The Last Daze Of The Underground - Delerium Records - Various Artists

The Last Daze Of The Underground - Delerium Records

Delerium Records germinated in 1991 when Richard Allen (free festival frequenter, Freakbeat magazine co-editor and music columnist for Oz/ it revivalist’s Encyclopaedia Psychedelica) was encouraged by the legendary us journalist/rock maverick Greg Shaw to create a UK label that would appeal to the many underground bands that had emerged in the uk during the late 1980s. The label’s first release was a compilation of international recordings entitled Psychedelic Psauna, which United American, European and UK bands who were then producing a diverse range of psychedelic, space rock and garage rock linked in spirit if unconnected by style. That first release included not only the debut CD appearance of hugely popular free festival act Ozric Tentacles but also the first commercial excursion by a mysterious band called Porcupine Tree, the bedroom project of a young Steven Wilson. Between 1991 and 2004 Delerium would go on to issue not only the core catalogue of the now world famous Porcupine Tree - including their land mark albums The Sky Moves Sideways and Signify - but would also be responsible for ensuring that a number of important underground UK free festival and neo-psychedelic bands from the 1980s and 1990s were able to secure a recorded legacy including Omnia Opera, Dead Flowers, Treatment, Nukli, Mandragora, Kava Kava, Sons of Selina, Suicidal Flowers, Praise Space Electric, Saddar Bazaar, Dean Carter, Zuvuya and others. The label, driven primarily by Allen’s love for Psychedelic Music also signed up European and American artists including us freak folk pioneer Jeff Tarlton (ex Viv Akauldren) Germany’s Electric Orange, Italy’s Kryptasthesie, Swedens Spacious Mind, Ireland’s Steppes, Norway’s Tangle Edge and two albums featuring Terence Mckenna the late and legendary Ethnobotanist, and psychedelic philosopher. Delerium sub-label molten saw the release of the first two albums by acclaimed UK heavy rock stoner trio Josiah as well as albums by Danish band On Trial, members of whom would later form danish Garage Rock band Baby Woodrose. Delerium was to be perhaps the last label of the UK musical underground that could directly trace its cultural lineage directly back through the free festival movement to the 1960s Psychedelic Explosion

3 CDs = Over 70 Minutes In Length Detailing This Legendary 1990s UK Underground Psychedelic Label. Includes the Unique Short Version Of Porcupine Tree’s Radioactive Toy Unavailable Elsewhere & a detailed booklet including For The First Time Ever The History Of The Label By Founder Richard Allen Along With Many Unseen Photos.

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Disc One: Porcupine Tree - Radioactive Toy (Short Version) / Praise Space Electric - Electric Sensation / On Trial Everything / Treatment - Keep Ahead / Electric Orange - Steal No Egg / Josiah - Gone Like Tomorrow / Kryptashesie - Watching The Sky / Kava Kava Swivel / Wobble Jaggle Jiggle - Thoughts Of The Sky / Aardvarks - Girl On A Bike / Jeff Tarlton Chimera / Moom - What's A Little Sunshine? / John Fallon - I Can't Trust You / Surf Sluts - (Likewow Wow) She's A Mau Mau / Reefus Moons And The Suicidal Flowers Electric Chair / The Beginning - The Ju Ju Man / Steppes Cornucopia / Jeff Tarlton - Ex-Celeration / Suicidal Flowers - Nothing Man

Disc Two: Dead Flowers - Full Fist / Sons Of Selina - Life Is But / Nova Express - Let The Powers / Nick Riff- Like A Zen Stray / Mandragora - Solstice Song / Boris And His Bolshie Balalaika – Toadstool Soup / Colored Plank - Black Ferris Wheel / Saddar Bazaar - Peacock Angel / Moom - I Can't Remember The 60s I Must Have Been There / Praise Space Electric Movement / Porcupine Tree Signify / Josiah Malpaso / Vex - Heidelberg Speedmaster

Disc Three: Omnia Opera Regeneration / Electric Orange - Electripity Chapter 99 / Nine Invisibles Gondwanaland / Zuvuya - Shaman I Am / Breitband- Der Unterschied (Edit) / Psychomuzak - The Exstasie / Dead Flowers The Elephants Eye Was Eerie / Liberation Thru Hearing - The Root Verses The Six Bardos / Tangle Edge - Yatantah Part I / Nukli - Spiral Dance / Spacious Mind - House In The Country

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