Rev-Ola Label Discography

Please find below a list of all releases on the Rev-Ola label:

Gayle McCormick Gayle McCormick CRREV265
5th Dimension The Magic Garden CRREV259
Almanac Singers Which side are you on? CRREV182
Amos Milburn In the 50s ~ Let's Have A Party CRBAND27
Annisteen Allen About To Blow My Top! CRBAND8
Appletree Theatre Playback CRREV287
Arbors Symphonies For Susan CRREV213
Association Waterbeds In Trinidad CRREV214
Astrud Gilberto September 17 1969 CRREV193
Astrud Gilberto & The Walter Wanderley Trio A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness CRREV161
Asylum Choir Look Inside The Asylum Choir CRREV203
Barry Ryan Singing The Songs Of Paul Ryan 1968-69 CRREV115
Beny More El Barbaro Del Ritmo!!! CRREV147
Bergen White For Women Only CRREV56
Bert Somer The Road To Travel CRREV151
Biff Bang Pow The Best Of CRREV28
Big John Greer I'm The Fat Man CRBAND17
Big Maybelle I've Got a Feelin' CRBAND20
Billy Ward & the Dominoes Sixty Minute Man CRREV32
Billy Wright Don’t You Want A Man like Me CRREV145
Blades Of Grass Are Not For Smoking CRREV8
Blind Willie Johnson Nobody's Fault But Mine CRREV224
Bobby "Blue" Bland & Little Junior Parker The Earls Of Duke CRBAND15
Bojoura Night Flight Night Sight CRREV300
Bonnie Dobson Bonnie Dobson CRREV179
Bossa Rio Bossa Rio CRREV277
Boyce & Hart I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight CRREV113
Bronco Bullfrog What People Did before TV CRREV63
Brute Force Extemporaneous & Outtakes CRREV36
Buddy Holly Gotta Roll CRREV174
Burl Ives Songs From The Big Rock Candy Mountain CRREV216
Butterscott Throwing Meatloaf At The Sky CRREV79
Cab Calloway The Hi-De-Ho Man CRREV164
Cake More Of The Cake CRREV222
Canterbury Festival Rain & Shine CRREV33
Captain Beefheart Safe As Milk CRREV271
Carnival Carnival! CRREV75
Cassius Clay I Am The Greatest! CRREV241
Chad & Jeremy Of Cabbages And Kings CRREV275
Chad & Jeremy The Ark CRREV279
Chesapeake Jukebox Band Chesapeake Jukebox CRREV133
Chrysalis Definition CRREV94
Claim Black Path – Retrospective 1985 – 1992 CRREV291
Claudine Longet Hello Hello: The Best Of CRREV119
Dale Hawkins La, Memphis & Tyler, Texas CRREV188
Dana Gillespie Box Of Surprises CRREV245
Dana Gillespie Foolish Seasons CRREV141
Dave Mason Alone Together CRREV251
Dave Mason & Cass Elliot Dave Mason & Cass Elliot CRREV255
David Hemmings Happens! CRREV74
Devils Anvil Hard Rock from The Middle East CRREV282
Doc Pomus Blues In The Red CRREV148
Don & The Goodtimes So Good CRREV142
Earl Bostic And His Alto Sax Let's Ball Tonight! CRREV163
Eartha Kitt That Bad Eartha CRREV228
Ecstasy Of St. Theresa 13 Years In Noises CRREV76
Edu Lobo Edu Lobo CRREV140
Ella Mae Morse In the 50s: Razzle Dazzle CRBAND30
Elvis Presley The Roots Of Elvis Volume 2 CRBAND14
Elvis Presley King Of Western Bop CRREV98
Eric Burdon & The Animals Winds Of Change CRREV246
Eternity's Children Eternity's Children CRREV2
Eugene Kelly Man Alive CRREV124
Euphoria A Gift From Euphoria CRREV55
Evie Sands Anyway That You Want Me CRREV118
Exits (The) The Exits CRREV196
Family Tree Miss Butters CRREV185
Fats Domino The Fat Man’s Frenzy CRREV157
Feminine Complex Livin Love CRREV66
Five Keys Rocking And Crying The Blues 1951- 57 CRBAND22
FJ McMahon Spirit Of The Golden Juice CRREV295
Flamin’ Groovies Flamingo / Teenage Head CRREV273
Fool The Fool CRREV116
Frankie Laine America’s Number One Song Stylist CRREV191
Fred Neil Do You Ever Think Of Me? CRREV47
Fred Neil The Sky Is Falling: The Complete Live Recordings 1963-71 CRREV78
Friends Of Distinction Grazin' / Highly Distinct CRREV205
Fun & Games Elephant Candy CRREV121
Gale Garnett and the Gentle Reign Gale Garnett and the Gentle Reign CRREV257
Gene Page Blacula OST CRREV276
Gene Vincent A Million Shades Of Blue CRREV242
Gene Vincent Born To Be A Rollin’ Stone The Challenge Sessions 1966-68 CRREV266
Gordian Knot The Gordian Knot CRREV186
Grady Martin Roughneck Blues 1949-1956 CRBAND26
Graham Gouldman The Graham Gouldman Thing CRREV210
Grass Roots Where Were You When I Needed You CRREV93
H-Bomb Ferguson Big City Blues 1951-54 CRBAND4
Hank Snow Paving The Highway With Tears CRREV236
Hearts And Flowers The Hearts And Flowers Collection CRREV10
Helen Merrill Helen Merrill / Dream Of You CRREV232
Henri René and His Orchestra Music for Bachelors CRREV223
Hillmen The Hillmen CRREV24
Honeybus Story CRREV249
HP Lovecraft Dreams In The Witch House CRREV88
Innocence (The) The Innocence CRREV308
Ivor Cutler Life In A Scotch Living Room CRREV1
Ivor Cutler Ludo CRREV3
Jasmine Minks The Revenge Of CRREV59
Jawbone Jawbone CRREV195
Jazz Butcher Conspiracy The Jazz Butcher's Free Lunch CRREV54
Jennifer Jennifer CRREV227
Joen and Bing Daybreak CRREV80
John Berberian Middle Eastern rock CRREV254
John Bromley Sing CRREV281
John Jacob Niles My Precarious Life in the Public Domain CRREV138
John Stewart California Bloodlines CRREV215
Johnny Otis Rock Me Baby CRBAND9
July July CRREV243
Kathe Green Run’the Length Of Your Wildness CRREV250
Keith Colley Bird Doggin’ CRREV85
Key Fit Me In CRREV211
Knack Time Time Time CRREV199
Kursaal Flyers Golden Mile / 5 Live Kursaals CRREV293
Last Poets When The Revolution Comes CRREV90
Laura Nyro More Than A New Discovery CRREV233
Laura Nyro and Labelle Gonna Take A Miracle CRREV296
Leadbelly The Mount Everest Of Blues Singers CRREV178
Lee Dorsey Ride Your Pony CRREV298
Lee Dorsey The New Lee Dorsey CRREV303
Lemon Pipers Love Beads And Meditation CRREV264
Les Baxter Ritual Of The Savage/The Passions CRREV171
Link Davis Gumbo Ya-Ya - The Best Of 1948-58 CRREV252
Lisa Mychols Sweet Sinsation CRREV72
Loft Magpie Eyes: 1982-85 CRREV122
Lollipop Shoppe Just Colour CRREV256
Lord Invader Master Stickfighter In New York CRREV150
Lori Burton Breakout CRREV128
Louis Jordan The Aladdin, X" and Vik Recordings 1953-55" CRBAND2
Louis Jordan Rock Doc! Louis Jordan on Mercury 1956-57 CRREV244
Lucky Millinder Let it Roll Again! CRBAND7
Mae West The Fabulous Mae West CRREV181
Maffitt & Davies The Rise And Fall Of Honesty CRREV301
Majority The Decca Years 1965-68 CRREV288
Marianne Faithfull Come My Way CRREV229
Mario Telles Mario Telles CRREV226
Mark Wirtz Love Is Egg Shaped CRREV89
Martin Denny Exotica CRREV101
Martin Denny Exotica Vol 2 CRREV102
Martin Denny Forbidden Island CRREV104
Martin Denny Exotica Vol III CRREV105
Martin Denny Afro-Desia CRREV108
Maya Angelou Miss Calypso CRREV22
Merry Go Round Listen Listen – Definitive Collection CRREV110
Michaelangelo One Voice Many CRREV294
Mickey Baker In The 50s: Hit, Git & Split CRBAND29
Moon Without Earth and the Moon CRREV9
Mort Shuman My Death CRREV290
Neil Diamond Velvet Gloves and Spit CRREV238
New Folk Routes Various Artists CRREV237
Nick Garrie-Hamilton The Lost Songs Of Nick Garrie-Hamilton CRREV183
October Country October Country CRREV51
Octopus Restless Night : The Complete Pop-Psych Sessions 1967-71 CRREV180
Octopus Restless Night CRREV180
Patti Dahlstrom Emotion : The Music of Patti Dahlstrom CRREV299
Paul & Barry Ryan Collection CRREV109
Paul & Barry Ryan Two Of A Kind CRREV268
Paul Revere & The Raiders Hungry For Kicks – Singles and Choice Cuts 1965 – 69 CRREV284
Paul Robeson The Man They Couldn't Silence CRREV208
Peanut Butter Conspiracy For Children Of All Ages CRREV253
Pearls A String Of Pearl CRREV96
Peggy Lee Moon Flowers CRREV212
Peppermint Rainbow Will You Be Staying After Sunday? CRREV263
Percy Mayfield The Voice Within CRBAND18
Pete Astor Injury Time CRREV123
Piano Red Diggin' The Boogie 1950-1956 CRBAND28
Pozo-Seco Singers Time For…The Best Of The 1966 Recordings CRREV272
Q65 Nothing But Trouble - The Best Of CRREV258
Quick Untold Rock Stories CRREV30
Rainbow Ffolly Sallies Fforth CRREV112
Ramsey Lewis Trio In Person Volume 1: 1960-65 CRREV221
Ramsey Lewis Trio In Person Volume 2 : 1965-67 CRREV235
Ray Charles Sinner’s Prayers CRREV117
Revolving Paint Dream Flowers In The Sky CRREV184
Rita Lee Hoje É O Primeriro Dia Do Resto Da Sua Vida CRREV154
Robert Mitchum Calypso - Is Like So CRREV26
Roger Nichols Small Circle Of Friends CRREV86
Rokes (The) Let’s Live For Today: The Rokes In English 1966-68 CRREV262
Ruth Brown & LaVern Baker Wild Wild Women CRREV149
Sagittarius Present Tense CRREV283
Sandy Salisbury Sandy CRREV111
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins The Whamee - Screamin' Jay Hawkins 1953-1955 CRREV169
Scruffs Wanna Meet The Scruffs? CRREV11
Scruffs Teenage Girls CRREV19
Sebastian Cabot Sebastian Cabot, Actor… Bob Dylan, Poet CRREV198
Shacklefords The Shacklefords Sing CRREV270
Shadows Of Knight Shake! CRREV274
Shorty Featuring Georgie Fame Shorty Featuring Georgie Fame CRREV307
Skip James I’d Rather Be The Devil: The Legendary 1931 Session CRREV192
Smiley Lewis Mama Don't Like It! 1950-56 CRBAND24
Solomon Burke Proud Mary CRREV187
Som Imaginario Som Imaginario CRREV144
Stone Country Stone Country CRREV230
Sugar Chile Robinson Go Boy Go! CRBAND23
Sundowners Captain Nemo CRREV201
Sundragon Listen To The Sky: The Complete Recordings 1964-69 CRREV176
Sunshine Company Sunshine Company CRREV13
Susan Carter Wondeful Dreams And Adventures CRREV260
Tee And Cara As They Are CRREV289
Them Now And Them CRREV29
Them Time Out Time In for Them CRREV52
Them Them Belfast Gypsies CRREV49
Thomas & Richard Frost Visualise CRREV4
Tiny Bradshaw Heavy Juice 1950 - 55 CRBAND3
Tokens Both Sides Now CRREV261
Tokens Intercourse CRREV37
Tommy Flanders The Moonstone CRREV206
Tommy James Tommy James CRREV292
Tommy James and The Shondells Crystal Blue Symphonies: The Psychedelic Years CRREV280
Tommy Roe Paisley Dreams: The Pop Psych Sounds Of…. CRREV269
Tradewinds (The) Excursions CRREV305
Treniers This Is It! CRREV248
Triste Janero Meet Triste Janero CRREV43
Tuesday's Children Strange Light From The East CRREV209
TV21 Snakes And Ladders, Almost Complete: 1980-82 CRREV302
Twin Engine Twin Engine CRREV57
Tymon Dogg The Bitter Thoughts Of Tymon Dogg: A Collection 1968-2009 CRREV306
Various Artists Chart Toppin’ Doo Woppin’ Volume 2 CRREV125
Various Artists The Revola Rock Machine Turns You On CRREV200
Various Artists Psychedelic Jumble Volume One: What's The Rush Time Machine Man? CRREV217
Various Artists Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth CRREV304
Various Artists Rock You Sinners CRBAND10
Various artists Night Time Music-The BT Puppy Story CRREV38
Various Atists Rock-Ola: A Rev-Ola Rock 'n' Roll Sampler Volume 1 CRBAND1
Vince Martin If the Jasmine Don’t Get You… The Bay Breeze Will CRREV139
Weather Prophets Judges, Juries And Horsemen CRREV83
Weavers Hard, Ain't It Hard - (The Weavers Greatest Songs) CRREV202
Wondermints Mind If We Make Love To You CRREV67
Wynonie "Mr Blues" Harris Rock Mr Blues! CRBAND19
Yma Sumac Voice Of Xtabay CRREV27
Yma Sumac Mambo And More CRREV175
Zalman Yanovsky Alive and Well In Argentina CRREV297

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