The Practice of Everyday Life - Celebrating 40 Years of Recordings - - Bill Nelson

The Practice of Everyday Life - Celebrating 40 Years of Recordings -
The year 2011 marks the 40th anniversary of BILL NELSON's recording career and to celebrate this Esoteric Recordings announce a new release on their recently launched Cocteau Discs imprint, the lavish boxed set THE PRACTICE OF EVERYDAY LIFE Celebrating Forty Years of Recordings." This is the most extensive and detailed anthology of Bill's astoundingly creative career to date.

Over the past four decades Bill has consistently proved himself to be one of Britain's most original and creative musicians, exploring an astonishing diversity of musical styles, consistently pushing musical boundaries and earning the admiration of legions of fans throughout the world and enlightened critics alike. As a guitarist, Bill ranks as a great and uniquely gifted figure, but this eclectic selection of tracks also highlights his work as a singer/songwriter and instrumental composer.

The 1971 album Northern Dream was the first release of his illustrious career. Although recorded on rudimentary
  equipment at a small Wakefield recording studio, the record was a fine early example of an independently produced album. Northern Dream was championed by the legendary DJ John Peel and paved the way for Bill's future career, beginning with his legendary band Be Bop Deluxe, (a group who recorded five successful studio albums plus a live album for EMI's Harvest label), and the equally innovative Red Noise. His acclaimed solo career continued with the release of the album Quit Dreaming and Get on the Beam , and a succession of diverse releases for both major labels and his own independent company, Cocteau Records (a venture which saw Bill become a pioneer of the do-it-yourself approach to recording and releasing music).

Track listed by Bill himself, this deluxe anthology gathers together more than 150 tracks over Eight CDs. The set begins
  with his earliest recordings and includes previously unreleased material by Be Bop Deluxe, along with examples from Bill'sextensive solo catalogue, exploring a wide range of styles. The anthology also includes a selection of material from his more recent albums, self-released by Bill on his Sonoluxe label. The set is rounded off by the inclusion of a bonus CD featuring two previously unreleased BBC Radio One sessions from 1981 and 1983 respectively.

THE PRACTICE OF EVERYDAY LIFE Celebrating Forty Years of Recordings is a lavish tribute to a true original.


"Nelson’s creative restlessness manifests itself in myriad musical voyages (he even dabbles in drum’n’bass on 1996’s After The Satellite Sings), recording for the most part in his home studio to his own deadlines.”  

Record Collector May 2012

Watch Bill Nelson talking to Esotreric Label Manager Mark Powell about his life and music exclusively for :

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CD One: Photograph (A Beginning) / Northern Dreamer / See it Through / Love’s A Way / BE BOP DELUXE - Teenage Archangel / BE BOP DELUXE - Jets at Dawn (Smile single version) / BE BOP DELUXE – Axe Victim (Previously unreleased) / BE BOP DELUXE – Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape / BE BOP DELUXE – Darkness L’Immoraliste /  BE BOP DELUXE – Night Creatures / BE BOP DELUXE – Music in Dreamland / BE BOP DELUXE – Maid in Heaven / BE BOP DELUXE – Jean Cocteau / BE BOP DELUXE – Sister Seagull / BE BOP DELUXE – Between the Worlds / BE BOP DELUXE – Swan Song / BE BOP DELUXE – Crystal Gazing / BE BOP DELUXE – Heavenly Homes / BE BOP DELUXE – Ships in the Night / BE BOP DELUXE – Crying to the Sky (alternate guitar solo- Previously unreleased) / BE BOP DELUXE – Sleep That Burns

CD Two: BE BOP DELUXE –  Modern Music Suite: Modern Music / Dancing in the Moonlight (All Alone) / Honeymoon on Mars / Lost in the Neon World / Dance of the Uncle Sam Humanoids / Modern Music (reprise) /  BE BOP DELUXE – Kiss of Light / BE BOP DELUXE – Forbidden Lovers / BE BOP DELUXE – Down on Terminal Street / BE BOP DELUXE – Life in the Air Age (live) / BE BOP DELUXE – Piece of Mine (live) / BE BOP DELUXE – Blimps / BE BOP DELUXE – Futurist Manifesto / BE BOP DELUXE – Lovers are Mortal / BE BOP DELUXE – Surreal Estate /BE BOP DELUXE – Visions of Endless Hope / BE BOP DELUXE – Panic in the World (Juan Les Pins mix) / BILL NELSON’S RED NOISE – Don’t Touch Me (I’m Electric) / BILL NELSON’S RED NOISE – Revolt into Style / BILL NELSON’S RED NOISE – Furniture Music / BILL NELSON’S RED NOISE – Stay Young (live) / BILL NELSON’S RED NOISE – Out of Touch (live) / Do You Dream in Colour?

CD Three: Banal / Life Runs Out Like Sand / Living in My Limousine / Mr. Magnetism Himself / Sleep / Opium / Near East / The Funeral / The Sonambulist and the Children / The Dream Dance of Jane and the Sonambulist / Beauty and the Beast / The Enchanted Glove / Eros Arriving / Hope for the Heartbeat / A Private View / The October Man / The Passion / Echo in Her Eyes (The Lamps of Oblivion) / Glow World / The Real Adventure / Acceleration (short version) / Happily Addicted to You / The Last Summer for Dancing / Les Amoureux / Another Kiss for Your Slender Neck

CD Four: The Eternal Female / Sleeplessness / The Golden Bough / Tomorrowland (The Threshold of 1947) / Sacrament / Over Ocean / Perfido Incanto / City One / Blue Sky / To the Sea in Ships / Suvasini / Contemplation / Wildest Dreams / The Hidden Flame / Illusions of You / Search and Listen / Right Then Left / Iconography / Clock Conscious / At the Gates of the Singing Garden / Water of Life (Transfiguration) /  Spinning Creatures / The Angel at the Western Window / Day of Eternity / Night Tides / Finis Gloria Mundi

CD Five: Calling Heaven, Calling Heaven / Deva Dance / Um, Ah Good Evening / Short Wave / Aqua Magica / Heros de Lumiere / Kiss Goodbye / Dreams of Yesterday / Playing Jesus to Her Judas / Still Waiting / Feels Like Up to Me / Only Love Can Tell / Broken / Heartbreak Thru the Telephone / Love’s Immortal Shining Angel / Man on Fire / Aeroplane Wings / Stay With Me / A Luminous Kind of Guy / Is This Alchemy / Wait for Tomorrow / God Man Slain / Boat to Forever / The Invisible Man and the Unforgettable Girl / Dream Ships Set Sail / Crimsworth Part One (excerpt)

CD Six: Big Noise in Twang Town / Pink Buddah Blues / Her Presence in Flowers / Big River / The Big Illumination / Buddah Head / Begin to Burn / Heaven’s Happy Hemisphere / It’s All True / Year 44 (The Birthday Song) /  Dreamnoise and Angel / No Fool For You /On a Train I Never Boarded / Hold on to Your Heart / Deeply Dazzled / Memory Babe / Zoom Sequence / Quarter Moons and Stars / Candyland / Sun at Six Windows / Queer Weather / The Girl I Never Forgot                   

CD Seven: Pointing at the Moon / Dreamland Avenue / Humming in the Void / Girl with the Thousand Watt Smile / Big Yellow Moon / Planet of Guitars / Wonderful Weather in Woodgates Lane / The Ceremonial Arrival of the Great Golden Cloud / Moments Catch Fire on the Crests of Waves / Cascade (Improvisation for Three Harp Guitars) / Superserene / Young Dreams Whirled Away / Fearless Beauty (Kisses and Cream) / The Golden Days of Radio (Compact Mix) / The Trace We Left When All Was Gone / Once I Had a Time Machine / Music Spins My Globe / Moon Gold Palladium

CD Eight: BILL NELSON AT THE BBC 1981 – 1983

Rooms with Brittle Views / Stay Young / Sleep Cycle / Jazz
(BBC Radio One John Peel show session - Recorded 2nd June 1981)

Dancing on a Knife’s Edge / Time Tracking / Contemplation / Indiscretion

(BBC Radio One David "Kid” Jensen show session - Recorded January 13th 1983)

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Released 27/11/08. Into a Circle, formed by Bee and Barry Jepson following the split of former band Getting The Fear (themselves the Cult minus Ian Astbury), were broadly linked with the 80s Gothic movement. But in truth there was much more to them than that and their shows, right out on the edge of convention, stirred a passionate worldwide following; audiences charmed by the radiant Bee’s songwriting and range of expression. Subjects tackled included religion, ritual, sexual identity and conformity. All to a background reading of Gysin, Burroughs and a highly advanced grasp of Arabic and Asian cultures. This comprehensive document of the group’s recordings for Abstract brings Assassins back to the shelves for the first time on CD. The album is augmented by bonus tracks including numerous b-side and 12-inch remixes, as well as the groups debut independent single, Rise. Our Price: £2.49
Retail Price: £9.95

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Practically Wired (or how I became guitar boy)
ESOTERIC RECORDINGS imprint Cocteau Discs, the home of BILL NELSON’s catalogue between 1971 and 2001, continues their series of on-going releases with the release of a newly remastered edition of the album, "PRACTICALLY WIRED (or HOW I BECAME GUITAR BOY)” from 1995.

The album has been unavailable for over ten years and was described by BILL NELSON as "An instrumental guitar album – The plan was to record very quickly and spontaneously; no preparation except for a list of moods and titles. ‘Practically Wired’ is a Polaroid snapshot of a personal paradise…a dream of electric guitars”.

The Cocteau Discs edition fully restores the original artwork and features a new note by Bill Nelson.


"Don't expect much languid Duane Eddy twanging - Nelson gets mad-busy from the off as frenetic opener Roses And Rocketships explodes in a barrage of cut-ups, samples and twists. In fact, it's a relief when the album calms down, easing into what might be called grooves and allowing him to charm over the seductive, mid-tempo Pink Buddha Blues, or the ultra-mellow Kid With Cowboy Tie. Perhaps a spirtual heir to Jeff Beck's Blow By Blow, and admirably ambient". (7/10*)

Chris Roberts - Classic Rock (Summer 2012)


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ESOTERIC RECORDINGS imprint Cocteau Discs, the home of BILL NELSON’s catalogue between 1971 and 2001, continues their series of on-going releases with the release of a newly re-mastered edition of the album, "SIMPLEX”.
The album was issued unofficially in the early 1990s and officially in 2000, but has been unavailable for over ten years. The music within comprises recordings commissioned by the Henry Moore Foundation in 1987 to accompany the film "Henry Moore and Landscapes”, a documentary directed by Murray Grigor. In addition, Nelson added further complimentary recordings made at his Echo Observatory studio in 1987 and 1988 to complete the album.
Described by BILL NELSON as; "One of my favourite albums. "Simplex” is, in essence, a collection of miniatures, a box of sonic jewellery”, the album is a fine collection of Bill’s musical sketches.
The Cocteau Discs edition fully restores the original artwork and features a new note by Bill Nelson.

Release Date: 30/07/2012
Our Price: £10.95

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Trial By Intimacy (The Book of Splendours) 4CD LIMITED EDITION BOXED SET


Esoteric Recordings announce a new release on their recently launched Cocteau Discs imprint, a limited edition reissue of BILL NELSON’s classic 4 disc ambient boxed set "TRIAL BY INTIMACY (The Book of Splendours)”.   The set was originally released on Bill’s Cocteau Records label in October 1984 and comprised recordings made by Bill at his Echo Observatory home studio. Comprising some eighty pieces of music, the set was a fine example of Bill Nelson’s grasp of Ambient music and has subsequently been hailed as a ground-breaking work.   Long deleted, the set is made available once more with this newly re-mastered Cocteau Discs edition. The new release fully restores the original elements of the "TRIAL BY INTIMACY” box and is an exact facsimile, reproducing a 32 page book and eight art postcards that featured in the original set.  
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Dos Dedos Mis Amigos/A Lick of the Old Cassette Box
By 1994, Pop Will Eat Itself had developed from indie dancefloor friendly rock rappers into an angry, proto industrial machine. Signed to a new independent label, Infectious Records, they continued their steady stream of hit singles ('Ich Bin Ein Auslander', 'RSVP', 'Everything's Cool') and began to make serious inroads in America, thanks to their association with Trent Reznor and his Nothing label.

'Dos Dedos Mis Amigos' charted around Europe and in the US, and saw the band's profile rise considerably. The tracks also spawned a successful double album of remixes, 'Two Fingers My Friends', in 1995 and a follow up album was hotly anticipated. However, after the departure of Graham Crabb the band gradually imploded, leaving a new album's worth of recordings unreleased. Until now.

Produced in conjunction with the band, 'A Lick Of The Old Cassette Box' compiles twelve unreleased songs recorded in 1995 and 1996, and heard here for the very first time. Heavy on riffs and beats, this is the blueprint for the industrial crossover sound The Prodigy were about to fill stadiums around the world with in the late 1990s. Accompanied by detailed liner notes from guitarist Adam Mole, this 'lost' album is a must hear for diehards and casual fans alike.

  • Remastered and expanded
  • Contains three UK hit singles, demos and selected b-sides and remixes.
  • Also contains an entire unreleased album
  • Detailed essey and liner notes from guitarist Adam Mole
  • Produced in conjunction with the band, including edits and track sequencing by Clint
Our Price: £10.95

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