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Skip Bifferty
Released on 25/01/10. They may have been downgraded over the intervening years to a retrospectively-acclaimed, collector-type act, but at the time Skip Bifferty were genuine contenders: significant radio support for their singles, heavyweight management (courtesy of the notorious Don Arden), and afforded Next Big Thing status by the weekly pop papers.

Pride of place goes to three previously unreleased recordings, all taken from the original master-tapes. Jesus Smith (The Other Side Of) is the band s semi-legendary, hitherto-lost debut studio recording, while there are two versions of Skizoid Revolution, a song that has previously only been available with a guest vocal from Alan Hull. As with all Skip Bifferty material, these far superior versions feature the soulful tones of the band s lead singer, the hugely underrated Graham Bell.

An essential release for anyone interested in British psychedelia!

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Money Man / Jeremy Carabine / When She Comes To Stay / Guru / Come Around / Time Track / Gas Board Under Dog / Inside The Secret / Orange Lace / Planting Bad Seeds / Yours For At Least 24 / Follow The Path Of The Stars / Prince Germany The First / Clearway 51 / Bonus Tracks / On Love / Cover Girl / Happy Land / Reason To Live / Man In Black / Round And Round / Skizoid Revolution / Jesus Smith (The Other Side Of) / Skizoid Revolution (Alternative Version)
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In From The Cold
Led by future Fleetwood Mac guitarist Bob Weston, Ashkan were together for only a matter of months before imploding.

However, they did leave behind a small but perfectly-formed legacy in the shape of In From The Cold, a blistering, 52-minute slab of turn-of-the-decade British psychedelic / progressive blues rock that, in January 1970, became the first release on Decca's new underground label Decca Nova.

With Weston's frenzied, proto-metal guitar heroics matched all the way by Steve Bailey s powerful, Spooky Tooth-style lead vocals, the album received encouraging reviews, only for the band to split on the eve of its release. Now a major collectable, In From The Cold has been heavily bootlegged over the last couple of decades, but now receives a long-overdue, first-ever official reissue.

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Made In England
 Long established as one of the minor classics of the British psychedelic pop genre, the Bulldog Breed album Made In England was recorded in mid-1969 but not released by Deram Nova until the beginning of the following year - by which time its thrilling Spirit-of-'67 mod/psych sound and commitment to hook-laden, sub-three minute songs was fatally out of sync with the self-indulgence and bombast of the nascent progressive rock era.
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Give Me Take You
Released 13/04/09. 'My two biggest successes would have to be the Rolling Stones and the Small Faces; equally satisfying, but not as commercially successful, was Duncan Browne. Duncan was amazing…so talented. It may have said on the records ‘Produced by Andrew Loog Oldham', but all I did was book the studio and watch the lad do his magic. And magic it was.'

Thus spake former Stones manager Andrew Oldham, who signed the late Duncan Browne to his record label, Immediate, in 1967. Oldham duly oversaw the recording of Duncan's 1968 debut album Give Me Take You, which, as with several other Oldham projects of the time (notably the Billy Nicholls album Would You Believe), only received limited distribution due to Immediate's crippling financial problems.

Now widely acknowledged as a genuine UK baroque pop/psychedelic folk classic, Give Me Take You has long been a heavily sought-after album on the collectors' circuit, with original copies selling for several hundred pounds. It has also attracted significant critical acclaim, being described by one monthly music magazine as 'an English Astral Weeks', and regularly compared to such Spirit of the Age masterpieces as the Kinks are the village green preservation society, the Zombies' Odessey & Oracle and Nick Drake's Five Leaves Left.

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Feelin’ Free
Released 20/07/2009. Although Feelin Free was released to widespread indifference back in January 1970, the sole album by Manchester band Pacific Drift remains a sparkling, West Coast-influenced amalgam of post-psychedelic pop and early progressive rock, skilfully weaving wistful laments and riff-laden rockers into a fully cohesive whole. This first-ever authorised reissue of what is now a highly sought-after LP adds three tracks that appeared on the variant US release of the album as well as the band s version of the Spirit track Water Woman , only released at the time as a UK single. With some superb previously unpublished photos, new band quotes and master-tape sound quality, this longoverdue release is the first to assemble all known Pacific Drift recordings under one roof, and is unquestionably the definitive anthology of an unfairly neglected band. Our Price: £9.95

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