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38 Special : 38 Special (CDLEM11)
Aldo Nova : Blood On The Bricks (CDLEM42)
Arthur Brown : Speak No Tech / Requiem (CDLEM158)
Arthur Brown : Brown, Black & Blue (CDLEM148)
Automatic Man : Visitors (CDLEM66)
Automatic Man : Automatic Man (CDLEM29)
Bang Tango : The Ultimate Rockers & Thieves (CDLEM48)
Bernie Torme : Back To Babylon (CDLEM38)
Black Oak Arkansas : 10 Year Overnight Success (CDLEM28)
Blackjack : The Anthology (CDLEM84)
Blue Oyster Cult : Club Ninja (CDLEM140)
Bourgeois Tagg : Yo Yo (CDLEM17)
Bullet Boys : Greatest Hits (CDLEM73)
Charlie Dore : Where To Now? (CDLEM77)
Charlie Dore : Listen! (CDLEM135)
Cherie Currie : Beauty’s Only Skin Deep (CDLEM60)
Cinderella : Live from Gypsy Road (CDLEM33)
Clive Langer & the Boxes : Splash and Beyond (CDLEM157)
Clover : Hearts On Fire (CDLEM43)
Clover : Unavailable (CDLEM16)
Cozy Powell : Octopuss (CDLEM131)
Cozy Powell : Tilt (CDLEM130)
Dan Reed Network : The Dan Reed Network (CDLEM05)
David Johansen Group : Live (CDLEM19)
Deaf School : English Boys - Working Girls (CDLEM125)
Deaf School : Don’t Stop The World (CDLEM124)
Deaf School : 2nd Honeymoon (CDLEM123)
Delaney Bramlett : Sweet Inspiration (CDLEM36)
Desmond Child & Rouge : Desmond Child and Rouge (CDLEM47)
Elephants Memory : Songs From Midnight Cowboy (CDLEM86)
Europe : Wings Of Tomorrow (CDLEM152)
Faster Pussycat : The Remixes (CDLEM52)
Gail Ann Dorsey : Rude Blue (CDLEM14)
Ginger Baker's Airforce : Ginger Bakers Airforce (CDLEM22)
Girlschool : Singles Collection (CDLEMDD101)
Graham Bonnet : Line Up (CDLEM27)
Graham Parker : The Live Vandelay (CDLEM76)
Graham Parker : Art Vandelay Vol. 2 (CDLEM64)
Graham Parker : The Real McCaw (CDLEM46)
Graham Parker : Struck By Lightning (CDLEM26)
Graham Parker : The Up Escalator (CDLEM13)
Graham Parker : The Vertigo Singles Collection (CDLEM104)
Graham Parker : The Parkerilla (CDLEM103)
Graham Parker : The Official Art Vandelay Tapes (CDLEM02)
Grand Prix : There For None To See (Expanded Edition) (CDLEM83)
Granny’s Intention : Honest Injun (CDLEM39)
Greg Lake : From The Underground Vol. 2 (CDLEM161)
Greg Lake : From The Underground Vol. 1 (CDLEM160)
Gun : Swagger (CDLEM127)
Heavy Metal Kids : Anvil Chorus (CDLEM113)
Heavy Metal Kids : Heavy Metal Kids (CDLEM112)
Hunter Ronson : YUI Orta (CDLEM06)
Jerry Lee Lewis : The London Sessions (CDLEM20)
Jezebelle : Bad Attitude (CDLEM67)
Jimmy Barnes : Jimmy Barnes (CDLEM12)
John Hiatt : All Of A Sudden (CDLEM23)
John Hiatt : Warming Up To The Ice Age (CDLEM08)
John Mayall : Ten Years Are Gone (CDLEMD115)
John Mayall : The Latest Edition (CDLEM117)
John Mayall : Moving on (CDLEM116)
John Miles : More Miles Per Hour (CDLEM107)
John Miles : Zaragon (CDLEM106)
John Miles : Rebel (CDLEM105)
John Miles : Stranger In The City (CDLEM102)
Kingdom Come : Kingdom Come (CDLEM30)
Leon Redbone : Live & Kickin’ (CDLEM34)
Little Angels : Too Posh To Mosh (CDLEM163)
Little Angels : Don’t Prey For Me (CDLEM143)
Mick Ronson : Play Don’t Worry (CDLEM146)
Mick Ronson : Slaughter On 10th Avenue (CDLEM145)
Mother Love Bone : Apple (CDLEM01)
Night Ranger : Midnight Madness (CDLEM80)
Night Ranger : Dawn Patrol (CDLEM78)
Pablo Cruise : Pablo Cruise (CDLEM41)
Pat Benatar : Summer Vacation Tour (CDLEM49)
Pat Travers : Boom Boom: Live At The Diamond (CDLEM82)
Pat Travers : Hot Shot (CDLEM111)
Pat Travers : Black Pearl (CDLEM110)
Pat Travers : Radio Active (CDLEM109)
Peter Frampton : Breaking All The Rules (CDLEM72)
Peter Frampton : Where I Should Be (CDLEM25)
Poco : Indian Summer (CDLEM32)
Pretty Boy Floyd : Ultimate (CDLEM74)
Punishment Of Luxury : Laughing Academy (CDLEM167)
Punishment Of Luxury : 7 (CDLEM159)
Quireboys : From Tooting To Barking (CDLEM69)
Racing Cars : Downtown Tonight (CDLEM50)
Rain Parade : Crashing Dream (CDLEM149)
Randy Bachman : Survivor (CDLEM65)
Ray Manzarek : (& Daryl Read) Freshly Dug (CDLEM79)
Ray Manzarek : The Whole Thing Started With Rock n Roll (CDLEM71)
Ray Manzarek : Golden Scarab (CDLEM31)
Rock Goddess : Rock Goddess (CDLEM40)
Roger Glover : The Mask (CDLEM53)
Ronnie Spector : Unfinished Business (CDLEM18)
Rossington Band : Love Your Man (CDLEM58)
Shark Frenzy : Shark Frenzy (CDLEM44)
Stealers Wheel : Right Or Wrong (CDLEM57)
Stealers Wheel : Ferguslie Park (CDLEM37)
Stealers Wheel : Stealers Wheel (CDLEM24)
Steve Gaines : One In The Sun (CDLEM63)
Steve Marriott : Marriott 1976 (CDLEM68)
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver : Down To Earth (CDLEM114)
Sweet : Level Headed (CDLEM59)
The Adventures : Theodore And Friends (CDLEM132)
The Barracudas : Two Sides Of The Coin 1979-84 (CDLEM139)
The Barracudas : The Big Gap 1978 - 1981 (CDLEM138)
The Barracudas : Endeavour To Persevere (CDLEM137)
The Barracudas : Mean Time (CDLEM136)
The Church : Sometime Somewhere (CDLEM85)
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown : Tantric Lover (CDLEM147)
The Galactic Cowboys : The Galactic Cowboys (CDLEM55)
The Newlydeads : The Newlydeads (CDLEM54)
The Rods : Wild Dogs (Expanded Edition) (CDLEM151)
The Smithereens : Green Thoughts (CDLEM09)
The Tygers Of Pan Tang : Burning In The Shade (CDLEM35)
Tom Rapp : Sunforest (CDLEM129)
Tom Rapp : Stardancer (CDLEM128)
Tommy Bolin : Bolin (CDLEM56)
Tora Tora : Wild America (CDLEM75)
Trapeze : Trapeze (CDLEM21)
Trapeze : You Are The Music…We’re Just The Band (CDLEM04)
Vinegar Joe : Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsies (CDLEM15)
Vinegar Joe : Six Star General (CDLEM03)
Wax : Magnetic Heaven (CDLEM121)
Wax : American English (CDLEM120)
Witchfynde : The Best Of Witchfynde (CDLEM89)
Witchfynde : Cloak And Dagger (CDLEM88)
Witchfynde : Stagefright (CDLEM61)
Witchfynde : Give ‘Em Hell (CDLEM51)

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