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Meet Ginny Arnell
Ginny Arnell isn't exactly a household name among girl group acts in the manner of, say Lesley Gore or the Chiffons but she certainly left her mark on the field with several songs, most notably ‘Dumbhead' and ‘I Wish I Knew What Dress to Wear', both of which remain classics of this charming genre. Ginny's credits were actually pretty substantial – a regular member of the cast of Youth On Parade, a children's show broadcast during the early-to-mid 50s and a one-time partner of Gene Pitney in a duo called Jamie & Jane who recorded for Decca (American) circa 1959.

After an audition with the legendary Danny Davis, she then re-surfaced in 1963 as a solo act on MGM Records with her first single ‘I'm Crying Too' b/w ‘Trouble's Back In Town' and then struck gold in late 1963 with a self-deprecating single - co-written by David Hess and Camille Monte - called ‘Dumb Head'.

This gorgeous record was an immediate smash in the United States and proved to be the perfect entree into the international market (Ginny even recorded the song in Japanese!). As the popularity of ‘Dumb Head' began to spread, Ginny went on cross-country promotion tours and radio and TV disc jockeys across the USA were delighted to see her. Then in early 1964, she re-emerged with ‘I Wish I Knew What Dress to Wear', and then ‘Let Me Make You Smile Again', and all of these fine recordings made Ginny's debut album "Meet Ginny Arnell" - recorded in Nashville.

Several more singles followed and Ginny worked with another notable producer/ musician/song-writer during this time – Chip Taylor. Poker records are proud to present the entire album and all of the non-album MGM singles that Ginny recorded during the halcyon days of 1963>1965. The package also includes a full-colour booklet, positively bursting with label-repros and some highly-informative and entertaining notes by genre expert Mick Patrick.

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I Wish I Knew What Dress To Wear / I'm So Afraid Of Loving You / Watch What You Do With My Baby / How Many Times Can One Heart Break / Dumbhead / Portrait Of A Fool / He's My Little Devil / Yesterday's Memories / Let Me Make You Smile Again / You Pulled A Fast One / This Is Mine / I Don't Want You This Way / I'm Crying Too / Trouble's Back In Town / Just Like A Boy / B-i-l-l why? / A Little Bit Of Love Can Hurt / I'm Getting Mad
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