The “original” recording – “In Heaven” by The Meteors is regarded by all as the original and best Psychobilly album of all time

The CD has been unavailable for a number of years and is very hard to find and is a very much sought after album, fetching in excess of £60 on the internet.

The Meteors are fast approaching the 25th anniversary of their formation and even to this day they remain the undisputed “Kings Of Psychobilly.”

1. In Heaven

2. Shout So Loud

3. Earwigs In My Brain

4. In The Cards

5. Attack Of The Zorch Men

6. The Crazed

7. Get Off Of My Cloud

8. Love You To Death

9. Teenagers From Outer Space

10. Maniac

11. Into The Darkness

12. Death Dance

13. Psycho For Your Love

14. The Room

15. Rockabilly Psychosis
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