Fighting Back - Battlezone

Fighting Back

Released on 20/09/10Paul Di'Anno, was best known as the first Iron Maiden vocalist (1978 - 1981). After his time in Maiden he has been involved in many different projects including many solo albums including: Battlezone, Di'anno, Killers, and Paul Di'anno.

On these the first two of his solo records Di'anno continues with the aggressive NWOBHM sound he created with Maiden on his first album without Harris and Co. 'Fighting Back' features tons of OTT speed metal rockers. Songs like Warchild and the epic The Land God Gave To Cain are some of the finest heavy

metal songs Di'anno has ever done. Aswith many other NWOBHM bands, some of the guitar work emulates Thin Lizzy axe attack.

The second album also included on this set is more commercial than the band's debut, Despite this, the band just doesn't seem to be able to get away from the club sound and break out with a bigger sound like Maiden’s "Piece of Mind" or Priest s "Screaming for Vengeance." Di'Anno's gritty voice sounds as strong as ever.

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Fighting Back / Welcome To The Battlezone / Warchild / The Land God Gave To Caine / Too Much To Heart / Voice On The Radio / Rising Star / Rip It Up / I Don't Wanna Know / Nuclear Breakdown / Touch Of Hate / Whispered Rage / Children Of Madness / Metal Tears / It's Love / The Promise / To The Limit

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Hope You Like It
•    The debut album by Geordie, first released by EMI in 1973
•    Includes the singles "Don’t Do That” (No.32), "All Because Of You” (No.6), "Can You Do It”  (No.13) and "Electric Lady” (No.32)
•    Great booklet features stacks of highly collectable picture sleeves
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Don’t Be Fooled By The Name
•    Originally released in 1974 and now reissued with two rare bonus tracks
•    Includes the "House Of The Rising Sun” single plus Brian Johnsons solo 45 "I Can’t Forget You Now”  
•    Sure to appeal to AC/DC fans as well as Glam Rock collectors
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Morin Heights
Released 27/07/2009. Signed to EMI in April 1974,
following apprenticeships since 1969 in studios, club bands and even the
embryonic Bay City Rollers, consummate musicians David Paton / Billy
Lyall / Stuart Tosh expertly meshed catchy tunes, punchy guitars, strong
harmonies to score major international success with three albums in
three years.This third album was recorded at Morin Heights in
Quebec,Canada in 1976, and this time had Roy Thomas Baker (Queen)
producing. Heavier power pop sound and song writing contributions from
more band members mark this album as a progression. It still retains the
Pilot stamp of quality, and yielded a major hit in the single Penny In
My Pocket . Again we have the demo version from David Patons archive,
together with three more unreleased songs as bonus tracks.
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Head On
Although best known today as the band where lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson served his Metal apprenticeship prior to joining those eater of worlds, Iron Maiden, Samson are still rightly regarded as one of the pivotal bands from the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement of the 80s.
Taking their name from guitarist and leader, Paul Samson, the band first emerged in 1977 from the ashes of another eponymously named band, McCoy whose leader bassist John McCoy was headhunted for Ian Gillans’s eponymously named band, Gillan, following the vocalist’s departure from Deep Purple.
‘Head On’ was Samson’s second album released in June 1980 and along with Paul Samson and Bruce Dickinson (although then going by his stage name Bruce Bruce), bassist Chris Aylmer and drummer Thunderstick (noted for disguising his identity by wearing S&M masks and playing live in a steel cage), completed the line-up.
In deference to the crass cover artwork, the album boasts a breadth of writing and playing ability above much that the NOWBHM movement had to offer. Tracks such as ‘Vice Versa’, ‘Hunted’ and ‘Walking Out On You’ helped the album achieve the band’s highest ever chart placing of number 34. ‘Head On’ also displays perfectly the power and range of singer Dickinson whose vocal agility earned him the title, the Air Raid Siren, as well as showcasing Paul Samson’s considerable talent as a guitarist and writer and reinforces the loss to the metal community due to his death from cancer in 2002, aged just 49.
· Fully Re-mastered Collector’s Edition of Samson’s second album, one of the NWOBHMs premier outfits.
· Expanded to include 2 bonus tracks.
· 16 page booklet with story of the album sleeve-note and rare photos and images from the period.

Release Date: 18/03/2013
Our Price: £9.95

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Rick Medlocke and Blackfoot
During the 70s and early 80s, Southern Rock was a seemingly unstoppable force, a Confederate charge played by real men with true grit under their fingernails and trail dust in the turn-ups of their ol’ blue jeans. It began with The Allman Brothers Band and was more than ably reinforced and carried forth to a worldwide audience by Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Outlaws and Molly Hatchet.
Another leading name with arguably the heaviest sound in the genre was Blackfoot hailing from Jacksonville, Florida. Lead by the irrepressible and larger than life Rick ‘Rattlesnake’ Medlocke, Blackfoot’s string of hit albums from ’79 to ’82 cemented their Southern credentials and in the absence of Lynyrd Skynyrd due to their fatal plane crash of ‘77, became leaders of the movement.
By the mid-80s however, West Coast ‘hair metal’ and a breezier AOR sound were in vogue and with Blackfoot now all but disintegrated, Medlocke decided to record a solo album. At the insistence of the label the Blackfoot moniker would remain even though none of the other members of the band were present for the recording. Instead, Medlocke recruited musicians from leading US funk-rock band, Mother’s Finest with whom he had struck-up an affinity following his return to the South.
Released in ‘87, ‘Rick Medlocke And Blackfoot’ is a different animal to classic Blackfoot but considered by Medlocke to be one of the finest recordings bearing his name. Featuring a cover of Three Dog Night’s top ten hit ‘Liar’ written by prolific hit maker Russ Ballard, along with a version of Mother’s Finest’s, ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Tonight’, musically it’s Medlocke with the trail dust brushed off, stretching his muscles and delivering a slick, shiny cadillac of an album.
Fully Mastered Collector’s Edition of the Blackfoot leader’s only solo album.
Features musicians from Mother’s Finest and includes Three Dog Night’s hit, ‘Liar’.
12 page booklet with story of the album sleeve-note by Malcolm Dome from brand new interview with Rickey Medlocke.

Release Date: 17/06/2013
Our Price: £9.95

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