From The Promised Land - Play Dead

From The Promised Land

Where some albums have torturous histories, this one has had more time on the rack than most! When Play Dead's 1984 LP "From The Promised Land" was reissued in the early 90s, it was re-titled Resurrection, for no good reason that anyone can remember. It transpired that Clay Records had gone bust, sold its catalogue to Sanctuary, who had then released a mish-mash of "From The Promised Land" with a load of singles and b-sides, and re-titled it "Resurrection". The band was powerless to stop the album going out in a format that was never meant to be. Now Anagram Records have put the track selection back as intended, and re-instated 'Weeping Blood' (absent from Resurrection) to the running order along with 9 bonus tracks. You now have, effectively; the album the band wanted you to hear first time round!
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16. SOLACE (Extended Version)
17. HOLY HOLY (Catholic Mix)

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Effervescent songbird Jane Weaver once again takes flight this Spring with this spellbinding collection of heartrending recordings. Having spent that past year residing under an apple tree on the outer limits of Greater Manchester putting the finishing touches to her new album immersed in the sounds of Linda Perhacs, Karen Dalton, Josephine Foster, These Trails and The Pink Fairies, the past few months have seen Jane travel over hill and over dale by special request to make a handful of rare live appearances across the UK and US alongside the likes of Voice Of The Seven Woods, Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals), Wendy Flower (Wendy & Bonnie), and most recently Josephine Foster.

Jane Weaver is a rare creature in the vanity-stricken world of female singers, and perhaps with a more generous roll of the dice we might all have heard of her. Serving her apprenticeship in the mid-nineties girl-guitar-pop outfit Kill Laura, Jane would go on to front Twisted Nerve's Misty Dixon and release her critically acclaimed solo mini-album, 'Like An Aspen Leaf', as well as recording a slew of singles with the help of Doves and an album for Mancunian music maverick Rob Gretton's Manchester Records which went unreleased following his death until Jane dusted down the tapes and released it through her very own Bird imprint.

'Cherlokalate' is the highly anticipated follow up to last years critically acclaimed debut album proper, 'Seven Day Smile' (2EGGS). Stripped back and laid bare, Jane's songwriting has moved from strength to strength and her dulcet tones have lost none of their potency. Jane's quiet riot continues unabashed as word spreads of her unassuming but bewitching talent.

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The White Door formed in Stoke out of the smouldering ashes of prog band Grace. Mac and Harry got together with Harry’s brother John and Started to write some new songs that fitted the times and their current tastes.The White Door album Windows is a very important 80’spop album; not only is it filled with great songs and a couple of singles that should have bothered the charts a great deal more than they did, it also marks the production debut for Andy Richards. After working with White Door Andy Richards made a name for himself in the80’s as a producer, keyboard player and programmer;working with a near endless roll call of the good and the great from the 80’s pop scene including Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Grace Jones (both with Trevor Horn), George Michael, Wet Wet Wet, Pet Shop Boys and many many more massive names. His distinctive and sought after touches are all over this album, coupled with some great song-writing and performances from the band. Cherry Pop once again brings you a genuine lost pop classic.
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La Verite
Classix Nouveaux were one of the leading lights of the New Romantic scene from the early 1980's. Formed from the ashes of the punk band X-Ray Spex, the band were fronted by the bald headed Sal Solo and they went on to enjoy success with 8 charting singles. Their most successful single was "Is It A Dream", it reached number 11 in 1982 and is featured on this their second album. This is the first time that "La Verite" has been released on CD. The CD features the 11 original tracks from the "La Verite" album including the 3 chart singles "Is It A Dream", "Never Again" and "Because You're Young". The CD booklet includes all the original artwork and a complete discography of the band featuring the sleeves of all their releases. Our Price: £9.95

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Songs In The Key Of Z Volume 1&2
Songs In The Key Of Z is a very unique compilation of "Outsider Music". Each track, although maybe lacking in tunefulness and musicianship, has an abundance of earnestness and passion Outsider Music has caused quite a stir recently, Channel Four have been airing a series of mini documentaries about outsider music and all of the artists featured on the TV show are on the two albums. Also, the Wesley Willis song “Rock ‘N’ Roll McDonalds” was recently used in the smash hit film, “Super Size Me”. This fantastic release combines Volumes 1 & 2 onto a 2 CD collection for the first time and features (amongst may others) the uninhibited coyote howls of the legendary Stardust Cowboy, the star which is Daniel Johnston, a romantic duo between Tiny Tim and his wife Sue, Joe Meek's ultra rare wobbly "Telstar" vocal demo, The Shaggs aboriginal backwoods track and Captain Beefheart's "Vampire Suite" The release of this CD also ties in with the 300 page "Songs In The Key Of Z" book also published by and available through Cherry Red. Our Price: £9.95

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Same As It Never Was
Blood And Roses were the group most closely identified with the 'positive punk' movement of the early 80s, although they were also variously described as anarcho punk, hippy punk, even acid punk. Of course, the 'positive punk' scene, of which Blood And Roses, alongside UK Decay, Brigandage et al, ranked as leaders, is now identified as a vital precursor to what would become Goth. For a period in the early 80s Blood And Roses were championed by the media, which came as a shock to guitarist Bob Short when he saw the official at the desk of his local DHSS look up from his copy of the NME and recognise him from the cover. Born out of the Waterloo squat punk scene, the band went on to score indie chart success with the singles 'Some Like It Hot' and 'Love Under Will', also releasing an acclaimed debut album "Enough Is Enough" (which is present here in full). Our Price: £9.95

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