Look Inside The Asylum Choir - Asylum Choir

Look Inside The Asylum Choir
Poised between his past as a top Wrecking Crew session man (Phil Spector, The Byrd’s, Sonny And Cher) and assistant to Liberty A&R head Snuff Garret, and his future as a 1970s rock superstar, Leon Russell teamed up with his Texas psych buddy Marc Benno to work with Gene Clark, Harpers Bizarre and Gary Lewis in their new studio, eventually making this unusual and breathtaking album. Intended as a state-of-the- art, quasi-psychedelic statement: from the lead-off 'Welcome To Hollywood' to the bizarre 'suite' 'Episode Containing 3 Songs', 'N/Y. Op.', 'Land of Dog', 'Mr. Henri The Clown', the album attracted rave reviews from all the hip critics, but sadly proved a commercial non-entity. Possibly having a 'offensive' cover didn't help...so we include for your delectation a choice of that, the replacement, and the rather groovy UK cover: can't be bad! Russell, post-Mad Dogs And Englishmen a bona fide superstar, purchased the band's unreleased second album and released it on his own Shelter Records, to rather better sales. Here once more is this amazing lost gem, intensified in Rev Ola style, and ready to work it's magic! A great-lost psychedelic nugget by one of the major rock superstars! Wonderfully re-mastered in the most painstaking RevOla way and with the usual amazing RevOla packaging with very special notes!
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Welcome To Hollywood / Soul Food / Icicle Star Tree / Death Of The Flowers / Indian Style / Episode Containing Three Songs / N.y. Op / Land Of Dog / Mr. Henry the Clown / Thieves In The Choir / Black Sheep Boogaloo
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What’s Bootsy Doin?
Bootsy Collins. As a bassist, singer and songwriter, he has long since passed into legend. A man who made his name by performing with the indomitable JamesBrown in the early 1970s, before becoming part of the immortal Parliament and Funkadelic later the same decade. He’s a rock star in every sense. His sense of humour and driving way of playing was matched by a flamboyant sense of dress.His 1988 What sBootsy Doin ? album saw him back in the groove with old P-Funk buddies George Clinton, Bernie Worrall, Fred Wesley and Gary 'Mudbone' Cooper. After a recording absence of six years, Collins slips right into gear, working with a huge ensemble that of course featured some of his own alter egos. It appeared that little had changed for the man, In that everything that had happened in the funk world while he'd been in semiretirement was ignored, as Collins set out to prove his weird approach to mixing funk, rock and pop was still as potent as ever.The bizarre clash of styles that had made Collins such a style icon in the previous decade is still obvious, and at its best 'What’s Bootsy Doin'?' is just glorious, Check out 'Party On Plastic' and 'Love Song' this is where the man scores highly and often, never standing still long enough for you to second guess him. Our Price: £9.95

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Psychedelic India

If the Sixties was the period when the West's fascination with Indian music and culture blossomed to its fullest extent, then the seeds of that fascination were planted in the previous decade with the release - in both Britain and the United States - of the formative albums by the great emissaries of Indian music, Ali Akbar Khan and Ravi Shankar. Ali Akbar Khan was, and remains, the master of the sarod a 25- stringed instrument of the lute family who, beginning at the age of three, was taught by his father over a period of some 20 years. Among his father s fellow students at one point was the 18-yearold sitar player Ravi Shankar, with whom Ali Akbar came to share a lifelong devotion to teaching and performance around the world, even into his eighties.

As young men, the two learned together like brothers, inspiring each other to greater heights, the celebration of which manifests itself in such jugalbandis (musical duos) as the electrifying performances that are the centrepiece of this edition. Hindustani classical singer Ustad Amir Khan was one of the greatest musicians India has produced. His sublime Raga Marwa (featured here) was described by Ravi Shankar as one of the four or five immortal recordings of the entire world. Half a century has elapsed since these recordings were made, yet the passage of time has done nothing to dim their transcendent beauty. You won t encounter the formal trappings of Western psychedelia but this is music that will transport and elevate and enrich the listener.

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Big Brother Is Watching You : The CBS Recordings Anthology
 Esoteric Recordings are pleased to release a two CD anthology by legendary Ladbroke Grove underground act Skin Alley. Formed in 1969, Skin Alley were part of the infamous CLearwater stable that included fellow acts such as Hawkwind, High TIde and Trees. Skin alley’s infectious fusion of jazz and rock was suited to the time and the band became a regular attraction on the underground festival and concert circuit. Signing to cbs records in the autumn of 1969, the band recorded their debut album with producer dick taylor (former guitarist with the pretty things).Famous for its Policeman cover, the album featured excellent tracks such as Living In Sin, Tell Me, Country Aire & Night Time. Prior to the release of their second album skin alley recorded a soundtrack album for the film Stop Veruschka!About the infamous German model. A wonderful set of music & songs, the album was shelved in favour of a new set of recordings that was released as the album to Pagham & Beyond. This anthology includes all tracks from that second album, plus the entire unreleased Stop Veruschka! Soundtrack. Re-mastered from the original master tapes, Big Brother is watching you is a fine tribute to one of britain’s greatest underground acts of the early 1970s. Our Price: £10.95

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Live And Let Live
•    The band’s first official live album and a UK No.14 hit in 1977
•    A double CD for the price of one!
•    Features versions of classics like "I’m Not In Love” and "Art For Art’s Sake”
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Hearts On Fire

Esoteric Recordings are pleased to release a newly remastered edition of the classic 1976 final album by the legendary Baker Gurvitz Army. Formed by former gun and three man army members Adrian Gurvitz (guitar, vocals), Paul Gurvitz (bass, vocals) and virtuoso drummer Ginger Baker, the Baker Gurvitz Army Recorded three of the finest british rock music of the mid-1970s. The recording of elysian encounter saw the band expanded with the addition of vocalist Mr. Snips(Steve Parsons) and keyboard player Peter Lemer. By the time hearts of fire was recorded John Norman Mitchell had replaced Peter Lemer on keyboards and vibes. Another fine work, the album featured such classic material as flying in and out of stardom , Thirsty For The Blues and Night People . This Esoteric Recordings reissue has been newly remastered and features the live bonus track wotever It Is and booklet with new essay and fully restored artwork.

Our Price: £10.95

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