Ear Of Beholder - Lol Coxhill

Ear Of Beholder
Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a newly remastered edition of the classic underground album EAR OF BEHOLDER by LOL COXHILL. Coxhill was a noted figure on the UK underground jazz and rock scene, his saxophone playing gracing recordings by KEVIN AYERS(with Coxhill being a member of Ayers group THE WHOLE WORLD) and later on acts such asCaravan. Recorded between July 1970 and January 1971, the double LP Ear of the Beholder gave Lol Coxhill the chance to produce a unique solo work which saw him touch various musical areas, including the Avant Garde, Jazz, Rock and more. Coxhill was assisted in the recording sessions by contributions from colleagues such as KEVIN AYERS, MIKE OLDFIELD and DAVID BEDFORD. From the open air recording of Open Piccadilly to the expansive Rasa Moods and the unique interpretation of The Beatles I Am the Walrus, EAROF BEHOLDER remains striking.

This Esoteric Recordings reissue also includes the A and B sides of two singles recorded by Lol Coxhill and David Bedford in 1971 and 1972.
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Disc One
Introduction / Hungerford / Deviation Dance / Two Little Pigeons / Don Alfonso / Open Piccadilly / Feedback / Vorblifa Exit / Insensatez / Conversation / Mango Walk / Piccadilly With Goofs

Disc Two
Rasa Moods / A Collective Improvisation / I Am The Walrus / The Rhythmic Hooter / Lover Man / Zoological Fun / Little Triple One Shot / That Swhy Darkieswere Born / A Series Of Superbly Played / Mellotron Codas

Bonus Tracks - The Coxhill Bedford Duo / Pretty Little Girl Part One / Pretty Little Girl Part Two / Will Dandy & The Dandylettes - Sonny Boy / Oh Mein Papa / The Coxhill Bedford Duo - Mood
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All Over The Show
Released on 27/09/10. Esoteric Recordings are pleased to release a newly re-mastered and expanded edition of the classic 1979 live album All Over The Show by the underground New Wave Hippy outfit HERE & NOW.

Following their partnership with Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth in Planet Gong, the group recorded their debut album for Charly Records. Embraced by DJ John Peel, Here & Now found favour with both the emerging Punk audience aswell as a more traditional Hippy and Underground following.

The release of Give and Take led to the band undertaking a series of live dates which were recorded for this live album issued in 1979. All Over the Show perfectly captures the mood of Britain in the late 1970s and is long overdue for reappraisal.
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The Alchemist
Released on 29/03/10. Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of the classic 1973 Progressive rock album The Alchemist by Home. The band featured a line up of Mick Stubbs (guitar, piano, lead vocals), Laurie Wisefield (lead guitar, vocals), Cliff Williams (bass, vocals) and Mick Cook (drums) and had recorded two previous albums in a more conventional style before recording an album cited by many as a lost classic of the Progressive genre. Although critically acclaimed, the album failed to sell in quantities it deserved and Home disbanded the following year. With the addition of guest Jimmy Anderson on Mellotron and Synthesiser, the conceptual work also brought the guitar playing of Laurie Wisefield to the fore, eventually leading to his joining WISHBONEASH soon after the demise of Home Our Price: £10.95

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B The Magpie
Released on 25/01/10. Pekka Pohjola was bass guitarist in the Finnish Progressive outfit WIGWAM, but departed the band in 1975 to embark on a solo career. In the album B the Magpie he produced a masterwork whose influence would spread globally thanks to a European release by Virgin Records. Among the album's fans was Mike Oldfield who would produce and perform on Pohjola's second album ( The Mathematician's Air Display also released by Esoteric this month) and recruit him to perform on the Exposed tour. A wonderful instrumental work, the album was also notably sampled in recent times by DJ Shadow. This Esoteric reissue has been newly remastered and restores the original UK album artwork. Our Price: £10.95

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The World Became The World Remastered And Expanded Edition
Released on 29/03/10. Premiata Forneria Marconi, better known in English speaking countries as P.F.M. , were arguably the finest Italian Progressive rock band of the 1970 s and certainly one of the most well known. A successful act in their home land, they came to international attention when they signed to Emerson, Lake and Palmer's label MANTICORE in 1973. They recorded the album The World Became The World in 1974. With English lyrics, some penned by ELP and King Crimson lyricist Pete Sinfield, this edition of PFM s second album for Manticore has been re-mastered from the analogue tapes and includes three bonus tracks, ( two of which are previously unreleased), a lavishly illustrated booklet, new essay and fully restored artwork. Our Price: £10.95

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ESOTERIC RECORDINGS are pleased to announce the long overdue release of the re-mastered edition of the classic 1975 album Bundles by the celebrated Jazz and Rock group SOFT MACHINE. The album was the band s first for EMI sHarvest label and featured a line-up of Mike Ratledge (keyboards), Karl Jenkins (Oboe, Piano, Soprano Sax), John Marshall (Drums), Roy Babbington (Bass) and new member Allan Holdsworth (Guitar). An accessible collection, Bundles featured Holdsworth's considerable guitar playing talents and opened a new chapter for the band, and attracted much praise upon release. Unavailable on CD for nearly 15 years, this Esoteric Recordings reissue has been re-mastered from the original tapes and fully restores the original artwork.
Our Price: £10.95

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