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Twinn Connexion
Jay and Jerry Hopkins, The Twinn Connexion, were like no musical act anyone had ever seen before. The striking, identical blonde twins graced their 1968 Decca debut, Twinn Connexion in matching shag haircuts, floral-patterned brocade mod suits, and sharp white ankle boots. Even their ascots matched. The music on Twinn Connexion was as unique as their look: soft-pop vocals steeped in sunshine and psychedelia-lite arrangements, complete with electric sitar and harpsichord, delivered by seasoned New York session men. After being forgotten for years, Twinn Connexion, their lone album, has become a beloved soft-pop obscurity, fetching high prices on the collectors' market. The album will get its first legitimate CD release the Now Sounds way: with 8 bonus tracks, a deluxe 24-page booklet, loaded with rare photos and exclusive commentary from surviving Twinn, Jerry Hopkins! Produced by Jerry Keller, cowriter of The Cyrkle hit ‘Turn Down Day,' Twinn Connexion was described by soft-pop expert Dawn Eden as "at once brilliant, enticing, and maddening" Still, most of the songs that landed on their debut, Twinn Connexion, are more like the soundtrack for a psychedelic walk in the park (or a "Sixth Avenue Stroll"!) on a spring afternoon. Enjoy the sunshine.
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Sixth Avenue Stroll I Think I'll Just Go And Find Me A Flower I Think I Know Him Dilemna Turn Down Day The Music Turns Me On Foolin' Around Wind Me Up And I Dance Summer Sadness Young And Free Oh What A Lovely Day Bonus Tracks The Silent Parade Think I Will Mary Reach Out To Meet Myself Turn Down Day (Mono Single Version) I Think I Know Him (Mono Single Version) Oh What A Lovely Day (Mono Single Version) Sixth Avenue Stroll (Mono Single Version)
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