Memos and Demos - Dave Brock

Memos and Demos
Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce a new remastered edition of the wonderful ambient and experimental work by composer Terry Riley, "A Rainbow in Curved Air”. One of the great modern musical works, Riley composed this influential piece utilising tape loop recording in 1967, performing every instrument himself.

A pioneer of modern music, Riley’s all night performances of his work were ground breaking experimental events and influenced composers such as Philip Glass. Released as an album in 1969, "A Rainbow in Curved Air” brought Riley to a wider rock audience. The British band CURVED AIR took their name from this work and PETE TOWNSHEND of The Who was inspired by Riley’s music to create the seminal songs "Baba O’ Riley” and "Won’t Get Fooled Again”. "A Rainbow in Curved Air” remains a highly influential creation.
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Clouded Vision / State Of Mind (Instrumental) / State Of Mind (Vocal) / Tune-Ing In / Kauai / Morpheus / Find The Right Way / Didn’t Have A Problem / Luna / Love In Space / Surreal Sex Dreams / Just Drifting / Sweet Obsession / Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk?  / Space Riders & Sex Dreams / Distant Islands
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Choose Your Masques
Atomhenge, the home of Hawkwind’s catalogue from 1976 - 1997, continue their series of definitive reissued editions of these classic albums with the release of Choose Your Masques.The album, originally released in 1982 by RCA ACTIVE, was the final Hawkwind release for the label and considered the finest of this era by many fans. The album would feature a line-up Dave Brock, Harvey Bainbridge, Huw Lloyd Langton and Martin Griffin and contained such excellent material as Arrival in Utopia , Solitary Mind Games , Choose Your Masques , Waiting or Tomorrow and Dream Worker.The album was a Top Thirty success upon its release and spawned a memorable tour on which the band was joined by original member Nik Turner. This deluxe atomhenge edition has been remastered from the original master tapes and adds 14 Bonus tracks, with 12 of these featuring on a bonus CD.

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White Zone
ATOMHENGE, the home of Hawkwind's catalogue from 1976 1997, continue their series of definitive reissued editions of these classic albums with the release of WHITE ZONE.
Credited to the fictitious group Psychedelic Warriors, the album was recorded by DAVE BROCK, ALAN DAVEY and Richard Chadwick at Rockfield studios in November and December 1994, revealing another side of their musical nature, taking in influences from the UK Dance and Rave music scene, creating a unique record that was also undeniably Hawkwind.Issued on the Emergency Broadcast label in 1995 and deleted soon after, the album has remained elusive to Hawkwind fans for many years, making this reissue most welcome.
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The Xenon Codex
ATOMHENGE, the home of HAWKWIND's catalogue from 1976-1997, continue their series of definitive reissued editions of these classic albums with the release of THE XENON CODEX.

The album, originally released in 1988 by GWR Records, was the last Hawkwind studio album to date to feature Huw Lloyd Langton on Lead Guitar and Danny Thompson on Drums.

Featuring fine material such as The War I Survived , Heads and Sword of the East , this re-mastered Atomhenge reissue includes five live recordings from 1988 and fully restores the limited edition fold out artwork featured on initial pressings of the original album.

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A band formed by former founder members of Hawkwind, the group Space Ritual are true exponents of Space Rock, performing sell-out concerts drawing on "Classic" Hawkwind repertoire written by Nik Turner, Dave Anderson and Terry Ollis. Now Space Ritual come alive in the 21st Century with a stunning new studio album of original material that takes the ground breaking music of these ex-Hawkwind members into a new dimension that is both contemporary but still aware of its heritage and roots. Also featuring written poems by Sci-fi author Michael Moorcock, "Otherworld" has been described as "more Hawkwind than Hawkwind" by one commentator, but Space Ritual are more than that. They are a band in their own right, with their own style and future. Catch them on tour in the UK in October and on their new album, "Otherworld" now! Our Price: £10.95

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Earthed To The Ground
ATOMHENGE, the home of HAWKWIND's catalogue, is pleased to announce the release of the 1984 debut solo album by DAVE BROCK. Earthed to the Ground was recorded at Dave's studio in Devon and featured classic material such as Green Finned Demon, Oscillations and the album's title track. Originally released by Flicknife Records in 1984, this Atomhenge reissue has been newly remastered and features four bonus tracks, including material from a rare 1983 Hawkfan Fanzine one-sided single and both sides of Dave's 1983 Flicknife single Social Alliance b/w Raping Robots in the Street. Our Price: £10.95

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