The Going’s Easy - Greatest Show On Earth (The)

The Going’s Easy
THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH were one of the more stylistically original signings to EMI’s legendary Progressive label Harvest. The band was formed in 1968 and featured brothers Garth and Norman Watt-Roy (who played guitar and bass respectively), vocalist, guitarist and flautist Colin Horton-Jennings, Mick Deacon on Organ, a horn section of Dick Hanson, Tex Philpotts and Ian Aitcheson and drummer Ron Prudence. The band began to take on board more "progressive” influences, incorporating rock, jazz and acoustic music into their sound.
An impressive live act, Greatest Show on Earth released their debut album in February 1970 adorned in a startling Hipgnosis designed sleeve. "The Going’s Easy”, released in November 1970, was an equally competent work that included the excellent rock track ‘Borderline’ and the acoustic ‘Magic Woman Touch’ (later covered by The Hollies). Upon the band’s demise Mike Deacon joined Vinegar Joe (fronted by Elkie Brooks and Robert Palmer), Garth Watt-Roy went on to perform and record with Fuzzy Duck. Norman Watt-Roy and John Turnball later became founder members of Ian Dury’s backing group, The Blockheads.
This Esoteric Recordings reissue features two bonus tracks, has been newly re-mastered from the original Harvest master tapes and features a booklet that fully restores all original album artwork with a new essay.

Release Date: 26/11/2012

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