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Agnes Strange : Strange Flavour (CRREV207)
Almanac Singers : Which side are you on? (CRREV182)
Alzo & Udine : C'mon & Join Us (CRREV218)
Amos Milburn : In the 50s - Let's Have A Party (CRBAND27)
Annisteen Allen : About To Blow My Top! (CRBAND8)
Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup : Gonna Be Some Changes 1946-54 (CRREV240)
Astrud Gilberto : September 17 1969 (CRREV193)
Astrud Gilberto & The Walter Wanderley Trio : A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness (CRREV161)
Barry Ryan : Singing The Songs Of Paul Ryan 1968-69 (CRREV115)
Beny More : El Barbaro Del Ritmo!!! (CRREV147)
Bergen White : For Women Only (CRREV56)
Bert Sommer : The Road To Travel (CRREV151)
Bessie Smith : Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out (CRREV220)
Big Bill Broonzy : Rockin' In Chicago 1949-53 (CRBAND16)
Big Joe Turner : Flip, Flop & Fly (CRREV158)
Big John Greer : I'm The Fat Man (CRBAND17)
Big Maybelle : I've Got a Feelin' (CRBAND20)
Bill Haley : For Dancers Onl (CRREV95)
Billy Ward & The Dominoes : 60 Minute Man (CRREV32)
Billy Wright : Don’t You Want A Man like Me (CRREV145)
BMX Bandits : My Chain (CRREV166)
Bobby "Blue" Bland & Little Junior Parker : The Earls Of Duke (CRBAND15)
Bonnie Dobson : Bonnie Dobson (CRREV179)
Bossa Rio : Bossa Rio (CRREV277)
Boyce & Hart : I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight (CRREV113)
Bronco Bullfrog : What People Did Before TV (CRREV63)
Brute Force : Extemporaneous & Outtakes (CRREV36)
Buddy & Ella Johnson : Gotta Go Upside Your Head (CRBAND6)
Burl Ives : Songs From The Big Rock Candy Mountain (CRREV216)
Butterscott : Throwing Meatloaf At The Sky (CRREV79)
Cab Calloway : The Hi-De-Ho Man (CRREV164)
Captain Beefheart : Safe As Milk (CRREV271)
Cassius Clay : I Am The Greatest! (CRREV241)
Charles Brown : Groovy (CRBAND13)
Chesapeake Jukebox Band : Chesapeake Jukebox (CRREV133)
Chris Lucey : Songs Of Protest And Anti-Protest (CRREV7)
Chrysalis : Definition (CRREV94)
Chuck & Mary Perrin : Kin/Next Of Kin (CRREV60)
Chuck & Mary Perrin : Life Is A Stream (CRREV114)
Claudine Longet : Hello Hello: The Best Of (CRREV119)
Clyde McPhatter : The Genius Of Clyde McPhatter (CRREV92)
Curt Boettcher : Chicken Little Was Right (CRREV73)
Dale Hawkins : La, Memphis & Tyler, Texas (CRREV188)
Dana Gillespie : Box Of Surprises (CRREV245)
Dana Gillespie : Foolish Dreams (CRREV141)
Dave Mason : Alone Together (CRREV251)
Dave Mason & Cass Elliot : Dave Mason & Cass Elliot (CRREV255)
David Hemmings : Happens! (CRREV74)
Deep Six : Deep Six (CRREV46)
Doc Pomus : Blues In The Red (CRREV148)
Don & The Goodtimes : So Good (CRREV142)
Dr Samuel J Hoffman : Waves In The Ether: Electronic Music 1947-49 (CRREV58)
Earl Bostic : Let's Ball Tonight! (CRREV163)
Eartha Kitt : That Bad Eartha (CRREV228)
Edu Lobo : Edu Lobo (CRREV140)
Ella Mae Morse : In the 50s: Razzle Dazzle (CRBAND30)
Elvis Presley : The Roots Of Elvis Volume 1 (CRREV99)
Elvis Presley : King Of Western Bop (CRREV98)
Elvis Presley : The Memphis Flash (CRREV137)
Elvis Presley : The Complete Sun Sessions (CRREV136)
Elvis Presley : The Roots Of Elvis Volume 2 (CRBAND14)
Eric Burdon & The Animals : Winds Of Change (CRREV246)
Eternity’s Children : Timeless (CRREV97)
Eternity’s Children : Eternity’s Children (CRREV91)
Eternity's Children : Eternity's Children (CRREV2)
Eugene Kelly : Man Alive (CRREV124)
Euphoria : A Gift From Euphoria (CRREV55)
Everpresent Fullness : Fine and Dandy (CRREV39)
Evie Sands : Estate Of Mind (CRREV153)
Evie Sands : Anyway That You Want Me (CRREV118)
Fats Domino : The Fat Man’s Frenzy (CRREV157)
FJ McMahon : Spirit Of The Golden Juice (CRREV295)
Flamin’ Groovies : Flamingo / Teenage Head (CRREV273)
Frankie Laine : America’s Number One Song Stylist (CRREV191)
Fred Neil : The Sky Is Falling: The Complete Live Recordings 1963-71 (CRREV78)
Fred Neil : Do You Ever Think Of Me? (CRREV47)
Fun & Games : Elephant Candy (CRREV121)
Gale Garnett and the Gentle Reign : Gale Garnett and the Gentle Reign (CRREV257)
Gayle McCormick : Gayle McCormick (CRREV265)
Gene Page : Blacula OST (CRREV276)
Gene Vincent : Born To Be A Rollin’ Stone The Challenge Sessions 1966-68 (CRREV266)
Gene Vincent : A Million Shades Of Blue (CRREV242)
Grady Martin : Roughneck Blues 1949-1956 (CRBAND26)
Graham Gouldman : The Graham Gouldman Thing (CRREV210)
H-Bomb Ferguson : Big City Blues 1951-54 (CRBAND4)
Hearts And Flowers : The Hearts And Flowers Collection (CRREV10)
Helen Merrill : Helen Merrill / Dream Of You (CRREV232)
Henri René and His Orchestra : Music for Bachelors (CRREV223)
Honeybus : Story (CRREV249)
Horses : Horses (CRREV41)
Ivor Cutler : Ludo (CRREV3)
Ivor Cutler : Life In A Scotch Sitting Room (CRREV1)
Jackie Brenston : The Mistreater (CRBAND25)
Jasmine Minks : The Revenge Of Jasmine Minks - Best Of The Creation Years (CRREV59)
Jawbone : Jawbone (CRREV195)
Jennifer : Jennifer (CRREV227)
Joe & Bing : Daybreak (CRREV80)
John Berberian : Middle Eastern rock (CRREV254)
John Bromley : Sing (CRREV281)
John Carter : A Rose By Any Other Name (CRREV84)
John Jacob Niles : My Precarious Life in the Public Domain (CRREV138)
John Stewart : California Bloodlines (CRREV215)
Johnny Otis : Rock Me Baby (CRBAND9)
July : July (CRREV243)
Kathe Green : Run’the Length Of Your Wildness (CRREV250)
Keith Colley : Bird Doggin’ (CRREV85)
Kursaal Flyers : Golden Mile / 5 Live Kursaals (CRREV293)
Laura Nyro : More Than A New Discovery (CRREV233)
Leadbelly : The Mount Everest Of Blues Singers (CRREV178)
Leah Kunkel : Leah Kunkel (CRREV167)
Lee Dorsey : The New Lee Dorsey (CRREV303)
Les Baxter : Ritual Of The Savage/The Passions (CRREV171)
Link Davis : Gumbo Ya-Ya - The Best Of 1948-58 (CRREV252)
Lisa Mychols : Sweet Sinsation (CRREV72)
Lisa Mychols : Lost Winter's Dream (CRREV17)
Little Richard : Get Rich Quick (CRREV130)
Little Walter : Stray Dog Blues (CRBAND5)
Liverpool Echo : The Liverpool Echo (CRREV131)
Liz Damon : Liz Damon’s Orient Express (CRREV40)
Lord Invader : Master Stickfighter In New York (CRREV150)
Lori Burton : Breakout (CRREV128)
Lou Christie : Paint America Love (CRREV267)
Louis Jordan : Rock Doc! Louis Jordan on Mercury 1956-57 (CRREV244)
Louis Jordan : The Aladdin, "X" and Vik Recordings 1953-55 (CRBAND2)
Love Generation : Let The Good Times Roll (CRREV15)
Lucky Millinder : Let it Roll Again! (CRBAND7)
Lulu : Something To Shout About (CRREV239)
Mae West : The Fabulous Mae West (CRREV181)
Marianne Faithfull : Come My Way (CRREV229)
Mario Telles : Mario Telles (CRREV226)
Mark Eric : A Midsummer's Day (CRREV18)
Mark Wirtz : Love Is Egg Shaped (CRREV89)
Mars Bonfire : Faster Than The Speed of Life (CRREV225)
Martin Denny : The Exotic Sounds Of Martin Denny (CRREV21)
Martin Denny : Afro-Desia (CRREV108)
Martin Denny : Quiet Village (CRREV107)
Martin Denny : Hypnotique (CRREV106)
Martin Denny : Exotica Vol III (CRREV105)
Martin Denny : Forbidden Island (CRREV104)
Martin Denny : Primitiva (CRREV103)
Martin Denny : Exotica Vol 2 (CRREV102)
Martin Denny : Exotica (CRREV101)
Marty Robbins : Rockin' Robbins! (CRBAND12)
Maya Angelou : Miss Calypso (CRREV22)
Merrilee Rush : Angel Of The Morning (The Complete Bell Recordings) (CRREV143)
Mickey Baker : In The 50s: Hit, Git & Split (CRBAND29)
Mort Shuman : My Death (CRREV290)
Mortimer : Mortimer (CRREV172)
Nancy Priddy : You’ve Come That Way Before (CRREV134)
Neil Diamond : Velvet Gloves and Spit (CRREV238)
New Folk Routes : Various Artists (CRREV237)
Nick Garrie : The Nightmare Of JB Stanislas (CRREV135)
Nick Garrie-Hamilton : The Lost Songs Of Nick Garrie-Hamilton (CRREV183)
Nino & April : All Strung Out (CRREV42)
Noel Harrison : Noel Harrison (CRREV247)
October Country : October Country (CRREV51)
Octopus : Restless Night (CRREV180)
Oscar Toney Jr : For Your Precious Love (CRREV155)
Paul & Barry Ryan : Two Of A Kind (CRREV268)
Paul Revere & The Raiders : Hungry For Kicks - Singles and Choice Cuts 1965 - 69 (CRREV284)
Paul Robeson : The Man They Couldn't Silence (CRREV208)
Peanut Butter Conspiracy : For Children Of All Ages (CRREV253)
Peggy Lee : Moon Flowers (CRREV212)
Percy Mayfield : The Voice Within (CRBAND18)
Perez Prado : Primal! - The Mambo King (CRREV68)
Pete Astor : Injury Time (CRREV123)
Piano Red : Diggin' The Boogie 1950-1956 (CRBAND28)
Price & Walsh : Temptation Eyes: The Price & Walsh Songbook (CRREV156)
Q65 : Nothing But Trouble - The Best Of (CRREV258)
Rainbow Ffolly : Sallies Fforth (CRREV112)
Randy Edelman : A Man And His Piano (CRREV35)
Ray Charles : Sinner’s Prayers (CRREV117)
Revolving Paint Dream : Flowers In The Sky: The Enigma Of The Revolving Paint Dream (CRREV184)
Rita Lee : Vamos Tratar Da Saude (CRREV154)
Robert Mitchum : Calypso - Is Like So… (CRREV26)
Rockin’ Horse : Yes It Is (CRREV70)
Roger Nichols : Small Circle Of Friends (CRREV86)
Ruth Brown & LaVern Baker : Wild Wild Women (CRREV149)
Sagittarius : Present Tense (CRREV283)
Sandy Salisbury : Falling To Pieces (CRREV5)
Sandy Salisbury : Sandy (CRREV111)
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins : The Whamee - Screamin' Jay Hawkins 1953-1955 (CRREV169)
Sebastian Cabot : Sebastian Cabot, Actor… Bob Dylan, Poet (CRREV198)
Shadows Of Knight : Shake! (CRREV274)
Shaun Harris : Shaun Harris (CRREV127)
Simon Stokes & The Nighthawks : Simon Stokes & The Nighthawks (CRREV219)
Skip James : I’d Rather Be The Devil: The Legendary 1931 Session (CRREV192)
Smiley Lewis : Mama Don't Like It! 1950-56 (CRBAND24)
Solomon Burke : Proud Mary (CRREV187)
Stone Country : Stone Country (CRREV230)
Sugar Chile Robinson : Go Boy Go! (CRBAND23)
Sundragon : Listen To The Sky: The Complete Recordings 1964-69 (CRREV176)
Susan Carter : Wondeful Dreams And Adventures (CRREV260)
Tee And Cara : As They Are (CRREV289)
The 5th Dimension : The Magic Garden (CRREV259)
The Appletree Theatre : Playback (CRREV287)
The Arbors : Symphonies For Susan (CRREV213)
The Association : Waterbeds In Trinidad (CRREV214)
The Asylum Choir : Look Inside The Asylum Choir (CRREV203)
The Blades Of Grass : Are Not For Smoking (CRREV8)
The Cake : More Of Cake (CRREV222)
The Canterbury Music Festival : Rain & Shine (CRREV33)
The Carnival : Carnival! (CRREV75)
The Claim : Black Path - Retrospective 1985 - 1992 (CRREV291)
The Clique : Varesse Paid (CRREV162)
The Clovers : Your Cash Ain’t Nothin’ But Trash…The Greatest Hits Of The Clovers 1951-55 (CRREV146)
The Dentists : Some People Are On The Pitch They Think Its All Over It Is Now (CRREV120)
The Dependables : Klatu Berrada Niktu (CRREV50)
The Devils Anvil : Hard Rock from The Middle East (CRREV282)
The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa : 13 Years In Noises (CRREV76)
The Exits : The Exits (CRREV196)
The Family Tree : Miss Butters (CRREV185)
The Feminine Complex : Livin’ Love (CRREV66)
The Five Keys : Rocking And Crying The Blues 1951- 57 (CRBAND22)
The Fool : The Fool (CRREV116)
The Forum : The River Is Wide (CRREV14)
The Friends Of Distinction : Grazin' / Highly Distinct (CRREV205)
The Gordian Knot : The Gordian Knot (CRREV186)
The Grass Roots : Where Were You When I Needed You (CRREV93)
The Gremlins : The Coming Generation (CRREV65)
The Hard Times : Blew Mind (CRREV45)
The Hillmen : The Hillmen (CRREV24)
The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy : The Jazz Butcher’s Free Lunch! (The best Of The Creation Records Years) (CRREV54)
The Key : Fit Me In (CRREV211)
The Knack : Time Time Time (CRREV199)
The Last Poets : When The Revolution Comes (CRREV90)
The Majority : The Decca Years 1965-68 (CRREV288)
The Merry Go Round : Listen Listen - Definitive Collection (CRREV110)
The Millennium : Voices Of Millennium (CRREV16)
The Moon : Without Earth and the Moon (CRREV9)
The New Colony Six : Sides (CRREV231)
The Pearls : A String Of Pearl (CRREV96)
The Peppermint Rainbow : Will You Be Staying After Sunday? (CRREV263)
The Quick : Alphabetaism (CRREV30)
The Ramsey Lewis Trio : In Person Volume 2 : 1965-67 (CRREV235)
The Ramsey Lewis Trio : In Person Volume 1 : 1960-65 (CRREV221)
The Rockets : The Rockets (CRREV168)
The Scruffs : Teenage Gurls (CRREV19)
The Scruffs : Wanna Meet The Scruffs? (CRREV11)
The Shacklefords : The Shacklefords Sing (CRREV270)
The Sparrow : The Complete CBS Recordings 1966-67 (CRREV234)
The Sundowners : Captain Nemo (CRREV201)
The Sunshine Company : Sunshine Company (CRREV13)
The Telescopes : “#” The Untitled Second Album (CRREV81)
The Telescopes : Taste (CRREV152)
The Thanes : Evolver (CRREV69)
The Third Rail : ID Music (CRREV48)
The Treniers : This Is It! (CRREV248)
The Weavers : Hard, Ain't It Hard - (The Weavers Greatest Songs) (CRREV202)
The Weavers : The Carnegie Hall Concert (Americana/Unamerican? Volume 3) (CRREV165)
The Young Idea : With A Little Help From My Friends (CRREV278)
Them : Time Out! Time In For Them (CRREV52)
Them : Them Belfast Gypsies (CRREV49)
Them : Now And Them (CRREV29)
Thomas & Richard Frost : Visualize (CRREV4)
Tibi Lubin : I Don’t See You As A Dead Girl (CRREV61)
Tiny Bradshaw : Heavy Juice 1950 - 55 (CRBAND3)
Tokens : Intercourse (CRREV37)
Tokens : Both Sides Now (CRREV261)
Tommy Flanders : The Moonstone (CRREV206)
Tommy James : Tommy James (CRREV292)
Tommy Roe : Paisley Dreams: The Pop Psych Sounds Of…. (CRREV269)
Tony Hazzard : Tony Hazzard - Sings Tony Hazzard (CRREV190)
Triste Janero : Meet Triste Janero (CRREV43)
Tuesday's Children : Strange Light From The East (CRREV209)
Turquoise : The Further Adventures Of Flossie Fillett (CRREV160)
TV21 : Snakes And Ladders, Almost Complete: 1980-82 (CRREV302)
Twin Engine : Twin Engine (CRREV57)
Various Artists : White Whale - Volume 2 (CRREV82)
Various Artists : White Whale Rarities...In The Garden - Phantom Jukebox Vol 2 (CRREV44)
Various Artists : The BT PUPPY Story (CRREV38)
Various Artists : Psychedelic Jumble Volume One: What's The Rush Time Machine Man? (CRREV217)
Various Artists : Zoot Suit Riot! R&B Instrumentals (CRREV132)
Various Artists : Chart Toppin’ Doo Woppin’ Volume 2 (CRREV126)
Various Artists : Chart Toppin’ Doo Woppin’ Volume 1 (CRREV125)
Various Artists : Laughin' At The Blues (CRBAND11)
Various Artists : Rock You Sinners (CRBAND10)
Various Artists - Country : Country Goes Rock N Roll Vol 2 (CRREV170)
Various Artists - Country : Hillbilly Goes Rock ‘n’ Roll Vol 1 (CRREV129)
Various Artists - Country : Country Goes Rock'n'roll Vol 3 (CRBAND21)
Various Artists - Rock Machine : The Revola Rock Machine Turns You On (CRREV200)
Vince Martin : If the Jasmine Don’t Get You… The Bay Breeze Will (CRREV139)
Wanda De Sah : Softly (CRREV71)
Weather Prophets : Judges, Juries And Horsemen (CRREV83)
Wondermints : Mind If We Make Love To You (CRREV67)
Woody Guthrie : Hard Travelin Man (CRREV204)
Wynonie "Mr Blues" Harris : Rock Mr Blues! (CRBAND19)
Yma Sumac : Voice Of Xtabay (CRREV27)
Yma Sumac : Mambo And More (CRREV175)

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