Sunforest - Tom Rapp

Released 15/06/09. Sunforest was the ninth album recorded by American singer-songwriter Tom Rapp (either with or without his group Pearls Before Swine), his second for Blue Thumb Records and his final record before his lengthy retirement from the music industry after the mid-1970s. Sunforest was released in 1973 and was credited to "Tom Rapp / Pearls Before Swine". Like its immediate predecessor, Stardancer, the album was recorded with members of the touring group Pearls Before Swine (Art Ellis and Bill Rollins), supplemented by a selection of prominent Nashville session musicians. The sleeve design showed a cover painting of Rapp, and two small reproductions of paintings by Henri Rousseau were included on the back cover.
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Coming Back / Prayers Of Action / Forbidden City / Love / Sex / Harding Street / Blind River / Someplace To Belong / Sunforest / Sunshine & Charles
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Thirty Thousand Feet Over China
The Passions were one of the most critically respected pop groups of the 80s, best known for their huge hit single I’m In Love With A German Film Star , among the most distinctive, atmospheric records of the era. The group'soriginal studio albums have never before been re - released, but Cherry Red have embarked on that process with this, their second and most commercially successful album, originally released on Polydor Records in 1981. As well as the original album version of I’m In Love With A German Film Star (never before included on any official CD) and the singles The Swimmer and Skin Deep, the package contains five bonus tracks, which again have never been available before. The package has been assembled with completely unpublished photographs from the bands own archive, alongside the memories of all four original members, and a breakdown of the rationale and recording of each and every track.
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In From The Cold
Led by future Fleetwood Mac guitarist Bob Weston, Ashkan were together for only a matter of months before imploding.

However, they did leave behind a small but perfectly-formed legacy in the shape of In From The Cold, a blistering, 52-minute slab of turn-of-the-decade British psychedelic / progressive blues rock that, in January 1970, became the first release on Decca's new underground label Decca Nova.

With Weston's frenzied, proto-metal guitar heroics matched all the way by Steve Bailey s powerful, Spooky Tooth-style lead vocals, the album received encouraging reviews, only for the band to split on the eve of its release. Now a major collectable, In From The Cold has been heavily bootlegged over the last couple of decades, but now receives a long-overdue, first-ever official reissue.

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Yes!! The KGB album!! What can be said about this 1975 debut album which has been deleted since 1978?!! In simple terms, this album features several legendary rock musicians - formed by Mike Bloomfield (the late lead guitarist of The Butterfield Blues Band, Bob Dylan's original guitar player and one time member of Electric Flag) the line-up also includes Carmine Appice (whose drumming credits include Vanilla Fudge, Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart and Black Sabbath), Al Kooper (of Bob Dylan fame) and Rick Grech, bassist of both Blind Faith and Ginger Bakers Airforce. It has also been rumoured for many years that the album contains input from Steve Winwood although he is uncredited. This album has never been officially released on CD before and really is a true gem from the vaults of MCA. Its value to collectors is extremely high and an LP in good condition can often sell for $170! Our Price: £9.95

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Rapp stated that Stardancer was the first album since the first Pearls album One Nation Underground over which he had full control. The fierce anti-war song "Fourth Day of July", with its references to "the broken children of Vietnam", was widely played in "underground" circles of the time. The lighthearted "Summer of '55" contains some of Rapp's cleverest aphorisms, such as "When the day breaks / the pieces fall on you". Two of his other songs, "Stardancer" and "For The Dead In Space", reflect on themes of loss against a background of space travel and can be seen as reworkings of Like most of the Pearls Before Swine albums, the sleeve design used classic art works, in this case the painting "Descent of the Rebel Angels" by Pieter Brueghel the Elder on the front sleeve, and a William Morris background design on the reverse.Pearls Before Swine's earlier "Rocket Man".
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Clotho’s Web
The follow up to our successful complete 60’s Decca period comes this complete coverage of Felix’s time with Mickie Most and RAK from 1970-1972.Picked up by Most at the time of Felix’s peak exposure on BBC TV they scored a top 20 hit with the first single, If I Could (a reworking of Paul Simon’s El Condor Pasa). Second single, Heaven Is Here was written especially by Hot Chocolate for Julie, and it too charted. A further single Snakeskin (made up from a Donovan riff) has gone on to become something of a club favourite due to its ‘Goo Goo Barabajagal’ like chopping guitar/drums backing.Keen to encourage Julie’s own writing Most recorded an LP (Clotho’s Web) with 11 out of the 12 songs penned by Julie, on the theme of the tapestry of life (Clotho being the greek fate who spins the thread of life). To record the album Julie brought in friends John Paul Jones, Madeline Bell,Stefan Grossman and Most brought in Cozy Powell plus mutual associate Big Jim Sullivan. The result, a stunning original work of high musician ship ,inventive songwriting, clever arrangements (the opening title track sounding real close to a Led Zep production from the period) , grossly overlooked in subsequent years.
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