / 'Fore Day Blues (Savoy 1949) / Married Woman's Boogie (Savoy 1950) / Keep Your Hand's On Your Heart (Savoy 1950) / Stacked Deck (Savoy 1950) / Mercy Mercy (Savoy 1950) / Mean Old Wine (Savoy 1950) / Drinkin' And Thinkin' (Savoy 1951) / New Way Of Lovin' (Savoy 1951) / Hey Little Girl (Savoy 1951) / Gotta Find My Baby (Savoy 1950) / When The Wagon Comes (Savoy 1950) / Turn Your Lamp Down Low (Savoy 1951) / If I Didn't Love You So (Savoy 1952) / After Awhile (Savoy 1952) / Four Cold, Cold Walls (Savoy 1953) / I Remember (Savoy 1954) / Live The Life (Savoy 1954) / Every Evening (Savoy 1952) / Let's Be Friends (Peacock 1955) / Don't You Want A Man Like Me? (Peacock 1955) / The Question (Peacock 1955) / Bad Luck, Heartaches And Trouble (Peacock 1955) / Do Something (Live At The Harlem Theatre 1952)
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