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About Cherry Red Songs

Cherry Red Songs is a young publisher with a lot of history. Being a division of long-established and successful independent record label Cherry Red Records, Cherry Red Songs is closely linked with the proud independent tradition and values that the Record Company is built on.

Cherry Red Songs is a growing and ambitious publisher. We have an excellent global sub-publishing network and efficient royalty collection systems in place. We have in-depth knowledge of music publishing and the music industry as a whole. We share the same passion about music as the writers we represent.

Our ethos and mission is to be the best publisher for songwriters in the UK and the world. We aspire to be an organisation that can represent any songwriter's needs without a bias over reputation or number of hits; we aspire to be able to look after the 'big' and the 'small' writers. We want to focus on every writer and their songs and develop them as far as it is possible to go.

Cherry Red Songs contains an ever-growing catalogue of music drawing from just about every genre imaginable from Punk & Psychobilly to Folk & Football & other great sports related repertoire. If you are an established songwriter looking for a publisher to represent your work, we'd love to hear from you so why not get in contact?


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