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Released on 07/09/09. Peter Wyngarde’s masterful
portrayal of the TV sleuth/crime-writing sex monster JASON KING was
created for ITC’s Department S show in 1968, resplendent in a
collar-and-tie of raw pink silk, and a suit that made heads turn round!When
it came to the obligatory spin-off album however, nothing you d heard
before could possibly have prepared you for Wyngarde’s1970 vinyl
love-letter. A collection of contemporary standards it most certainly
was not. The album included songs which exploded into rampant rages of
male sexuality, couched in an aesthetic abandon that set off alarm bells
even in those permissive times. The record’s outrageousness often
overwhelms what would still be one of the more bizarre episodes in
popular music.

Come In / You Wonder How These Things Began / Rape /
La Ronde De L'Amour / Jenny Kissed Me / The Way I Cry Over You /
Unknown Citizen / It's When I Touch You / Hippie and The Skinhead / Try
To Remember To Forget (Riviera Cowboy) / Jenny Kissed Me And It Was/// /
Widdecombe Fair / Neville Thumbcatch / Once Again (Flight Number / ) /
Pay No Attention / April
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