In The Beginning - Lost Cherrees (The)

In The Beginning
As a follow up to our hugely successful new Lost Cherries album, 'Free to Speak But Not to Question' (MORT A4), we present the complete collection of the works of the lost cherries available on one package for the first time in a deluxe digipack containing all original artwork lyrics and information.

Formed in 1981, this male/female punk band inspired by the likes of Crass, first recorded for the Riot/Clone label, then on Conflict's Mortarhate label. Recorded three singles and an album ‘All Part Of Growing Up’. They played 350 gigs, often together with acts such as Subhumans, Chumbawumba, Dirt, Flux of Pink Indians & New Model Army. The first time they’ve been on CD, this 28-track compilation includes exclusive tracks and a 12 page booklet with lyrics and photos. The Lost Cherrees reformed in 2003 and Mortarhate hope to release their new album this summer.

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Blasphemy / No Trouble / Living In A Coffin / Sexism's Sick (Parts 1 & 2) / Blind Or Dead / Nervous Breakdown / Escalation / F-Plan G-Plan / You're You I'm Me / Nothing New / Poem / Why Does It Have To Be A Dream? / Young And Free / Yet Still Comes The Rain / Who Believes It? / The Wait / No Way / You Didn't Care / But The Rape Goes On / Dream Of Peace / Pleasant Valley Sunday / Unwanted Children / Consider The Challenge / No Flag / Old Soldiers / Pain Relief / Race Of The Test-Tubes

Bonus Material:
A second CD of all outtakes, demos and rare live versions is added to this package for the first time

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Perfection Plus (The Best Of Charge)
Formed in the squat punk communities of London in the late 70s, Charge, led by the inimitable Stu P Idiot, stood out from the crowd by incorporating elements of sexual deviance, high camp, glam and baroque punk, alongside an engaging and often surreal sense of humour. They were one of London's best live acts of the period, cultivating an impressive fanbase, and were especially popular in mainland Europe where they regularly toured. This new Cherry Red release sees them immortalised on CD for the first time, featuring all their studio recordings for the Kamera label, including the much cherished album Perfection, and three Independent Top 10 hits, notably the hugely amusing 'Fashion'. The deluxe package also features the band's extremely rare debut single 'King's Cross' for the Test Pressing imprint. It was compiled as a tribute to the late vocalist with contributions from the musicians and friends who knew him, who have also provided exclusive photos and memorabilia. Record Collector - 4 stars "a band that refuses to be pigeonholed", "a fitting tribute to a unique talent."
Our Price: £9.95

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In England
The second DVD in our series, "Live In England" features the band taking their message out across the country, with more classic gigs in Newcastle, Leeds, Brighton, Derby, Birmingham and Sheffield, and covering a twenty-year period of the band's history. The Newcastle gig has an extra resonance for anarcho-punk fans, as the band are joined on-stage by the legendary Steve Ignorant from Crass on many of their songs - a real one-off. This is extremely rare archive footage, in some cases never seen, and will delight the Conflict army of fans around the world. Our Price: £12.95

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In London
The first ever DVD to feature one of the most influential and uncompromising punk bands of all time - Conflict. This anarchist punk band were formed in South East London, England, in 1979. From being amongst the earliest followers of the band Crass and releasing their first single on Crass Records, Conflict became the first band to break away from the Crass camp, and ended up being the only band of the Anarcho-Punk genre to regularly have new releases going straight to number 1 in the Indie charts. "Live in London" is the first of a series of Conflict DVD's to be released in the coming months. The DVD features selections from classic shows performed by the band in their home city over the last twenty years at such legendary venues as Camden's Electric Ballroom, The Astoria, Brixton Academy and Soho's Mean Fiddler. Also included are a selection of tracks from the Conflict "video album" - "There's No Power Without Control". Stretching over two discs - this is over three hours of Conflict tearing up the London stage. Features Indie Chart Top Ten hit "The Serenade Is Dead". Our Price: £12.95

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Increase The Pressure
UNFORTUNATELY THIS TITLE IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. Cherry Red Records apologises for the unavailability of this album, however if you would like to be notified when it is on sale again then please email Thanks.
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It's Time To See Who's Who
· The first in a series of re-issues from London's legendary Mortarhate Records.
· "It's Time to See Who's Who” - Conflict's debut album released in the 1980's, broke 'all' the rules, setting new standards and stormed the independent charts reaching and retaining position number 1.
· The original recording made at Southern Studios, Engineered by John Loder and produced by Pete Wright of Crass, has now been re-mastered (properly) and repackaged in a gorgeous deluxe digipack.
· This 'new' release also contains another seven original Conflict recordings made at Southern during thesame period that were released on Crass Records as EP's. 'The House That Man Built' and 'To A Nation of Animal Lovers', also dominated the sales charts.
· This product contains a booklet containing full lyrics, information and all original artwork and poster covers.

Our Price: £9.95

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