Strange Flavour - Agnes Strange

Strange Flavour
Picture this: Britain in the pre-punk 1970s…most of the Supergroups of Rock have become too vast and trunk less to mean much to the average music fans in their hearts. An odd time, when the secret master beloved by all was Alex Harvey, and up and down the country, every night, small-time bands kept the spirit alive; playing R&B, Prog, Folk Rock, you name it, they didn't give up the music they loved…but record labels didn't really get it - giving rise to the phenomenon nowadays loved by collectors - the Private Press record. Agnes Strange was one of the best and most unusual (and at the same time archetypal) of these bands. Their private press label was a bizarre joint venture between a major label and a chain of Real Ale pubs. With producer and well-known scholar of 1950s rock' n' roll - Dave Travis at the recording controls, it was never going to be ordinary! Much bootlegged, pirated and faked by collectors' labels, here for the first time, with the full involvement of Dave Travis and the band, is the REAL story of Agnes Strange.
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