Oh World - Paul Rutherford

Oh World
Expanded 2CD reissue of the only solo album to date from Paul Rutherford, former Frankie Goes To Hollywood singer and icon of 80s pop. Originally released in 1989, this is the first time the album has been available in the UK. Includes much sought-after early remixes by the likes of Arthur Baker and David Morales. Lead track is the acid house anthem Get Real, which – like Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Relax - received an airplay ban from the BBC. Three tracks – including a beautiful cover of Chic's I Want Your Love – are co-written and produced by Martin Fry and Mark White a/k/a ABC. 17 bonus tracks include all the A-side mixes, B-sides, 12” remixes and promo-only tracks – many of which appear on CD for the first time

Arrives at the height of a Frankie Goes To Hollywood revival with recent deluxe expansions of Welcome To The Pleasuredome (August 2010) and Liverpool (February 2011), a reissue of Paul's 90s work – The Cowboy Years (January 2011), and a duet between Paul and Claudia Brucken on her new album Combined (February 2011)

Two decades on, these tracks have never stopped being played in clubs – and appearing on dance compilations, from 1989's The History Of The House Sound Of Chicago, to 2000's Global Underground 015, mixed by Darren Emerson.


"The guitar arpeggios and fluty female backing vocals in Maximum Joy are pretty; For Heaven Sake’s finger wagging at Margaret Thatcher, though, is as dated as its synth stabs.”

(Music Scene, Yorkshire Evening Post)
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Disc One: The Album:  Oh World / Deep At The Centre / Who Said It Was Easy / The Gospel Truth / Light / Get Real/ Cracked Wide Open / I Want Your Love / Catch A Falling Star / Half The Picture / The A-Sides: I Want Your Love / Oh World (Original 7" Mix)  / The B-Sides: Happy Face (Full Length) / Pushed Away  / Seduction (Edit)             

Disc Two: The Remixes: Get Real (Happy House Mix) / I Want Your Love (Extended Mix)  / I Want Your L.U.R.V.E. / Oh World (Extended Mix) / Oh World (Instrumental)   The Vinyl: Get Real (Hardcore) / Get Real (Sinister)  / Get Real (Don't Let 'Em Dub You Down) / I Want Your Love (Arthur Baker Remix) / Oh World (Universal Mix) / Oh World (Delirium Dub)    )   
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24 Hrs
Released on 29/08/11. The long overdue reissue of Scarlet Fantastic's
one and only album 24 Hrs plus bonus tracks. The album includes versions
of their 4 singles No Memory, Plug Me In, Film Star Kiss and Stay.This
17 track CD features the ten songs of the original album plus seven
bonus tracks, all sourced from much sought after 12"s; Pete Hammond's
Deconstruction Mix of No Memory, Plug Me In – Silver Surfer Connection
Mix, Film Star Kiss - Extended Mix, Rick P. Jones and Mark Freegard's
Glory Mix of Stay, Plug Me In - Percapella Mix, I Blame Thee Not
(Dichterliebe) and Silver Bullet Instrumental.The bonus tracks
are appearing on CD for the first time in the UK excluding I Blame Thee
Not(Dichterliebe). The CD booklet will feature extensive sleeve notes
and a full UK discography with many images of the original sleeves and
promotional material supplied by vocalist Maggie De Monde. Maggie De
Monde has teamed up with Martin Watkins (Marc Almond co-writer) to
produce a new album for release later this year under the banner 'Maggie
& Martin'. They have written the music for "Dirty White Boy - Tales
Of Soho' a play by Clayton Littlewood. They will be performing live as
part of this production at the Trafalgar Studios in London on July 10th,
17th and 24th.For further performance details or more information about Scarlet Fantastic, please visit the excellent website www.scarlet-fantastic.co.ukScarlet
Fantastic were formed by Maggie De Monde and Rick P. Jones, two thirds
of the early 80's band Swans Way who enjoyed a top 20 hit with Soul
Train and a respected album The Fugitive Kind in 1984.The duo
signed to Arista Records and proceeded to release five singles including
the reissue of their best selling single 'No Memory' that was a hit in
1987. Their album 24 hrs has been much requested through our website,
where we encourage people to tell us what they'd like to see reissued.
They band's creativity and originality has been increasingly recognised
and the interest levels in the band continues to grow.
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Dancing Marquis

•    New release ‘Dancing Marquis’ compiles together the 6 tracks released previously on two strictly limited edition vinyl EPs and adds another two brand new tracks and two exclusive and stunning remixes.

•    In 2013, Marc Almond realised the ambition of a lifetime when he attended a few recording sessions with the legendary record producer Tony Visconti, famous for his work with David Bowie, Hazel O'Connor, T-Rex, The Moody Blues and Morrissey. The stunning results of their unique collaboration are the two tracks 'Burn Bright' / 'The Dancing Marquis' that kick-off this CD.

•    Next to producer Tris Penna, Tony Visconti also lends a helping hand on string arrangements and mixing duties on two further tracks, ‘Tasmanian Tiger’, and ‘Death of a Dandy’, the latter inspired by the recent death of Soho’s tragic artist Sebastian Horsley and which also features special guest Danielz from T-Rex tribute ‘T.Rextasy’.

•    Carrying on in this collaborative vein, the CD also includes the talents of Martin McCarrick (Siouxsie And The Banshees, Therapy?) contributing  cello on the hearteningly buoyant 'Burn Bright' and strings on the title-track 'The Dancing Marquis', a song that Marc Almond wrote 'with Henry Paget 5th Marquess of Anglesey in mind'.   

•    Jarvis Cocker brings to the mix an infectious electro-pop number he wrote especially for Marc, ‘Worship Me Now’, where he also features as a special guest on backing vocals and on the production duties with Jason Buckle (All Seeing I). Two additional dance remixes of ‘Worship Me Now’ are also included exclusively on this release. ‘Love Is Not On Trial’ sees Marc Almond continuing his collaboration with Carl Barat (Libertines), his co-star in the 2012 opera ‘Poppea’ at Theatre du Chatelet in Paris.

•    Produced again by Tris Penna, the song was written especially for Marc by Carl, who also features on guitar and vocals.

•    Completing this release are two further all new tracks, So What’s Tonight? and Idiot Dancing.

This product is released June 16 2014 and will not be dispatched before this date.

Track Listing:

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Where Else (12" Vinyl)
Claudia Brücken’s third solo album ‘Where Else’ (follow up to 2012’s acclaimed collection of cover versions, ‘The Lost Are Found’) is, with the exception of Nick Drake’s ‘Day Is Done,’ a self-penned collection of songs that explores different genres and styles – it moves through and around folk, blues, rock, film score, country and electronic music. Every album of her career, solo or in groups, has been a way of demonstrating her passion for evocative musical atmosphere, but this is the first one that does so without relying on computers and synthesisers. As Claudia says: "I always collaborate with different producers and programmers who are obviously bringing a lot of themselves into the project, and a lot of studio gadgetry. Normally my musical settings have been electronic music, whereas with this album, although there are elements of electronica in there, it soon became clear that the sound was going to be as much rooted in folk, blues and even country rock, and for me this was novel and exciting. It was actually exotic. The guitar could create special effects instead of the usual machines, which have become much more ordinary than they were when I first started.”

The album is a collaboration with co-writer and producer John Williams (Housemartins, Proclaimers, Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott, Blancmange, Petula Clark) and was written and recorded in the winter and spring of 2014 at John’s studio in North Kensington. Used to constructing songs in a more abstract electronic setting, Claudia felt it important that in this new environment, each new song they wrote could be sung accompanied only by piano or guitar. It was only then that the songs were ready to be recorded.

Influences on ‘Where Else’ were varied. For Claudia, the Velvet Underground and Lou Reed, Depeche Mode and Roy Orbison. For John, Jimmy Webb, JJ Cale and The Zombies set the standard. On ‘Where Else’, these reference points deftly interact. Claudia elaborates: "Some of the albums I’ve recorded were albums of other people’s songs, and that has definitely made me think harder as a song writer about how to get across complicated feelings as economically as possible. The story aspect of a song has always been a very important part for me – for example the first song of the album (‘I Want You’) was inspired by Lou Reed’s method of storytelling. John’s background is a lot different to mine; he’s really into artists like Nick Drake and singer song writers. That brought a lot of elements into the writing that were fresh to me. The songs basic architecture was developed in a very different way than when you mostly use machines. The guitar being at the centre of the writing and recording took me towards more of a blues and folk sound - I think people will be surprised how different this album sounds because of that but in the end it’s still about songs, and storytelling, and singing.”

As she recorded the album, Claudia learned to play guitar – an instrument she had toyed with as a teenager before the electronically ethereal sounds of Kraftwerk and synths took over and took her somewhere else. As she learned to play the guitar, she learnt to play her favourite songs by artists as diverse as Marlene Dietrich, Patti Smith and The Temptations – and out of this, these new songs with new textures, spaces and intentions began to emerge.

‘Where Else’
follows the lyrical thread of Claudia’s debut solo album ‘Love And A Million Other Things.’ The album is not only a collection of moods and styles but a further examination of the vagaries of love; exploring emotion, beginnings, endings, past life and future hopes. "That’s my nature,” says Claudia. "I want to explore different styles, a big reason why the title ‘Where Else’ suits me – where else will I go? What will I do next? ”


1. I Want You

2. Nothing Good Is Ever Easy

3. I Lay All Night

4. Day Is Done

5. Walk Right In

6. Nevermind

7. How Do I Know

8. Moon Song

9. Letting Go

10. Time To Make Changes

11. Sweet Sound Vision



Released 06/10/2014


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